50 things to do in the NY in 2021
(Complete Guidance)

The city of new york is one of the most visited cities in the world. Tall and huge skyscrapers, wonderful parks, exceptional landmarks and a great history for you to discover.

In this guide we provide you with 50 amazing things to do in this metropolis. Experience the life of a true new yorker and explore every corner for a dreamy adventure.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1.Treat yourself with a real New York meal

storyrv-Treat yourself with a real New York meal

Nothing will make you feel like a real New Yorker than a delicious meal in one of its delightful restaurants. This great city is famous for its stylish cheeky restaurants. Here, there is a place for everything you might crave.

Have breakfast in a beautiful coffee shop. Pick a restaurant and enjoy a filling and tasty meal. Choose from countless restaurants and eat in style!

2.Enjoy calmness and retreat to this beautiful park

Located in the very center of Manhattan, a stunning greet park isolated from the business of the street. This unusual oasis offers a great sensation for visitors. Surrounded by tall and huge skyscrapers from each direction.

Enjoy your time and relax here as you read a book or play games and ride on Le Carrousel. Sit for a refreshing beverage as you admire this wonderful park.

3. Go shopping for fabulous outfits at Fifth Avenue


Perhaps one of the most popular streets in New York in the Fifth Avenue. It stands as a great attraction and shopping destination for every visitor. Stores here offer a wide selection of stunning clothes for you to choose from.

This street features some of the leading brands in the industry. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and so many more, offering something for everyone. Stroll along Fifth Avenue and be amazed with the stunning shops fronts displaying impressive designs.

4. Lunch at a street food truck

You can’t consider yourself a real New Yorker until you grab a quick bite from a food truck. New York’s street food will have you asking for more in no time. With tons of food trucks spread all over the city selling delicious food.

Work your way through each one of these food vending trucks. Snack on Tacos, hot dog, mini cakes and many other treats.

5. Watch breathtaking performances at Madison Square Garden

Perhaps one tourist attraction that you must visit is the madison square garden. Simply known as the garden and famous for hosting countless events and shows. From world-wide known singers and performers to thrilling sports events.

Tourists visit this great stadium to attend amazing concerts and shows. Live the thrill and have an unforgettable time. Buy your ticket now and go watch a show of a lifetime.

6. Spend a day in ConeyIsland


ConeyIsland has its own stunning charm and represents a pleasant destination for every New Yorker. It is a large amusement area and features many entertaining events.

Discover the tasty food, watch stunning street art, have some candy and ride the Wonder Wheel.

This fun place is also famous for the beaches it has. During summer a day at the beach here is a must-do. Feel the ambiance as you stroll along the boardwalk with fireworks filing the sky.

7. Enjoy afternoon tea at Harbs


Not far from Madison Square Garden, there is a lovely place where you can enjoy delicious cakes, relaxing tea and amazing dishes and sandwiches.

Enjoy their lunch set pasta dishes and have an amazing time sipping afternoon tea. Everything is made out of fresh ingredients to grant the best taste. Swing by this wonderful place and enjoy its refreshing sensation.

8. Burgers and beer time at the black tap

Another great place that serves can be found in midtown, near Rockefeller Center. Known for its mouth watering burger among many others tasty plates and drinks. From the crispy fries, fresh salad to the lovely shakes! The food here is just miraculous.

The black tap is an upgraded version of a classic burger joint. Feel the warm vibe along your loved ones and enjoy the place to the fullest.

9. Movie night at the Cinepolis

Nothing adds to a great day than a thrilling movie at night. This movie theater in New York is the place to go to for a lovely movie time. It is very suitable for kids and for some fun family time.

This theater has an amazing selection of movies; action, drama, comedy, whatever the mood suggests. The seats here are comfortable and wide, guaranteeing a relaxing time. The Cinepolis also has a bar and a small restaurant for visitors to enjoy.

10. Solve puzzling puzzles at SPYSCAPE


If you are a fan of spy movies, this place is for you. New York City has one of the best interactive museums, featuring a thrilling experience for all the James Bonds out there.

Solve the puzzles, pull impressive stunts, dodge lazer and test your skills.

The museum features an interactive aspect to get a taste of both real and movies like spy life. Visit the SPYSCAPE and discover your spy skills

11. Watch breathtaking sceneries of NYC from the Rockefeller Center

storyrv-Watch breathtaking sceneries of NYC from the Rockefeller Center.

Now this is something you don’t want to miss. Walking through the beautiful streets of New York is very pleasant, yet seeing the city from atop is something else.

A 360 degree view gazing upon some of the city’s greatest highlights, like the Central Park and Manhattan. Feel the breeze as you admire a sensational scene with countless skyscrapers stretching to the horizon. Experience the city from above and plan your trip here now.

12.Watch the construction of amazing tv shows


One of the things that tourists love to do, is to take a tour within the NBC studios. Discover and learn all there is about the TV and radio industry through. Watch videos and jump from studio to another discovering different sets and filming equipment.

Take the chance to watch some of the most famous tv shows being made. Attend the construction of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live and have a funny time.

13.Dine in style at Ellen's Stardust Diner


Only two blocks away from Times Square, a unique and fun experience awaits you. The food is amazing, with a rich selection of tasty dishes and desserts. However, here you are welcomed to enjoy your food as you watch the waitresses perform for you.

Enjoy your food, vibing to different kinds of music, you can even make a request and the waitresses will serve! The atmosphere here is just different and dining in Ellen’s Stardust is a must.

14. Join air force at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum


No trip to New York is complete without checking this hair-raising museum. A floating museum on the deck of a large air-craft carrier; USS Intrepid. Located on the Hudson River and opened for every space enthusiast.

Admire immense military aircraft and space exploration equipment. Walk through the Space Shuttle Pavilion and watch the extraordinary space shuttles. Discover the Growler and gaze at the Concorde. Explore this fascinating museum with its corners and get amazed with every step you take.

15. Lay and relax on the grass in Central Park


One of the most amusing parks in New York; if not the world, is Central park. A true natural haven offering an escape from the city’s loudness. Featuring many great and mesmerizing landscapes and fun activities for people to enjoy.

Lay on the soft grass and read a book or pick up your map and stroll along this huge park. Admire its highlights and discover the Belvedere Castle. Watch animals at the Central Park zoo. See fabulous fountains and lakes as you walk along the sensational walkways. The fun here just doesn’t seem to end.

16. A walk among history!


The MuseumMile has got its name for the dozens of museums located along the street. Stretching from 82nd Street to 105th Street along Fifth Avenue. This street is a heaven for every art, history and culture lover.

Over 9 museums showcasing different art works, exhibits and offer a great learning opportunity. Learn about the history of New York in the Museum of the City of New York. Plan your visit and take your time as you step into every and each one of them.

17. Visit the United Nations Headquarters


Another unique and great experience to have while in New York is to visit the United Nations Headquarters. Learn about nations social affairs and international diplomacy. Discover how the world’s issues are treated to insure global peace.

To enter this place you need to join a guided tour. Visit the General Assembly hall and see where world leaders meet. Visit different rooms like the Security Council Chamber. Take an educational tour through the territory and explore this global organization.

18. Pay your respect at the World Trade Center


This is one of the most famous landmarks New York has. Memorable for the unforgettable events of 9/11. A great tower also known as the tower of freedom, offering great views to the city. Visit the 9/11 Memorial & Museum located within the tower and pay respect to those lost during the unfortunate events.

The tower also has a dining corner at ONE Dine, where you could enjoy cocktails and snacks. Enjoy incredible views and have fun as you learn about the great history of the tower.

19. Step into the Highline- a unique mesmerizing park!

What was once a rail track, is now a beautiful unique park for visitors to enjoy a soothing walk on. It stretches from the Hudson yard to north Chelsea, for about 1.45-miles.

The highline offers an opportunity to see wonderful views and scenes, especially during the sun set. See and be amazed by beautiful wildflowers paved along each side of the path. Take awesome pictures with perfect backgrounds. Share an unforgettable time with someone special surrounded by such a romantic scene.

20. Attend artistic performances at Lincoln Centre plaza


The Lincoln Center is home to some art genre performances like opera, ballet, musical concerts and other marvelous shows. It is a new attraction that has successfully drawn the attention of art lovers.

Enjoy classical music at its finest, beautiful jazz and different musical concerts. Admire great performances such as the New York Philharmonic, New York City Ballet and New York City Opera. Visit and explore this marvelous place as you meet famous artists.

21. Explore the Washington Square Park


This park is such a loved spot for every New Yorker and represents a great attraction for tourists as well. Featuring some great highlights that you might have seen in movies. Now is the time for you to go check by your own self.

Pass under the huge and fascinating arch as you step into the park. Admire the incredible fountain. Watch a game of chess and attend great concerts. The Washington Square Park is one of a kind.

22. Embrace the sky fly over the sensational city

New York City is with no doubt a beautiful and thrilling city. With its sensational streets crowded with talented people, massive skyscrapers and green fabulous parks, it’s a treat for sore eyes.

A great way to admire the city to the fullest is to take a helicopter tour. Feel the wind and fly over every corner of the city and gaze upon breathtaking views. Choose from different tours and admire the city from above.

23. Discover a magnificent Church- St Patrick’s Cathedral


This majestic cathedral stands tall as one of New York’s magnificent landmarks. Visitors come swarming from every corner of New York to feel true divinity through its hallways.

Watch the fabulous work of art its architecture holds with the clean white exterior and vibrant rose windows. Amazed at the enormous spires and the massive organ. Take a tour and feel peace of mind as you wander around and pay your prayers.

24.See the iconic time square


This outstanding place earned its crowd for the countless attractions it has. This place is one of the most busy places in New York. Filled with tourists and people rushing from everywhere you look.

There are countless fun activities for you to try. Admire the massive billboards and make sure you experience the midnight moment. You can watch a Broadway show, go bowling and chill at a Rooftop Bar. Time square is an iconic place to be at when visiting New York.

25.Climb to the top of the Empire State


You probably already saw this one coming. The empire state is one of New York’s icons and a great destination in every visitor’s bucket list.

With over 102 floors you can tell  that the view from up top will be unbelievable. With an open view overlooking all the city from every corner, you are promised an unforgettable experience. Spot New York famous landmarks like the Rockefeller Center, Central Park and the twin towers.

26. Don’t miss out and relax in Saratoga Springs


Saratoga Springs in New York is another magical resort to visit. Well known for its rejuvenating waters, relaxing spas and thrilling horse races.

Attend an art performance, play golf, go kayaking and visit the famous battlefield.

Also, check the different museums the place has and explore every spot of this thrilling place. There is so much to do here that will give you the ultimate of fun during your vacation.

27.Spend a day in the wilderness-Watkins Glen State Park


New York is filled with incredible parks and beautiful nature. A trip to this dreamy place is a must. The park is filled with extraordinary waterfalls from every direction and walking trails for hiking lovers.

This park offers a lot of outdoor adventures to keep you busy exploring all day long. Walk the gorge trial and see amazing waterfalls. Taste wine down Seneca Lake Wine Trail and stroll by Sunset View Creamery for incredible cheese.

28. Watch a sunset from the Brooklyn Bridge


Another icon that screams New York when you hear its name is the Brooklyn Bridge. Stretching for 5,989 ft over the east river and linking Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Recognizable as one of the oldest landmarks in New York and features in so many movies.

A walk from either side allows for breathtaking views. Take memorable pictures with New York’s mesmerizing skyline in the background.

29. Recreate famous scenes from your favorite movies

See where Carrie from Sex and the City throws the bouquet. Stand where Will Smith did in the filming of I am Legend in Grand Central Station. And take a selfie in Rockefeller Center where Kevin from home alone reunites with his mom. Some of the best and most famous movies have been filmed in New York. Here are the most iconic filming locations in New York for you to track.

30.Visit New York’s two major colleges


Perhaps a really fun thing to do in New York, is to visit its famous university and surround yourself with young minds. New York University and Colombia university both play a huge role in providing higher education.

With two large and amazing campuses vibrating with students from every direction, a visit here is a lot of fun. Visit two of the most top ranking universities in the world and have a great time learning about today’s students’ life.

31. Shop at a legendary food market


Chelsea market is a big and huge shopping center with dozens of stores. It is a market for all kinds of food and a place where you can get a really tasty meal.

Inside you’ll find a store everywhere you look, each responsible for selling a specific type of food. Fruits, vegetables, meats, bakeries and all the ingredients you may want. It also has multiple restaurants for a great lunchtime. Visit this unique shopping center and enjoy a different shopping experience.

32. Experience unusual food and taste the world’s flavors


In New York you can try different meals and dishes from all around the world without leaving the city. This is your opportunity to see the diversity the city features in its Food and try some amazing meals.

You can find several restaurants that serve food from every corner of the world. Asian, European, African, whatever you crave. Check this list and start experiencing different flavors from all around the world.

33. Try Italian food at Carmen's Italian restaurant


The Italian cuisine has quite the reputation when it comes to the food it makes. The good news is, you don’t have to travel to Italy for a bite of that heavenly taste. Carmen’s Italian restaurant has been a well-known destination for all New Yorkers and tourists.

There are two in New York, one located only a few steps from Time Square and the other is on the upper west side. Spoil your family and try the mesmerizing food surrounded by the sensational style.

34. Enjoy a show at Gershwin Theater


The Gershwin theater is one of the most famous theaters in the place and has the largest seats capacity.

The Gershwin is well recognized for being home to the blockbuster musical Wicked. Buy your ticket now and attend exquisite shows. Live the true excitement and enjoy your time watching extraordinary shows in one of Broadway’s legendary theaters.

35.Please Don’t Tell!


The name alone will get you intrigued, this exceptional bar will have you blown away with its colorful vibrant atmosphere. This place has a unique entrance, visitors enter through a phone booth in the next door hot dog restaurant.

Once inside you are welcomed to try from dozens of original and delicious cocktails. The place also serves food in case you get hungry. You don’t want to miss on visiting this one of a kind bar and losing yourself to its awesomeness.

36.Find a rooftop bar and party all night long


The city of New York lay its wonderful charm on every visitor. However, come nighttime the fun is ten times better. A great idea for a great night is to visit one of the many rooftop bars the city has.

Enjoy your drink gazing admiring the delightful view of New York, and its dreamy lights. Rage and party surrounded by lovely people enjoying the special vibe to the fullest.

37. Join the stock world in Wall Street


Who doesn’t know the famous Wall Street ? It is the home of the world’s largest stock exchange and a temple of capitalism. It has numerous skyscrapers and several banking headquarters that add to the power and wealth of the street.

You have to check the charging Bull statue that represents the can-do spirit of America. See the statue of the fearless girl that symbolizes Feminism. Also, Don’t forget to visit the magnificent Trinity Church and the federal hall which are the landmarks of the street.

38. Spend time in Greenwich Village


Greenwich village is a very fun place, located in the lower part of and loved by every New Yorker. The village has a rich culture and a great history. It has so many activities for visitors to enjoy and a day here could be really uplifting.

Admire the architecture, walk its street as you listen to beautiful music, and eat delicious food. Here is a complete guide to what you must see and do in Greenwich.

39. Join flora world in Botanical Garden

storyrv-Join flora world in Botanical Garden

In New York, you can find a tremendous Botanical Garden that attracts visitors from every corner. This garden plays a huge role in preserving the life of over one million species of plant.

The botanical garden is responsible for the creation of dozens other amazing gardens within it. It hosts several exhibits showcasing the life of fascinating plants. Discover the plants and feel a different atmosphere from around the world within each garden.

40. See the world in One world observatory


The city of New York is filled with countless skyscrapers that offer an enchanting view once up to. Perhaps one of best places to see the city is to climb to the top of the one world observatory.

Spot the statue of liberty, the empire state and other iconic landmarks. The place has a cafe and a bar for you to enjoy. Take the thrilling experience and walk the skyes in one of New York’s greatest buildings.

41.Enjoy the silence and check an iconic library.

storyrv-Enjoy the silence and check an iconic library

The New York library is one of the greatest libraries in the world. It is located in midtown east, at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue. Exploring this charming place is totally free and it is a must see for every New York visitor.

Stroll along the hallways of this great historical library and discover what it has to offer. Check the Gutenberg Bible, the Astor Hall, the McGraw Rotunda and the Rose Reading Room.

42.Stand by the great statue of liberty


Known by everyone and loved by everyone, the statue of liberty represents a great symbol of freedom. It was a gift of friendship by France, and stands tall as a graceful monument in the city of New York.

Ride the ferry to Ellis Island, discover every spot of the island on your way to the great statue. Take memorable pictures and climb the stairs to the crown of the great lady.

43.Explore Broadway's theaters


Broadway street in New York is filled with amazing theaters hosting breathtaking shows and musicals. Seeing a blockbuster Broadway show is an essential New York City experience. From Hamilton to Disney’s Frozen, you can watch your favorite books or movies come alive. It’s an experience you surely don’t want to miss while visiting the city. Buy your ticket now and experience Broadway to the fullest.

44. Standing in the New York Federal Vault Counting Gold


The Federal Reserve Bank is the largest gold depository in the world. The best part is that the guided tour is for free. All you have to do is to book your place in advance to make sure you get a spot.

Admire the majestic iron building featuring hints of the Renaissance palaces. learn about the United State banking system and see the gold bars, five stories below street level.

45.Step into the tunnels of the New York Subway


The subway is the oldest and largest public transportation system in the world. It is the cheapest and easiest way to explore New-York for the majority of New Yorkers and tourists. Riding the subway is a fantastic way to feel like a local during your stay.

Explore the City Hall Park, admire the elegency of its design, discover creepy abandoned train stations and so much more!

46. Watch where you Step as you enter Gulliver's Gate

storyrv-Watch where you Step as you enter Gulliver's Gate

This place offers one of the most funny things to do in New york. See the world from a different perspective and be careful with your steps! Gullivers’ Gate is a special miniature museum allowing for a unique and amazing experience.

In here, you’ll be amazed at the level of details featured in every recreated scene. Watch your favourite landmarks shrink up in size and have an amazing time exploring different historical sites.

47. Admire an architectural wonder


A must see in New York is this magnificent work of art; The Oculus. it displays modern architecture at its top. A striking design that took 12 years to be built and is considered as one of New York’s fabulous landmarks.

Admire the exceptional white pillars and stand in the middle for one awesome selfie. The wing-like structure will capture your sight. Enjoy a refreshing meal and discover its stores. This phenomenal work is surely worth the visit.

48.pick a souvenir from chinatown

storyrv-Lpick a souvenir from chinatown

Travel to a forighn land and feel the amazing vibe of chinatown in New York. The streets here are filled with different kinds of stores, restaurants and bars. Here, you can find a lot of treats and whatever you might think of.

Try different chinese plates and immerse yourself within their traditions. Plan your visit now and discover the narrow and rewarding streets of New York chinatown.

49. Learn about the history of american mobs in Museum of the American Gangster


This unusual museum was once a popular speakeasy and ran by a famous gangster. The museum’s aim is to show how crime once laid a huge role in shaping today’s world.

As you step inside you’ll see multiple leftovers from gangster’ life. The place also has a bar where you can have a nice drink learning about the history of this interesting building.

50.Go to The Metropolitan Museum of Art


One of the most visiting museums in the world is this art museum. It is one of the well recognized attractions of New York. Displays a great deal of exhibits, famous paintings and artifacts from all around the world.

See King Henry VIII armor, admire the sculpture of Ugolino and His Son, admire Van Gogh’s exceptional portrait and so much more. This museum is a true heaven for all art lovers and holds a great world’s treasure within its walls.

Final Word

New York holds many wonders spread all over its streets. Exploring this vivid city represents a great challenge as the fun here doesn’t seem to end. learn about great history, eat delicious food and visit mesmerizing places, here you will not be disappointed.

If you are visiting the city for the first time and you seek the most out of it, this guide is for you. Start your journey now and wander around exploring every corner for an unforgettable time.