Our 5 Highest Rated Electric Tongue Jack in 2021

There is nothing as rewarding as the best RV electric tongue Jack for a hitch-free trip. Are you a regular RVer? If so, then you will appreciate the value of an electric over the manual tongue jack.

Having a top-notch electric tongue jack makes it possible to level the RV with ease. You always need to lift or lower the RV front when it’s time to hitch for towing. But with the electric RV tongue jack, you don’t have to get hurt from cranking manually.

So, what are the top 5 electric tongue jacks for RVs, 5th wheelers, or travel trailers?

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 Our Top 5 Picks



Husky 82022 Brute Electric Jack

Weize Power Tongue Trailer Jack

RAM EJ-3520-BBX Electric Trailer Jack

Lippert 285318 Power Tongue Jack

Husky HB4500 Brute Power Jack

Husky 82022 Super Brute Electric Jack

Weize Power Tongue Trailer Jack

RAM EJ-3520-BBX Electric Trailer Jack

Lippert 285318 Power Tongue Jack

Husky HB4500 Brute Power Jack​

Best RV Electric Tongue Jack



One of the perks of the Husky 82022 Super Brute is its 5,000 pounds weighted capacity. That means you have more room for a heavy-duty trailer. Not that you always might need that much weight. But it is comforting you know you can carry heavier weights when the need arises.

Another excellent value is the advanced technology choice of the ball screw. The ball screw results in low noise when operating the electric jack. So, you can enjoy a quieter usage experience with the Husky 82022. Also, the ball screw requires less power consumption with less friction during the hitching. With the screwball, the Husky 82022 is more durable with less strain on the motor.


The Husky 82022 combines innovative technology with heavy-duty lifting operations. With the two remote controls, you can either level or hitch the RV even from a distance. As long as you have everything set up, the remote control takes away the stress of hitching. And to avoid any damage to the electric jack, the device uses a Smart Stop design. So, as the lifting or dropping process goes on, the Smart Stop is there to keep things organized. It just shuts down the process.

However, one major drawback for me is the non-inclusion of a mounting bolt. That means you do have to spend a bit longer time fiddling around trying to deal with mechanical stuff.

Good For:

Bad For:

Let’s be careful out there. This *5,000Lb* elec. jack arrived in good condition and works as advertised. Normally I’d give 3-stars for meeting expectations but the price and jack design (bearing screw) are just too-good.

Heads up though, you will need to ‘carefully’ check your installation requirements. After careful review, I knew I needed a pro install and bought the jack anyway after consulting with my metal-fab buddy. With a 5,000Lb jack, don’t assume you have a hand-crank jack that is simply bolted into a hole in the trailer ball mount. You likely have a welded jack and no hole to work with.

Trailer mfg’s say 10%-15% of total loaded trailer weight (GVWR) is a gage for tongue and jack weight. Be careful, I use 50% GVWR to estimate jack capability and still worry.

Example: My 2016 Tundra has a bumper tow weight limit of 10,000Lbs (light truck). I have a 12,000Lb GVWR enclosed trailer for my airplane and gear. This 5,000Lb Husky jack is just right; 10,000Lb truck limit x 0.5 = 5,000Lbs jack capability. Overkill? No way! Try using your 150lb jack on a slope on the side of the road in a snow storm with that 10,000Lb trailer. Someone’s gonna get hurt.

I bought my metal-fab buddy a case of beer for an awesome job that left my 7,000Lb hand crank in place as a backup. And, I drank half his beer!

Best for Flexible Electric to Manual Jack-Weize Power Tongue Jack





Weize was my number 1 pick when shopping for the best electric jack for the 5th wheeler or RV. You can’t but fall in love with its multiple functionalities and LED light for better security. At least, you don’t have to go cranking manually. And that’s because the 12 volts DC gear makes lifting easy. The adjustable drop legs make for even distribution and extension up to 18 inches. That means your trailer or RV even can fit perfectly to the Weize jack.

Another reason I love the Weize Power Tongue is that it takes minimal effort to set up. All you need is to hitch the jack, push the on button, and align to the RV with ease. Since the electric jack is a universal one, it can fit all RV or trailer models in the market. That, I must say, makes it an excellent buy.

Good For:

Bad For:

I originally bought this for my father’s RV, but he had already bought one a year ago and just never installed his. So I decided to keep this one for myself. It was an easy instal. Remove three bolts. RETAIN THEM, this unit doesn’t have hardware. Remove the old hand crank jack, slide this one in and re-use the bolts.

Blue wire is negative, black is positive (yes it seems backwards) and has a small 30 amp glass inline fuse. Connect to the battery and you’re good to go. I think I’ll attach a cutoff so nothing can accidentally power the light while in storage, but you could just remove the fuse.

The bottom of the unit has a leg you can adjust if needed. Overall it was like 45 minutes to install, and most of that was attaching battery terminals, heat shrink tubing and routing the wires to the battery. I’m very glad I did this.

Best on Budget Electric Tongue Jack –RAM EJ-3520-BBX





The RAM EJ-3520-BBX electric RV jack has an additional feature. And that’s the 7 ½ inch drop leg that allows you to extend the leg a little longer. Now, you can stretch the electric jack a bit longer. Since it is an electrical power jack, the RAM takes the stress away. Instead of manually hitching the jack to the RV, the electric option makes things more convenient. But in case anything goes wrong, you can use the crank handle to get things done manually.

When it gets dark, the LED lights help provide illumination so I can hitch up the jack. More so, with a 12 volts battery, it’s so convenient to connect the electrical jack. The gears comprise of durable steel material, strong enough to hold up over 3,500 pounds weight capacity.

Good For:

Bad For:

Had to write this review based on a great experience. Not only does this jack save you time and frustration from manually jacking up and down, the customer service on this product was amazing.

I installed this in about 30 minutes. 1 wire to the battery, 3 bolts, done. Worked great although as others have said it is a little slow. Even has a light. My favorite feature is the adjustable foot. Once you remove the weight from the jack, you can adjust the foot height by 6-8 inches in seconds by pulling the pin and pushing the jack up/down.

This saves a lot of time especially in bad weather. The customer service was way better than I expected. The switch fell apart (just under 1 year of install) before my last camping trip. The manual crank was awesome because with the switch/motor down, I would have been stuck. I emailed the company through Amazon and they sent me a new jack.

No questions, no debate, no return. I had a new jack at my door within 3-4 days. Took about 40 minutes total to remove the old one and install the new one. I couldn’t be happier!

Best for Low Noise and Easy Operations – Lippert 285318 Power Tongue Jack



When I first acquired the Lippert 285318, one of the most exciting news for me was the low-noise during operations. And that’s made possible by the Helical cut gear that cuts out the noise. First, the set up was an easy one. After hitching to the RV, just a tap of the button, and we were good to go.

Again, you will find the 4-LED lighting option a blessing. It provides illumination at night, so no straining to get the job done. And remember, you have up to 3,500 Lbs—weight capacity to play with lifting the RV. The Lippert 285318 comprises high-quality material to add ergonomic value. Therefore, a textured exterior finishing protects the electric jack from cracks or scratches. It also has a unique removable 5.4″ footpad that gives it much sturdiness during leveling.
The Lippert 285318 electric takes away exerting pressure when leveling up or down your RV. That’s a significant reason it’s an incredible device. However, you can opt for the manual override if the need arises. But remember, it suits A-frame RVs best.

Good For:

Bad For:

Arrived packaged a little loosely. The Jack box was basically floating in the much larger Amazon box, but there wasn’t any damage. This is the same jack you’ll find on many new campers.

I have an older (2004) camper so I was a little worried about fitment. I removed my old jack in about a minute and I half. By the naked eye I was thinking I might have to move my tank rack back a hair, which might mean also adjusting the battery tray location, but I was very pleasantly surprised when I slid the new Jack in the hole everything lined up and no more work was needed. It does lightly touch the tank cover, but I don’t see an issue with it at all.

Remember you’ll have to get a connection for the end of the wire to hook to your battery, but that’s understandable as different units have different hook ups. To be fair I’ve only ran it up and down a couple times since installing, but it’s quiet and smooth. It was extremely easy to install and looks great. I did purchase a cover for the power head, but i wasn’t worried at all about being weather proof, I just want to protect it from sun fading etc..

They’re available for around $10. This is a great Jack, that is reasonably priced. It’s a piece of cake to install and hook up and is an rv industry standard Jack. My old sore shoulders wish I would have done this sooner! It was literally a 10 minute job removing the old Jack and installing this one.

Best for Versatility and Illumination Husky HB4500 Brute Power Jack​




The Husky HB4500 comes from a company with a reputation for manufacturing exceptional products. When I purchased the Husky’s HB4,500 some years back, it immediately becomes my go-to jack. It combines an impressive array of features that makes hitching my RV a breeze.

First, with a 4,500 LBS weighted capacity, that gave me enough room to lift my RV. In the space of 45 seconds, the Husky jack lifts your RV covering 10-12 inches. Not just that,  remember it has an adjustable drop-out leg? When I station the RV in certain spots, it means I can extend the legs by up to 6 inches longer.

The speed and smooth noise-free operations are all thanks to the ball screw technology. And yes, I like to add that the ball screw reduces friction and increases durability.

That brings up the issue of wear and tear. The Husky HB4500 Lbs. is a weather-friendly product. Therefore, I can use it even in the most extreme weather conditions. Naturally, as a regular RVer, such situations occur often. More so, you never can always tell what to expect in terms of weather, or can you?

Good For:

Bad For:

My original Lippert 3,500# jack collapsed our first trip out of warranty. Figures. Lippert seems to have a handle on getting their products just past the warranty period. We were on Spring break and I was feeling high and dry. However, I pulled myself together, went to Amazon and found this jewel. It was delivered to a local branch of the bank my wife works for in two days (Thanks Prime!) and I was able to install it at my campsite with a small floor jack that I keep in the camper.

Right off the bat I was impressed with the beefy feel of this jack. It’s a very high quality piece and drop fitted in like butter, due to the oval mounting holes. It comes with a re-settable 30A circuit breaker but I opted to use the existing 30A blade fuse from my Lippert P.O.S. jack (at least they got that right). So, I have no opinion of the circuit breaker.

It also has a very cool little bracket to hang the power connection pigtail for the vehicle hook up that is not shown in the pick. You’ll love that too. The jack functions very smoothly and I absolutely do not have and doubt this will serve me well.

I guess time will tell, but the fact that given the higher weight capacity rating, this thing handles the tongue load on my 10,000 pound Salem Hemisphere like nothing. It’s also about one third the noise output of my old one. My old jack always made me thing the battery was low, but now I realize the thing was just straining it’s pathetic ass off. I don’t really think it was a true 3,500 pound capacity.

Anyway, enough sour grapes. Get this jack, even if yours isn’t broken! If you’ve never seen a tongue jack collapse, and until this point I’d never even considered it could happen, it is a life changing experience.

I was left contemplating how many times I’d been under the camper at tight points of the frame, working on it and not aware that this could happen. It’ll leave you shaken, Even with this awesome new Husky jack I will always take care to use jack stands when I need to be under the front portion. BTW, I’m on my third full sized camper, and have never had a tongue jack that performed like this one.

So, final assessment……This jack is the cat’s hiney! I totally recommend it.

Electric Tongue Jack Buyers Guide & FAQs

What Is Electric Tongue Jack on an RV?

Another name for the electric tongue Jack is trailer jack or hitching jack. It is a device used in lifting a trailer to a specific height. It connects the towing vehicle and trailer to hitch up or down. The electric jack, therefore, distributes the weight evenly between the RV and the towing van.

What Size Electric Tongue Jack Do I Need?

What you need is a tongue jack that weighs 10 -15 percent of the trailer’s tongue average weight. To know the tongue's appropriate size, you need to know the RV's tongue's weight. You can find this information in the trailer or RV’s user manual. So, if the trailer weighs 5,000 pounds, the RV's tongue should weigh at least 500 to 750 pounds. But an electric tongue jack of 3,000 pounds minimum should be the ideal size. That makes it at least four to five times the trailers tongue weight. But the higher the capacity, the better.

How to Choose an Electric Tongue Jack

Several factors should determine the electric tongue jack of choice. Besides the loading capacity, always go for products made from durable materials. Such materials should be water and rust-resistant (sealed or welded) to avoid damage to electrical parts. Go for products with a more extended warranty and is either bolted-on or welded-on. The welded-on stays permanently. But the bolted-on is removable and requires a U-bolt to fix.

However, if you own an A-shape trailer, then you need A-frame jacks in front. If not, it means your trailer uses a straight frame jack.

How to Install Electric Tongue Jack

Look at this video to quickly install Tongue Jack.

Recommended Husky 82022 Super Brute Electric Jack | Final Words

So, what’s the best RV electric tongue jack from our list?

With all the features discussed, our overall best pick is the Husky 82022 Super Brute electric jack. The Husky 82022 delivers superior value in terms of weight management and unique features. It has the highest capacity of 5,000 pounds. It is just 500 pounds higher than the Husky HB4500. However, 82022 offers superior quality and smoother operations.

For loading capacity, the Husky 82022 can deliver more capacity than the Lippert, RAM, and Weize. Also, Weize uses 12 volts direct current, and RAM uses a 12 volts battery. The Husky 82022 uses direct current but comes with two remote controls. That means better ease of control from even a distance.

Finally, whichever electric tongue jack you settle for in this list will be an incredible product. From personal experience, they all offer an exceptional value that meets the needs of different RVers. In all, affordability, durability, capacity, and ease of operations should be the primary determinants. Have a safe and pleasurable trip.