5 Best Toy Hauler Antifreeze To Look Out

Picking the best Toy Hauler antifreeze is fundamental to your camping experience. With the dozens of Toy Hauler antifreeze in today’s market, making the right choice could be a challenge.

But before you become a victim of burst pipes due to freezing, we decided to come to your aid with this review.

Can I let you in on a little secret? I was once a victim of burst pipes after purchasing the inappropriate Toy Hauler antifreeze. Getting expert advice and personal experience has today made me more of an expert on the subject.

So, here I come to the rescue with the best Toy Hauler antifreeze for your camping RVs, vacation homes, pools, and boats.

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What is an RV Antifreeze?

If you are new to camping, then you might not be so used to Recreation Vehicles (RVs). RV antifreeze is a non-toxic liquid solution. It helps prevent the freezing of your RV plumbing systems. With RV antifreeze, you can avoid the mess caused by freezing pipes during the winter.

Why Do You Need RV Antifreeze?

During the winter, there is a tendency for your pipes to become frozen. Most RV pipes have a small and narrow width. Temperatures do drop during the winter as it causes the water in the plumbing system to expand. The expansion of the water molecules can result in the burst of RV pipes as they freeze.

But with the right RV antifreeze, you can altogether avoid this situation. Anti-freezing, thus, helps reduce the water temperature below its 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It stops the water from freezing or expanding.

best winter- rv-Antifreeze

Types of RV Antifreeze

You might be wondering how is the RV antifreeze different from the regular RV? There are, but different types of antifreeze. While RV antifreeze is not toxic, regular antifreeze is toxic to humans and pets. Thus, you can use regular antifreeze for non-consumable devices or engine coolants. RV antifreeze includes:

Propylene Glycol Composition

Propylene glycol-based RV antifreeze is not so cheap or sold everywhere. But you can find them in online stores or RV shops. The good thing is, the chemical is non-toxic and suitable for your RV plumbing. The no fire safety precaution sign gives you one less reason to worry about. Propylene-based RV antifreeze also lubricates your toilet seals or faucets. It tends to extend the faucet’s lifespan without tanning, unlike ethanol-composed antifreeze.

Ethanol-based RV Antifreeze

Ethanol-composed RV antifreeze is one of the most common in the market and used by rig owners. But, significant perks with ethanol-product is the risk of fire incidence. It can also tan your plumbing systems. Thus, you must avoid using this antifreeze close to pilot or cigarette flames. Another drawback is that ethanol can dry up toilet and faucet seals and cause foul taste or smell in the water.

Ethanol and Propylene Based RV Antifreeze.

Some RV antifreeze makes use of a blend of both propylene and ethanol compositions. The excellent news about ethanol and Propylene is that it is non-toxic. They are also more RV plumbing friendly, unlike the ethanol only composition. But, you might not be able to assess how much tanning or drying of the plumbing seals will occur.


What To Look For When Buying An RV Antifreeze?

I spent the past five years as an RV camper. And one thing I have come to appreciate is maintaining functional utilities. You don’t want to get stranded, or do you? The only way to avoid that is to ensure things like your plumbing system works uninterrupted. The RV anti freeze comes in handy in such situations. So, these are the factors to consider when buying RV antifreeze:


The chemical composition of the selected RV antifreeze is an important consideration. First, stay away from antifreeze with phosphate formulation. Phosphate will cause your engine’s metal plates to rust. I usually prefer biodegradable solutions to reduce the impact on the earth in the case of a spill. You, too, can settle for such RV antifreeze as they work well for a wide variety of vehicles, RVs, and boats.

Concentration Level

Some antifreeze solutions come as already mixed and ready for use. Other solutions are a half-full bottle requiring you to fill it with water before using it. I sometimes prefer the already-prepared mixture. With it, I don’t border about the ratio of chemical to water. Yet, both choices work well for RV antifreeze.

Also, remember the antifreeze’s concentration can affect whether plumbing works remain unfrozen. They offer protection reaching at least -35 to -50 degrees Fahrenheit. But -35 degrees should be far more than you can need for your RV systems.

Many Uses

Yes, what you need is an RV antifreeze, but why not get one with more versatility. Some RV antifreeze can serve many purposes. Thus, when you are not using the solution for your RV, it could still be useful in your pool, home, or boats. In a nutshell, a lot of people winterize their water systems as the winter or fall approaches. And when the warmer season approaches, they de-winterize their plumbing systems again.

Our Top 5 Picks

Camco RV Antifreeze Concentrate

Editor's Pick

SPLASH RV Antifreeze

Best for Money

Camco RV Antifreeze

Best Luxury

Century RV Antifreeze

Best Value

Camco Boiler Antifreeze

DilutingYesNoNoNoIt comes premixed
Burst Protection-50 °F-50 °F-50 °F -48 °F-
Item Size12.9 x 12.1 x 6.4 in5.8 x 5.8 x 11.1 in6 x 6 x 13 in11.5 x 7 x 5 in10.7 x 5.6 x 5.4 in
Weight6.4 pounds8 pounds9.16 pounds9 pounds8.97 pounds

Camco RV Antifreeze concentrate

Editor's Pick​

SPLASH 619526 Pink RV Antifreeze

Best for Money

Camco Mfg. 30757 RV Antifreeze

Best Luxury

Century Chemical TF-1 Antifreeze

Best Value

Camco 30027 Boiler Antifreeze

DilutingYesNoNoNoIt comes premixed
Burst Protection-50 °F-50 °F-50 °F -48 °F-
Item Size12.9 x 12.1 x 6.4 in5.8 x 5.8 x 11.1 in6 x 6 x 13 in11.5 x 7 x 5 in6 x 6 x 12 in
Weight6.4 pounds0.16 ounces9.16 pounds9 pounds9 pounds

The Best Toy Hauler Antifreeze


Camco RV Antifreeze was a life-saver last year when it saved my pipes from bursting. But that was not until after some bitter lessons two years earlier. I had forgotten to winterize my RV. Out of error, I left some things undone when preparing for winter. The result was water damage on my floors and a burst pipe.

The Camco RV Antifreeze comes half-full, requiring dilution before use. It is a 100% biodegradable product; hence Camco-RV is not only safe but also non-inflammable. As a non-toxic or hazard-free solution, humans and pets are safe from harm, water pollution, or odor. Camco RV Antifreeze can go down to as much as -50 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it can keep your piping systems insulated during the harsh winter.

You get two packs for your buy to use for many situations; home, RV, pools, and boat freshwater needs. Each bottle of Camco antifreeze contains 36 ounces of the product. With two gallons, you should have enough to winterize your RVs. The quantity required would, yet, depend on the size of your rigs.

Good For:

Bad For:


Splash 619526 Pink antifreeze is a useful product for keeping your pipes burst-free. Temperatures can drop as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit. But, trust Splash Pink RV antifreeze to save your pipes. One major factor that excites most users of the Splash RV antifreeze is the versatility.

The Splash RV works well for both heavy-duty trucks like Toy Hauler vehicles and marine. It can also help with speedboats, motorcycles, and more. Since Splash is a US-manufactured product, it has a higher chance of safety and standards. Most US manufactured products go through a series of careful research. They conduct several tests to meet the standard before their release into the market.

Splash RV antifreeze is a non-corrosive coolant. I get the assurance that my RV engines won’t suffer from rust issues. But, one drawback to expect with Splash is the tiny black substances inside the solution. It is an issue the manufacturers need to deal with to avoid obstructing drains and more.

Good For:

Bad For:


Camco Mfg. 30757 is an adequate, non-toxic RV antifreeze from a notable brand. From the subtitle, you can deduce that the product works best for your Toy Hauler and Marine needs. As a premixed product, it saves you the stress of water to chemical ratio or from creating a messy situation. For a well-formulated product, the Camco Mfg. is ideal RV antifreeze for boats, homes, swimming pools, RVs, street-motor-scooters, street-touring-motorcycles, snow-mobiles.

I once made use of the Camco 30757 to winterize my stretch of the Toy Hauler water system. It winterized my water dispenser refrigerator and ice maker. But it did not leave any noticeable taste. The lubrication system of the Camco makes it corrosion resistant. Thus, protecting the water unit, the pumps, and valves.

Good For:

Bad For:


Are you an RV camper or vacation home user? Then Century Chemicals offer users a non-corrosion antifreeze product to winterize plumbing works. One value that almost won me over to the TF-1 is the pH inhibitor. The TF-1 maintains the pH levels of your water in its natural state, unlike other Toy Hauler antifreeze brands. But, do not attempt to drink the water as it is not safe for drinking due to low toxicity. But you can use the water for several other functions.

The chemical composition of the TF-1 makes it non-inflammable. Hence I usually store it with different formulas or chemicals. TF-1 can keep your RV floor heating system safer using the heat transfer fluid. The high boiling point features also ensure the unit does not become too hot and cause any damage. Again, the natural lubricant protects the seals and gaskets from damage. And that is a rare feature in antifreeze products.

Good For:

Bad For:


I have had an issue with keeping my RVs boiler working during the winter. But with a friend’s advice, I purchased the Camco 30027 boiler, and that marked the end of my heating travails.

Camco 30027 works best for heater boiler systems. It can protect against corrosion in the plumbing systems. Using red makes it easier to detect leakages or plumbing issues immediately. Your pipes, tanks, or entire plumbing unit remains rust-free all through the winter. Yet, the one major perk with 30027 is that it does not combine well with other brands.

Good For:

Bad For:

Recommended The Camco Antifreeze concentrate | Final Words

Under the section, things to consider, Camco RV fulfills most of the conditions better. Camco-RV comes half-full and requires dilution. But it offers up to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yes, Splash also offers -50 degrees, but the Camco-RV is biodegradable. Thus, making Camco-RV safer. Another plus for the Camco-RV is the versatility and functionalities.

Since the Camco-RV is Propylene-based, it can preserve faucets and toilet seals. For Splash, the tiny black substance has the potential to block your drains if not handled. And that’s one more area the Camco does better.

The Camco 30027 and Century Chemical TF-1 are both more suitable for heating systems. They also have issues with compatibility with other brands. So, 30027 cannot compare with Camco RV Antifreeze.

Camco Mfg. 30757 has all it takes to be a clear leader in the pack except that it is not biodegradable. Its ability to detect algae should have tipped the scales in its favor.

30027 still have a not-so-pleasant odor and the need for improved packaging. Thus, the Camco RV Antifreeze still holds sway.

In deciding on the best Toy Hauler antifreeze, some factors will affect your decision. Yet, I have tried to simplify the process by making the above selection of five top RV antifreeze. The truth is, depending on the peculiarity of your needs, any of the products will serve. Our best pick can serve as best for RV Antifreeze. But if price or heating is a primary concern, then the other options should help you best. I wish you an exciting buy and an RV camping experience.