50 things to do in France
(Complete Guidance)

France is the most visited place in the world. Visiting this beautiful country is a dream to people passionate about traveling. It is a treat for those who dream of seeing the most magical places. With its outstanding capital and other fabulous cities it contains, France is a sensational destination to visit.

Breathtaking urban and rural landscapes, magnificent landmarks, art and beauty spread all over and not to mention the food! Here are 50 awesome things you don’t want to miss.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1.Visit the Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel Tower monument is one of France’s famous symbols. It is also one of the most beloved attractions for tourists. Built in 1889 with an iconic design that impresses everyone who stands by it. It is located in Paris and named after its designer Gustave Eiffel.

This beautiful work of art has 3 floors which are always opened for visitors. Many charming gardens surround the Eiffel Tower. These wonderful green fields give a stunning view when admired from the tower’s 3rd floor.

2.Take a fabulous cruise on the Seine River

This is the second largest river in France, with a stretch of 777 km. It divides the beautiful city of Paris and continues across others of the country’s wonderful villages. Take a stroll along the river’s walkways and admire the sparkling water.

Hop on a boat cruise and watch some of the country’s iconic monuments like the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Also, enjoy a delightful dinner by the charming river, and its sparkling lights as the night falls.


3. Visit the Royal Palace of Versailles


A great place to visit in France is this magnificent work of architecture. A massive palace with a glamorous facade and exquisite marble court. The interior is very sophisticated, marble and golden walls, canopied beds and amazing artworks all over.

It contains 2,300 rooms each featuring a remarkable distinctive design and architecture. See the Royal Chapel, the house of mirrors and the king and queen’s state apartments.

4. Admire the city of light from its highest peaks

Paris has some of the most stunning views to marvel at. As the night casts its shadows, it reveals the city’s most mesmerizing sceneries for you to enjoy. Take the elevator to the Eiffel Tower’s 3rd floor and gaze upon the delightful shimmering gardens.

The Montparnasse Tower and Sacre-Coeur are also two great options to admire Paris, and it’s unique glow. Swing by these five highest points is Paris and lose yourself to the breathtaking views you’re bound to see.

Admire the city of light from its highest peaks

5. Dive in the world of art and explore the vivid museums

Besides the remarkable Louvre Museum, Paris has a wide selection of amazing museums and galleries. Showcasing some of the rarest works of art gathered from all over the world. Famous paintings, artifacts and exhibits projecting the world’s brilliant history.

Choose from the many museums Paris has to offer and embark on a journey through time. Check this list for a great place to pick your next destination.

6.Spend a night and watch unforgettable shows at the Moulin Rouge cabaret

Another worldwide-known icon that Paris has is the Moulin Rouge cabaret. Famous for the extraordinary shows and the luxurious sensations it features. You are about to be dazzled away as you watch the dancers and singers floating all over the place.

The shows are crafted by Italian artists and showcase charming and elegant costumes. Make sure you get the right ticket and stick around after dinner to watch the most spectacular acts.


7. Escape your memories strolling in the Gardens of Versailles


The Gardens of Versailles near the palace of Versailles represent one of the king’s dearest possessions. Vast green and natural fields, many waterfalls mixing with plenty of long trees and charming flower beds.

Admire the beautiful ornamental basins, unique fountains and bronze statues and sculptures. Make sure to spend a day and relax yourself as you wander around this heaven-like park.

8. Explore fascinating castles by the Loire Valley

If you are a fan of big breathtaking castles, this is the place to go. Popular for its gorgeous castles, the Loire valley is one of the most visited attractions in France. Visit the French royals playground and admire over 300 châteaux and their stunning rivers and gardens.

Learn about the French royal and luxurious culture. Take your time and explore each of the majestic castles and fortresses scattered all over.

Loire Valley

9. Experience the clash of German and French cultures in Strasbourg


Strasbourg is located in northeast France. The thing that makes this city special is that it shares its borders with Germany. Visiting this beautiful vibrant city is like having the best of both worlds, as it offers a great cultural diversity.

Experience both of the countries’ vivid cultures as they clash into one another. Learn about their religions, dynamic languages, mix up the food and check the museums and travel through their history.

10. Join the anime world and Discover the moving castle in Colmar

If you are a fan of the world of anime, chances of you recognizing this magical place are pretty high. Lose yourself to the world of extraordinary adventures as you walk the spirited streets.

This place is another French city that projects a hint of the German architecture. The beautiful bright canal crossing the town’s Small and colorful houses makes it a popular attraction for visitors.


11. Grab a bite in the capital of food and taste Lyon's Bouchons


We could all agree that the French do know their way around the kitchen. The Bouchons in Lyon are extra, and know exactly how to treat their customers with a real plate. These bistros granted Lyon to be the capital of food in France.

The traditional Lyonnaise food has grabbed the attention of many foodies around the globe. Check these five bistros and enjoy the Lyonnaise food. Make sure you try the famous “salade lyonnaise” and “Quenelles de Brochet”.

12.Boating on Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy has the clearest water in Europe. It is enclosed by breathtaking landscapes and mesmerizing views. This watery heaven has its own charm. It hosts quite the selection of thrilling Aquatic sports and fun activities.

Swim in the pure water, take a boat and discover the place, or relax and gaze upon beautiful nature. Also, visit the museum or join a tour and wander around the city and learn about its rich culture.

13.Sip on delicious vintage French wine in Bordeaux


Whether you chase the finest wine, or like to enjoy the refreshing casual glass, Bordeaux is here to please. It is often referred to as the wine capital of the world.

Bordeaux offers the best vintage wine in the world. It has something for everyone as there are a lot of options to choose from. Visit the many Chateaux and wine museums and learn about this fabulous trade.

14. Watch Galloping tides at the Mont Saint-Michel

A true outstanding place to visit in France is this majestic island. The bay offers breathtaking seascapes and is famous for the vast tidal range it has.

Watch a great phenomenon stretching across the bay. Continuously changing to form different patterns throughout the day. It is considered to be the greatest in all Europe. Take a break and admire the glorious tides rushing back and forth.


15. Find the Elephant Trunk Hill in Etrat


Not far from Paris, located a stunning small town with exceptional white chalk cliffs. One impressive cliff is The ‘Elephant’s Trunk’ arch. Portraying one of nature’s impressive handy work, a huge cliff in the shape of an elephant.

Etrat attracts curious visitors from different places for a chance of stunning pictures. This remarkable edge is a must-see for every Etrat visitor.

16. Immerse yourself in lavender in Valensole

Who doesn’t like lavender! Perhaps one of the fun and special activities to do in France is to visit these beautiful lavender fields. Valensole is a very popular city. It has vast stretching purple plains reeking in lavender.

Take a unique and amazing picture. Visit the lavender festival and watch the sun setting on the charming purple fields. Check this complete guide on the province of lavender.

Immerse yourself in lavender in Valensole

17. Visit the Bay of Angels in Nice and marvel at a glittering sunset

Another mesmerizing place worth visiting  is this wide captivating coastline. Enjoy gorgeous beaches as sunlight falls on the water, uncovering magnificent scenes. Stroll along the Promenade des Anglais and watch an impeccable view.

Here you can admire the Mediterranean Sea and feel its sensational atmosphere. Also, hear amazing stories and seek the truth behind the bay’s special name

18. Explore a true paradise in Verdon

There are a lot of thrilling activities to do in this haven. The gorges of verdon offer a great challenge for all kinds of visitors. Drive along the captivating edges and watch amazing trees and birds flying around. Hick through the fascinating trails or take a canoe and paddle away surrounded by exceptional mountains.

With a beautiful river divides the mountains stretching for miles to create an amazing natural haven. Water sport lovers can’t get enough of sailing across the watery path. Visit this magical place and spend an unforgettable sunny day.

Kayak your way through the Gorges Du Verdon

19. Ride the Ferry Boat at the old port of Marseille

Ride the Ferry Boat at the old port of Marseille

The second largest city in France is this miraculous port. The place has many amazing activities for its visitors.

Admire all kinds of boats, yachts and fishing boats as they dock along the harbor. Try delicious and fresh seafood, and ride the ferry boat for a dreamy trip along the port. Explore the surrounding environment and stick around for a sensational sunset.

20. Make your own perfume in Grasse

Another fabulous small town in the French Riviera; west-southwest of Nice, is this perfumy village. Been around since the 16th century and known to be home of a long time established perfume industry.

The village Hosts perfume makers and lovers from all over the world. Visit this wonderful town and learn all about the essence of this industry. Also, here’s a chance where you could get creative and craft your own fragrance.


21. Soothe yourself to the relaxing atmosphere in Aix-les-Bains


Embedded in the riviera of the alps, a town where you could relax as stress washes away. Offering many thermal spas for you to enjoy. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic mineral-rich hot water. Retreat to its calming beaches, surrounded by soothing nature and different kinds of plants.

Visitors swarm to this paradise to spend an amazing vacation and feel the sensational vibe of this thermal spa town.

22. Join celebrities at the Cannes International Film Festival

Cannes in France is well-recognized for its international film festival. It is the Oscar of France! The festival features everything related to the great cinema industry. Every year it hosts a huge number of actors, filmmakers, critics and attracts cinema lovers from every corner.

The festival remains private and not open to the public, but there is still a lot to witness. Experience the world of movie making and get a closer look by visiting this Cinematic city.


23.Watch fabulous pinkish rocks at The Pink Granite Coast

Now this is definitely something you don’t see every day. Located in north Lannion, this astonishing coastline is coated with pinkish rocks! Nothing compares to a romantic walk along the shoreline, delighted by the wonderful rocks and stones scattered all over.

The coastline stretches for miles overlooking a set of beautiful islands and contains sandy beaches. This glamorous landscape is such a treat for sore eyes and sure is worth the visit.

24. Take thrilling rides and spend a day at Disneyland in Paris

A great destination for a day filled with amusement while in France, is to visit Disneyland Paris. It might not be as big as the ones in the US. Yet, this amusement park has a lot to offer.

This magical place attracts many visitors seeking some fun time to blow some steam. Hop on the special and unique rides this resort has and ride the Crush’s Coaster for an electrifying time.

Disneyland in Paris

25. Stroll along Avenue des Champs-Élysées

One avenue in France that tourists can’t seem to get enough of is this two kilometer avenue. Walking around the beautiful city of Paris has a special wonderful feeling to it. Yet, this charming road steals the spotlight.

It connects the symbolic Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde. Swarming with people from everywhere. This street contains many cheeky restaurants, luxurious nightclubs, fashion boutiques and beaucoup plus! Feel the French vivid culture projected through this avenue as you wander along.

26. Visit the extraordinary Alps mountains range

France has landed its share of the majestic alps mountains. Home to many resorts and winter activities. Recognized for its stunning beauty. It is coated with gorgeous snow layers offering a perfect opportunity for the perfect holiday.

Have fun and enjoy skiing down the mountains, or take the steep challenge and climb up to the summit. You can also find many sensational lakes like Lac du Bourget and Lac d’Annecy.


27.Give up the resistance to sweets


France is where the famous croissant was first introduced to the world. It is popular for the world-class dessert it makes. When in Paris, it is a must to try delicious and exquisite desserts.

Choose from mouth watering pastry, chocolates and a wide selection of sweets all for you to grab. Work your way through delightful and tasty desserts as you enjoy the beautiful city of love.

28. Visit a Fairytale-like castle at Mont Saint Michel

A true magical castle on top of a great hill. Mont Saint Michel’s magnificent monastery has been a destination for both pilgrims and tourists. Being the crown of a great island, surrounded by spectacular views. Medieval architecture can be recognized through the abbey’s exterior and interior.

This fortress projects both military and religious aspects of that time. Explore the church’s divine hallways. Time you visit for a chance to attend wonderful classical concerts.


29. Shakespeare and Company- readers haven in Paris

Shakespeare and Company- readers haven in Paris

For every reader and book lover, this literary kingdom is the place to be. A very popular bookstore known worldwide for its massive collection of books.

Home for many famous writers and shelter to every book addict. Located on the left bank of Paris with a preceding reputation among bibliophiles. Whether you seek books or curious to see this legendary library, Shakespeare and Company is a must-see in Paris.

30. Watch mesmerizing white horses at Camargue

Camargue has a remarkable selection of flora and fauna. Located in the south of Arles and noted as a popular attraction for visitors. Among the many species Camargue Nature Reserve is famous for, the beautiful “Cavallo del Delta” White Horses are a must-see.

The horses are one of the oldest breeds in the world and well-preserved by this nature reserve. Admire this endangered species and catch an opportunity for a sensational ride.


31. Watch giant sculptures made of Oranges and Lemons at Menton’s Lemon Festival


Every year, the city of Menton in France, hosts a unique and impressive festival for visitors to enjoy. The city greets its visitors with massive representations made of lemons and oranges!

The festival projects an entertaining theme through its parades. It features many sculpture exhibitions with a different theme every year. Also, attend the night carnival and live an amazing experience surrounded by dancers and performers.

32. Take an underground trip in the Gouffre de Padirac

This breathtaking chasm will blow your mind in wonder with every step you take. With a descent of about 103 m below the surface, take a deep exploration trip through the unusual rocks. Gaze at the beautiful glittering clear water floating through.

The Padirac Chasm is a mesmerizing cave. This is one of the most spectacular chasms in Europe, a charming cavity sculpted by nature for you to enjoy.


33. Book a Food Tour in Lyon- Try them all


It is without doubt that the Lyonnaise cuisine offers some of the tastiest plates in the world. Lyon has a rich selection of delicious traditional dishes and home to great chefs.

With its strategic location which grants access to the finest ingredient, the food here is something else. You could also try from a variety of mouth watering cheese and delightful wine. Book a food tasting tour now, and try them all.

34. Live a special Christmas atmosphere- Wonderland In Alsace

Enjoy Christmas like never before in this dreamy town. Located in the Germanic region of France. Come Christmas time, it coats itself with a magical Christmas theme for all visitors.

The streets sparkle with delightful lights and cute shops. You can find all kinds of delicious treats and cute gifts. People come swarming for a taste of the cozy magical sensation.

The Town hosts many mesmerizing events and projects for the special Christmas spirit.


35.Climb Europe’s Largest Sand Dune


At the entrance of the Arcachon basin in France, there is an extraordinary place. Here, nature presents its different colors and diversity. Surrounded by a vast green forest, an outstanding dune stands tall to create an exceptional landscape.

The Pilat Dune is famous for being the highest dune in Europe and the remarkable size it occupies. Come here and admire true natural diversity and reach the summit for a breathtaking view.

36.Learn about magnificent wildlife at the Zoo de La Flèche

Another great zoo in France is the zoo de la flèche. Spreading over a vast and great area with over 1,500 animals of 160 species. The zoo also provides many educational activities and tours. Watch the Free Flight Bird Show and Sea Lion Show and many others.

Besides seeing various animals, the zoo offers a chance to stay in the lodges it has. Enjoy a stay and experience wildlife in a different and exciting way.


37. Explore a great Volcanic crater

Explore a great Volcanic crater

France has many beautiful lakes all around its territory. Some of them are nestled within its volcanic mountains. Volcanic craters are the aftermath of a great volcanic eruption. It results in a stunning watery whole.

One of the most popular volcanic lakes is the Lac Pavin. It has beautiful almost black water and an amazing stormy atmosphere. Offering amazing water activities and stunning views for visitors to enjoy.

38. Go sightseeing on a bike

A lot of people prefer cycling for their transportation. Hitting the road on your bike as you feel the breeze and watch splendid views is very freeing.

In France, you can join a bike tour and take a trip around the country. Join awesome people and share their passion. Here, choose your preferred terrain, book a tour and go get an unique adventure.


39. Admire the Arc de Triomphe

Admire the Arc de Triomphe

One of Paris’s famous landmarks is the Arc de Triomphe. Located at the west side of the Champs-Élysées, adding its symbolic touch to the street. It presents and honors the name of many soldiers who gave their lives in the name of France.

Stand by the Arc de Triomphe and take amazing pictures. Also, climb the 284 steps to the top and watch great views of Paris. Don’t miss on this iconic monument as it is a must-see when you visit Paris.

40. Appreciate Impressionist Paintings

France is where one of the most fabulous painting styles originated. Developed to capture true modern life scenes. Using only brush strokes to focus on the effects of light and colors in a scene.

Paris has some great artwork from the impressionist movement put on display in some of its great museums. Find the best selection of this style here, and admire this unique work of art.

Appreciate Impressionist Paintings

41.Pick a souvenir and go shopping in Paris


Like any other great thing in Paris, shopping can be very rewarding. Lose yourself in the countless markets this city has. Whether it is food, fashionable clothes, gifts or even flowers! You name it.

Walk on the beautiful streets as you visit the wide selection of Flea & Street markets available. Pick from fresh fruits and veggies, buy a coat or pick a souvenir to remember the enchanting city.

42.Lascaux II

Take a trip back to the Stone Age and explore times before human civilization. Although Lascaux II is not the actual cave with real prehistoric art, it’s a well-made replica. Located near Montignac, in Dordogne, and visited by countless tourists every week

This project enables tourists from all around the world to explore the life of cavemen. Marvel at the striking carves and painting of animals on the wall and join archaeologists in their search.

43. Relaxing in Paris Park


Sometimes you need to relax and forget about life’s stress is a day in the park. Paris has a stunning collection of parks for visitors.

Spend a day walking around the green fields. Watch charming waterfalls, gorgeous fountains and so much more. Go enjoy a picnic. Feel the sensational warm atmosphere with delightful birds circling all around and singing. Explore the city of love and have an amazing time at its parks.

44. Discover vintage French cars

Since the dawn of automobiles, France has been a leading country in cars manufacturing. If you like vintage cars, a tour on one of France’s antique cars is a must-do.

Immerse yourself within the French culture as you tour the city on a classic and exquisite french-made car. Here are 10 amazing tours for you to enjoy.


45.Make a wish at the kilometer zero of Paris

Make a wish at the kilometer zero of Paris

Here is something cool to cross off your bucket list. Outside Notre Dame cathedral you can find what’s known to be Paris point zero. A point of a beginning! It represents a measuring start to every road in France.

A lot of people come to this place and perform a variety of rituals for good luck. Some stand on it and make a wish, some toss coins and some like to hop on it!

46.Marvel at Cathédrale de Chartres

France has some amazing cathedrals scattered through the vast country. Also known as Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, this brilliant castle is an amazing destination. It is another great example where you could admire the French Gothic architecture at its finest.

This magnificent cathedral has always been a destination for Christian pilgrims and tourists as well. Admire the fabulous Stained-glass windows, architectural unity and its majestic portals.

Marvel at Cathédrale de Chartres

47. Search for the statues of liberty in France


Here’s something you donn’t know, France does have its own Statue of Liberty. Although the one in New York remains as the original outstanding statue, France has 8 replicas.

The original one was a gift to the US by France. Designed by the same artist who designed the Eiffel Tower. A fun thing to do is to track all statues spread all over Paris. And here’s a complete guide to make it easier for you.

48. Watch Paris from the top of the Panthéon

Not so different from the one in Rome, a great addition to Paris’ marvelous landmarks, is the panthéon. A visit to this artistic and historic place is a must. A beautiful monument that is worth the exploring.

Examine the exquisite architecture. Visit great french personal tombs and study the earth’s rotation at the Foucault’s pendulum. Also, the top of the building gives access to a breathtaking scenery of the city.

Watch Paris from the top of the Panthéon

49. Get in touch with history and Explore the Catacombs of Paris

Get in touch with history and Explore the Catacombs of Paris

If you finished exploring the beautiful streets of Paris, and it’s fascinating wonders, it’s time to move underground. A vast tomb stretching for miles under the city.

Walk the scary hallways and learn about Paris’ geological history. Enter the Ossuary and witness a true empire of death. Bones and skulls stacked all along the corridors displaying crosses and different patterns. Some places are illegal to explore, but there is still a lot to see inside this massive burial site.

50.Visit the Sacré-Cœur

Among the many churches in France, the Sacré-Cœur takes place as a very popular attraction in Paris. The white church draws tourists attention for the vibrant view it offers. People go through the trouble to climb the hill for a chance of a memorable scene.

Admire this remarkable church and it’s architecture. Spot Paris’ landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral and other beautiful views.

Visit the Sacré-Cœur

Final Word

France is such an amazing country to visit. Along its fabulous cities, cultural diversity and great history, it’s a great destination. Each city offers something unique to do and wonderful landscapes to explore.

Extraordinary landmarks, delicious food and thrilling activities for every travel junkie out there. Here is a full blueprint for an amazing time to exploe the great country of France