50 things to do in the UK
(Complete Guidance)

The great United Kingdom has many things to offer for every free soul out there. Charming places to be, exciting things to do and thrilling adventures on every corner.

If you have the adventurer spirit for travel, like to discover new things and live every moment of your life chasing your passion, this list is for you.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1.Visit The largest arts festival- Edinburgh Festival Fringe


The fringe festival takes place in Edinburgh every august. The festival holds a variety of extraordinary shows and outstanding performances. It includes musicals, comedy, exhibitions and so many more thrilling events.

The most famous performers and new artists seeking a chance for greatness come swarming from all over the world. Visit the fringe festival and enjoy Scotland’s capital and its sensational colors like never before

2.Watch Shakespeare plays in his hometown Stratford-upon-Avon

William Shakespeare is widely known for his beautiful work of drama, from wonderful poems to fabulous plays. In England, the brilliant work of William Shakespeare is presented in Stratford-upon-Avon theaters. The Thrilling plot twists, dramatic events and stories seen in his plays make them a must-see. The town is also filled with a lot of trails from Shakespeare’s life, which makes this poetic place truly worth visiting.

3. Pick a side in a centuries-old rivalry-The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge


Oxbridge’s famous rivalry started in the late 12th century and continues until the present day. The two faculties compete for the highest ranking in the world’s top six universities and to produce the sharpest minds.

In addition, each year the two universities display their rivalry through a boat rowing race held in the River Thames in London. Pick a side, join the exciting rivalry and support the team you rooting for.

4. Follow in the footsteps of giants -The Giant’s Causeway

This magical work of wonder is located in the north coast of Northern Ireland. A geological marvel that contains a set of charming landscapes and magnificent scenes. Walk on the exquisitely shaped columns, see the Giant’s Boot and make a wish at the wishing chair. Admire the huge rocky camel and stroll along the clifftops for an amazing experience. This national trust attracts visitors from all around and explorers love to wander around and live the giants’ myths.

5. Have afternoon tea at Betty's in York

Nothing adds more to a heavenly tasting coffee, than a beautiful place to enjoy it in. Betty’s Café Tea Rooms have gained quite the fame for its delicious café and the delightful pastry it offers. Everything is made by the finest and freshest ingredients out there to deliver the extraordinary taste with every bite. The shop is located on Stonegate in the center of the city, and it has been recognized as a must-visit for every York visitor.

6-8 St. Helen’s Square, York YO1 8QP | +44 1904 659142

Open Time : 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

6. Wander around a dreamy Italian-style village in Wales

This wonderful village remains as a great destination for visitors seeking time away, filled with amazement. Take a stroll to the Central Piazza and admire the marvelous Italian architecture. Enjoy nature and wander through the Y Gwyllt Woodlands. Relax at the Mermaid Spa in the Battery Square and sip on tasty coffee as you feel the breeze. You can enjoy a lot of activities in the enchanting village as the wonder in this village never ends.

7. Live the Adventure and Travel to The End of the Line

Take one of the greatest railway adventures in Glasgow and hop on the West Highland Railway Line. Explore the wilderness as you travel, surrounded by high mountains and bright green landscapes stretching over the horizon. Gaze upon the steep-sided Monessie Gorge watch the incredible cobbler. Also, if you are a Harry Potter fan, this is your chance to get a magical ride and catch a glimpse of the famous railways used in the movie.

8. Visit The Beatles’ Childhood Homes

The legendary music band is widely known across the globe for their awesome music. Whether you are a fan or not, visiting the amazing artists childhood homes is definitely something you don’t want to miss.

Sign up for an exciting tour to see where the band first started at John Lennon’s and Paul McCartney’s homes in Liverpool.


9. Join the cavalier and climb Arthur’s Seat


At the end of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh you’ll find a beautiful wide park surrounding the park’s highest peak.

Once a volcano, Arthur’s Seat is now a destination for all visitors, challenging hikers and climbing lovers through the rough terrain to the rocky summit. Have an amazing journey climbing the great hill, and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the city and its glow.

10. Loosen up at Thermae Bath Spa

Another great thing to add to your schedule while being in the United Kingdom, is a spa day! In Thermae bath spa immerse yourself in the mineral rich Minerva thermal bath, named after the goddess of health and wisdom. Enjoy the steamy hot water while gazing upon a spectacular view in the Open-air Rooftop Pool. The spa also contains a beautifully designed restaurant offering a tasty selection of snacks.

The Hetling Pump Room, Hot Bath St, Bath BA1 1SJ | +44 1225 331234

Open Time : New Royal Bath 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

11. Climb the United Kingdom’s Highest Peak-Ben Nevis


The United Kingdom has many great hills and high mountains for all walkers and climbers seeking unforgettable adventures.

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in England. It’s located in Scotland with an elevation of 4,406 feet! All breathtaking landscapes -quite literally- and cold fresh air.

Choose your route and start your journey towards the clouds through the rocky challenging terrain.

12.Explore the UK’s National Parks

Among many fabulous things the UK is known for, is its amazing inspiring national parks. Over 15 parks spread all over the country, offering sensational sceneries and charming views. Whether you like to walk or ride a bike, you’ll love exploring these areas’ natural beauty and its wildlife. From green vast plains, sturdy challenging terrains to wonderful dreamy lakes, pick a destination and hit the road.

13. Find the filming locations 'Game of Thrones' in Northern Ireland

Swords clashing, dragons flying and kingdoms falling and rising, incredible plot twists got the fans raging for more. The filming of this awesome TV series took place around 25 locations scattered all over Ireland. Explore Winterfell Castle and its forest in County Down.

Navigate your way through Northern Ireland and search for the marvelous wooden doors. Visit the Cushendun Caves and walk through The Dark Hedges in County Antrim and much more.

14. Admire exquisite work of arts at London’s free museums

A visit to the UK is never complete without visiting London; The capital of culture and its museums. There are many free museums in London where you can learn about vivid history, and admire the remarkable exhibitions. For instance, the British Museum has an exquisite collection of artifacts including the famous Rosetta Stone. Visit the National Gallery and watch more than 2,000 paintings by the most famous artists such as Van Gogh and Da Vinci.

15. Visit the Stonehenge-Salisbury Plain


The Stonehenge is one of the most famous mysterious landmarks on earth. Experience true excitement as you walk among the giant prehistoric stones.

The uniqueness in the splendid architecture seen in this great monument make it one of a kind and definitely worth the travel. Also, visit the recreated Neolithic houses and feel how prehistoric life might have been for the people behind the building of the great Stonehenge.

16. Spot seals at Blakeney Point in Norfolk

Perhaps one of the fun activities to do in the UK, is going sightseeing in Norfolk and watching seals in its natural habitat. Enjoy an amazing experience as you walk on the sandy beach watching harbor and gray seals. Blakeney Point nature reserve is the largest, with a colony of over 3.000 pups, and it keeps growing. Perhaps the best way to enjoy these beautiful creatures is by boat. Book a boat trip now and go enjoy the amazing wildlife the place has to offer.

17. Experience London from above

The bewitching city has its own charm on whomever walks its streets; However, it’’s nothing compared to a view from above. The Tower Bridge Exhibition is an excellent start to marvel at some magnificent landmarks London has. Enjoy a meal with a fantastic view at the OXO Brasserie, and spice things up riding the famous London Eye. You can also choose to take a helicopter ride and snap great pictures with the whole city behind.

18. Wander in the Scottish Highlands

The highlands in Scotland are home to some fascinating monuments scattered all over its mounds. Explore the many fairytale-like castles, like the majestic Eilean Donan Castle and its small island. Hear thrilling clan stories at Dunvegan castle and visit Fort George for a trail of 18th century army life. Discover as well ancient historic burial sites like the mysterious Clava Cairns and salute those who died in battle at the great Glenfinnan Monument.

19. Search for the mysterious monster at Loch Ness

Rumor has it that a mysterious large creature inhabits Loch Ness. The allegedly big monster has been first seen by a couple, cruising along the loch. The couple saw what they believed to be the creature’s head and neck floating on the water. Although many people set the sails looking for the beast, it has never been proven whether it exists or not. Grab your gear, follow the leads and embark on a thrilling journey hunting the Loch Ness monster.

20. Join nature at the GREEN Man Festival-Wales’ largest music festival

The green man festival happens in Crickhowell in the Brecon Beacons every August. It is one of the most popular family-friendly festivals in all Europe.

Take a break and retreat to the wilderness as you enjoy the best selection of music and food. Listen to inspirational musicians and authors, watch comedy and have insane laughs at the Babbling Tongues.

Enlighten your soul at the Nature Nature corner and end the night with popping fireworks lightening the sky above you.


21. See the rainbow at Portree on the Isle of Skye

The island is widely known for its fascinating landscapes and the captivating sunny view. You can visit the Fairy Pools and enjoy a one of a kind swim in the fresh bright water. Grab your hiking shoes and walk through huge rocks up Old Man of Storr. Also, make sure you don’t miss the sun disappearing over the shimmering sea surrounding the island at Neist Point. There are so many more places to visit on the charming island, all offering something unique for an amazing experience.

22. Walk along amazing parades at Notting Hill Carnival

Every year, in the last week of august, the streets of Notting Hill west London uncover its glamorous colors. Join people in this amazing carnival as they celebrate their Caribbean culture and traditions. It hosts tremendous parades of over 50,000 performers, all wearing fabulous costumes. Join the people and dance along the beating music as you bite on the delicious Caribbean food.

23. Glastonbury Festival - the Largest Greenfield Music and Performing Arts Festival in the World

You can tell by now that England hosts several fantastic festivals, the Glastonbury Festival is no less fun. The festival takes place in Pilton, Somerset, and occupies a large rural field. Enjoy your time as you dance to contemporary music. Watch comedy, theater and amazing performances by the most talented performers. The village is considered to be a spiritual place and a place of worship. Visit its holy spots and feel its energy floating through you.

24. Go fossil-hunting on the Jurassic Coast

This exceptional World Heritage Site is one of the UK’s dearest possessions.

Admire the phenomenal Old Harry Rocks in the sea, displaying a captivating view for you to enjoy. Uncover the ruins of an 11th century castle and search for fossils scattered on the golden sandy beaches. With its bright white cliffs, golden shore and incredible trails from the prehistoric eras, it definitely is worth the exploring.


25. Visit Harry Potter filming locations

The Harry Potter franchise offers you over 10 enchanting locations where you can feel the magical vibes. Follow the trail of our three beloved protagonists and visit the most amazing places from the world of wizards. Visit the famous school of witchcraft at Warner Bros studios just outside London. Swing by the Gloucester Cathedral and walk among the spooky corridors. Throughout the 8th amazing seasons we see some astonishing sets, join the quest and track them all down.

26. Stroll along with the South Bank in London

The south bank in London; Just across the River Thames, is an amazing vivid place to visit. The riverfront is filled with a lot of fun activities and amazing events throughout the year. Share a ride with a special someone on the enormous London Eye. Pick from the SEA LIFE Aquarium, the London Dungeon and the Imperial War Museum and Spend a lovely time with your family. The fun in London never ends, make sure you get the most out of it.

27.Walk among sacred hallways at Canterbury Cathedral- One of the oldest Christian churches

Established by St. Augustine in 603 in southeastern England, this majestic Gothic cathedral is an idealistic model to the fusion between the English and the French (Norman) architecture. Visitors can distinguish the impeccable design in the church’s interior. Learn about the great Canterbury Tales and the Cathedral’s great history, as you walk its sacred hallways. In addition, discover the tombs of famous kings and queens, and the fearsome Edward the Black Prince.

28. Collect exceptional serpentine stone at the Lizard Peninsula

The lizard peninsula is situated in southern Cornwall. Its name is driven from the Cornish language, and it means “fortress”. The peninsula is recognized as a National Character Area, with a lighthouse on the most southerly point to guide passing ships. The lizard is famous for its beautiful glittering water, numerous coves and beaches, which are filled with serpentine stone. It has gorgeous landscapes with magnificent sceneries stretching across the place.

29. Taste delicious Asian food in Chinatown

Perhaps one of the tastiest, mouth watering types of food in the world is Asian food. In case you don’t know, yes! There is a Chinatown in the UK. Join the entertaining events and get a hint of the Asian lifestyle. Walk in its dazzling colorful streets with Chinese symbols hanging all over. Pick from the many restaurants in the place and feel the unique flavor through various traditional Chinese plates. Chinatown is also known for its supermarkets, which sell some of the finest ingredients and different products in its shelves.

30. Shop at Camden Market

Shopping and picking up souvenirs throughout your travels is an essential part of every amusing journey. Camden markets in Camden town is a chain of retail stores that sells various unique items and products. The market is one of the most popular attractions in London with over 100,000 tourists each week. Shopping can be very rewarding as the market sells amazing stuff, from fashionable clothes and jewelry, to handy and every day’s use tools.

31. Fish and chips on the Whitby beach

Nothing compares to a relaxing soothing time during a bright sunny day on the beach. Lose yourself to the amusing sound of waves as you lay comfortably on the sandy beach of whitby. Enjoy a refreshing swim, and play games with your friends and family and have an unforgettable time blowing off steam. A huge bonus is that the beach is also dog friendly to enjoy a long walk with your best buddy.

32. Experience the Newcastle Nightlife- Party until sunrise

Newcastle is another beautiful city in northeast England. Although it’s pretty charming during the day, come nighttime, it’s above and beyond. Bars and clubs open, parties start, and streets rage for a sensational thrilling time at this haven. There are numerous places that host immense amounts of fun, each has its own distinctive crowd. Visit the Diamond Strip for a wild time with celebs, or the Quayside if you’re looking for a classy chill vibe.

33. Travel to John O'Groats- farthest North inhabited point in the UK

This small village is the most northerly inhabited point in the United Kingdom. Along its open breathtaking coastline, John O’Groats village has many spectacular views and incredible spots. It consists of a number of houses, shops and a superb harbor. It is a road to one of the furthest extreme points in England: Dunnet Head. Many people step forward to take this wild challenge either on foot or on bikes, to admire the fantastic scenery.

34. Scout one of nature’s astonishing work at Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye

Amongst the many magnificent spots skye has, the Fairy Glen is an outstanding place to visit. Vast grassy green hills covered with many cheerfully shaggy trees and huge rocks with stumpy, shallow ponds in between.

Visitors have been known to enjoy climbing the Castle Ewan, which is a huge rocky mountain shaped, with a fabulous view at the summit. The beautiful terrains stretching over the place does really make the place look like a true fairy land.


35.Quay House- The Smallest House in Great Britain


In Conwy, Wales, there is an unusually small house that has been recognized as a delightful attraction for tourists. The peculiar small and red two store home was once owned by a fisherman.

The government deemed it to be unsuitable for living but keeps it well-preserved on its original condition. The place remains open for curious visitors to check the antique interior and a hint of the former owner’s life.

36.Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantsysiliogogogoch Train Station

Whether you’re a traveler wandering around the United Kingdom, or you just like trains, you’re bound to pass by this train station. Famous for its unpronounceable long name, but simply referred to as Llanfairpwll Railway Station. You can find a few restaurants and gift shops near the station for refreshments and souvenirs. Make sure you snap a picture, for the time you visited the station with the longest name in the UK.

37. Experience different climates- Eden Project in Cornwall:

As the name suggests, this flora heaven in Cornwall, England, is truly an outlandish place to visit. The Eden Project is two colossal biomes containing a selection of the most extraordinary plants from all around the globe. Learn about tropical plants’ life and enjoy its fascinating surroundings as you explore the Rainforest Biome. Feel the warm atmosphere and come upon 1,000 types of plant in the Mediterranean Biome. This haven also has an Education center for the young minds, and also breathtaking outdoor gardens.

38. Stokes Croft in Bristol -The UK’s best outdoor art gallery

A nice touch of beautiful colors is always appreciated, that’s why people of this city take their streets very seriously. A walk among Bristol’s artistic streets is something every person should go for. Popularized for the incredible paintings and vibrant graffiti illustrated all over the road. Restaurants, stores and buildings all covered with creative visionary sketches representing the residents’ artistic sense. These creative designs made the place an inspirational hub for all art lovers and admirers.

39. See the Guard Change at Buckingham Palace

The queen’s guards spread all over Buckingham Palace in London, are something people enjoy watching. Well-recognized for the traditional red tunics, iconic bearskin hats and the grumpy still look on their faces. Visitors are allowed to take pictures with the royal guards, as long as you don’t get too close. Something you should look forward to is the Guard Mounting, where new guards replace old ones, in a thrilling formal ceremony.

40. Sleep in a castle- Belle Isle Estate Castle

If you have a strong admiration for castles and their awesome architecture, you’ ll love this one. Live the royalty life and enjoy a luxurious resting at the Belle Isle castle. The magnificent 470-acres estate is located on an island and surrounded by sensational picturesque scenes and landscape abundance. You can enjoy amazing BBQ breaks or picnics in the green vast courtyards. Also, the place has charming comfortable cottages Along the water’s verge for a peaceful calming retreat.

41.Llechwedd Slate Caverns- Experience true mining

It is always fun to embark on an exploration adventure inside the numerous caves and caverns found across the UK. However, Llechwedd Slate Caverns are like nothing you have ever seen. Delve into the magnificent rocky min, as you listen to the thrilling stories of the miners. The vividly lit cavern stretch over 500 feet underground. Experience true mining with the exciting explosive special effects and the enhanced reality technology.

42.Travel back in time to Dreamland, Margate- Kent coast

Dreamland in Margret, is a vintage themed amusement park and one of the most popular attractions in Kent. The place has a set of thrilling, magical games and rides, with the oldest wooden roller coaster in the UK in the center. Enjoy many art and music events available within the park and try tasty food from its iconic trucks and bars.

43. Learn about the great Roman Empire- Hadrian's Wall

Although it might not be as big as the Great Wall of China, this World Heritage Site is still as incredible as you’d imagine it to be. It is located in northern Britain, built by the Romans, with a stretch of 73 miles from border to border. It’s a great place to explore the ancient roman ruins, forts and Bath Houses as you attempt the challenging walk. Learn about the Roman Empire whilst you Cross stunning landscapes and watch beautiful, fascinating scenes.

44. Spend a day at the zoo!- Chester Zoo

Visiting the zoo every once in a while is a must. From the most fearsome to the cutest little creatures this animal haven has it all. The Chester zoo in Liverpool is an outstanding home to some of the rarest, most extraordinary animals in the plant. This zoological garden hosts over 27,000 wild animals in danger of extinction. Here, you’re bound to have a wonderful time strolling through fascinating wildlife and delightful plants. Enjoy the many events the zoo hosts and have a day full of fun and play time.

45.Visit Soho- Enjoy shopping and pick wonderful items

Tourist visit Soho is from all over the glob for the vivid, lively streets and dynamic atmosphere. The city has become famous for it’s many stores and shopping opportunities. Like any other vibrant cities, it is filled with beautiful restaurants, and buzzing bars and clubs, especially during nighttime. The fashionable city has a set of amazing theaters and art galleries as well, to offer the best of both worlds.

46. Step forward and take the challenge- Zip World London

Get ready to feel the air, as great adventurous experience is finally coming to London. Take the challenge and ride the biggest and most exciting city zip line ever made. With a height of 35 in the sky, and blasting speed as you descend, this ride is a must-try. Incredible views are waiting for you, and watch the great City of London is worthwhile.

47. Enter the world of tennis at Wimbledon

Wimbledon is one of the great destinations to visit while in the United Kingdom: Home of tennis and Wimbledon Championships. Whether you’re a fan of the sport or not, this place guarantees a long time of entertainment. The place preserve some of the finest collection of troupes, tennis balls and rackets. As well as mesmerizing landscapes and tennis courts. Join the tour and learn about the sport’s history and some iconic moments in the game.

48. See a Comedy Show

Comedy shows are wonderful and brilliant events to attend. Some fun time filled with unbreakable laughter is something everybody would enjoy. In the United Kingdom,there are numerous amazing comedy clubs you can pick from. The Comedy Store in London and The Komedia Comedy Club in Brighton are excellent venues, to name few. Follow your favorite comedian or enjoy new, yet hilarious beginners and the keep the laughter going.

49. Hear about breathtaking space adventures- Aerospace Bristol

Step into the amazing world of planes and aircraft as you visit this immense, marvelous museum. Learn about different types of planes, engines, satellites and other fascinating stuff. Wander around the fastest and most elegant means of transportation ever created and bored the amazing Concorde. Also, there is an outdoor space for relaxation and for kids to play.

50.Watch marvelous scenes and take Snowdon Mountain’ Railway

One brilliant way to reach the summit of the highest mountain in Wales, England, is by rack railway. This breathtaking journey to the top of Snowdon mountain will have you dazzled in amazement.

Reach for the clouds while you lose your self to the surrounding views of beautiful waterfalls and rocky edges. Stunning scenes stretching as far as sight can reach giving you an unique adventure that is one for the books.


Final Word

Now you have it, a complete map of the United Kingdom’s most popular places, all waiting for you to explore. From vibrant colorful cities to huge astonishing landscapes and mountains covered in green life and wild animals. Pick a destination, prepare yourself and start your quest.