Our 5 Highest Rated RV Awning Lights

Are you thinking of the best RV Awning lights to help illuminate your RV surroundings? Then, you have made a wise decision!

RV awning LED lights are great for lighting up your RV, camper, or trailer. All you need to do is to stick the awning light to the side or under the awning. Or you may prefer to hang the light in a suspended fashion. But what type of light should you install?

No doubt, the best RV awning light should light up the RV area. From experience, your best bet is the LED camper awning light. Why? They provide incredible illumination.

Also, you can purchase different colors of awning lights. That brings added aesthetic appeal to the RV surroundings. So, what awning RV light should you are buying? Let’s find out!

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 Our Top 5 Picks

Overall Best White LED Light

Multi-color Awning Lighting

Best Compact & Budget LED Light

Best decorative Set Glow Lights

Multi-purpose LED Lights

Best RV Awning Lights

Overall Best White LED Light – RecPro RV  LED Awning Party Light

RecPro-RV -LED-Awning-Party-Light


RecPro-RV -LED-Awning-Party-Light


I immediately fell in love with the RecPro awning light when I saw it online. You, too, will and for several reasons. First, it looks impressive and durable. The RecPro comprises of silicon sleeve and crystal resin.

It takes less than 5 minutes to unpack, assemble and stick the RecPro light to the awning. With the impressive Pro-UV polycarbonate mounting channels, you can install the light with ease. The adhesive board makes installation a breeze.

RecPro awning light offers up to 1,500 Lumens. That means a single product can provide impressive illumination than regular light. It is a waterproof light, so no worries about rain destroying it soon.

A significant drawback for me, however, is it depends on direct wire connections only. It would have been nice to have a solar version or wireless connection.

Good For:

Bad For:

I can’t explain how much I love this RV LED Light. It is awesome. It lights up the whole campsite and barely uses any battery power. It did take me a few minutes to install, simply because hiding the wire is more difficult than I expected.

I mounted my underneath the rain gutter behind the awning, so even when the awning is extended the light is still against the side of my RV. You could mount this anywhere you wish, this is just where I picked to mount it.

I also wired it directly to the existing outside door light. Simple enough, but like I said hiding the wire across the 1/2 the light bar was tricky. I ended up squeezing the wire above the included mounting bracket and then filling the tiny gap with silicon to hold the wire in place.

I had no issues with the 3M tape that was included. I did have to make sure when I removed the backing on the sticky tape, that I didn’t pull the tape off the light as well. Highly recommend and have recommended it to several people.

Best for Multi-Color Awning Lighting –  Green LongLife LED Rope Light



I like the Green LongLife lights because of the multiple colors. It adds more colors to beautify the motorhome. The choice of Red, White, and Blue LED lights is in honor of the American heroes.

It’s July 4th Memorial Day multi-color LED lights. So, you too can honor the hero’s past while enjoying incredible illumination.

Green LongLife light helps spice up your RV experience with these 18 feet long lights. If it is not long enough, you could purchase another. The spare fuse and end-to-end cables will help you extend the reach.

Your Green LongLife light is a UV and cold-resistant light. So, you have no reason to worry about weather impact – cold or hot. Another excellent value is that you can use the light both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, you could place it on the RV patio or pathway. Out, it could be in the gardens and awning to light up the surrounding.

Good For:

Bad For:
We love our red white and blue lights trimming the top of our patio better known as our “19th hole”. They were so easy to put up and look great in daylight or nighttime.

Best Compact & Low Budget LED Light – Leisure LED RV Exterior Porch Utility Light





I like the Leisure LED lights due to their simple appearance. Quite simple, but you get a 2835 LED light running on 24 high power on Direct Current.

The Leisure LED light only requires 2.7 power watts, and that means a reduced power situation. No worrying about the durability as it has at least 60,000 hours life expectancy. That alone is a longer time than the regular light bulb.

So, do you own an RV, 5th wheeler, or trailer? Then Leisure LED lights will fit perfectly on the awning. You only need basic gadget installation knowledge to set install the light. Though, you might need to drill holes to screw to the awning board.

If you are looking for a product with advanced technology standards, then it’s the Leisure light. That means even when you get into a bumpy ride, the light remains sturdy. There’s no risk of  falling off when driving.

Good For:

Bad For:
My outside light on my RV stopped working. When I went to change the bulb, I found out the socket was broken. Instead of replacing the socket, I decided to buy this LED unit instead. Installation was fairly easy.
The only issue was the mounting holes and screws didn’t match up with the old light, so I needed to drill 4 new properly sized holes. I am very pleased with the brightness of this light. With the amber lens in place, it is a lot brighter than the old light was.

Best Decorative Set Glow Lights – Camco Hanging Festive Party Glow Lights



When it’s time to spice up your RV, you can create a festive mood using the Camco lights. The good news is that it works well for indoor or outdoor use. If used indoors, your kids would love them more.

Ten color light bulbs hanging in strategic locations will create the needed festive appeal kids love.

Camco lights do not require any assembly. All you need are some tiny nails or push pins to stick them into the wall. After that then you can use the white wires to keep the lights suspended.

Alternatively, use the awning hanger to place the lights on the RV’s awning.

So, with Camco Hanging festive lights, you can enjoy that party feel even on the go. And with the two extra fuses, you can replace any faulty bulb. Also, it comes with a spare fuse in case the initial one develops a fault.

That’s quite thoughtful of the manufacturers to add extra supplies. You never can be too prepared when traveling. The power units come with a 120 V supply and overload protection to ensure stable power. But if you are looking for warm white bulbs, then I guess this isn’t for you.

Good For:

Bad For:

These were a gift for my wife. I really don’t like these lights. In fact, I would like to use them as target practice. The important thing is, she likes them. Unfortunately, she likes them so much, I get the honor to install them! She wanted camper lights…for the camper. Great, huh? I am rolling my eyes too.

These are plastic and light up when plugged in. This is EXACTLY what I expected when I bought them. Met my expectations! The blue campers to not show up as well though. They could have used a lighter color. I am assuming in time, when the plastic fades (and my hatred for these things grow) they will look better.


The rest of the colors are just fine. Note these lights are very lightweight and are very easy to install. They can be installed with something as simple as a pushpin around the wires. They also appear easy to break with a hammer, but I am told I am not allowed to do this.

All in all, they are pretty much a good product for the money.

Best Multi-purpose LED Lights –  MICTUNING RV Exterior LED Porch Light




I was immediately attracted to the Mictuning RV lights because it is quite handy. It also looks sturdy and can serve various purposes. I could use them indoors, but they are more suitable for external use.

That means the Mictuning light works for RVs, cabinets, trailers, caravan, marine use, and more. You only need an intermediate handyman to get the device installed. It requires surface mounting with screws to keep them intact during travels.

Another reason I like the Mictuning is its ergonomic value. It comprises die-cast aluminum to retain its finishing for a more extended period. The choice of the heat sink is an incredible decision. That helps ensure low power consumption and better warmth.

With the anti-glare PC lens, you enjoy brighter lights, anti-corrosion, and better durability.

The IP67 waterproof also ensure protection from rain or spills. You can fix the light on the awning, porch, fence, or other exterior locations.

Good For:

Bad For:
I bought this to put on my fence which lines my driveway. I noticed a person asked how many watts is this and no one could give them an answer so I went online and found this chart which might be helpful. If this works out on my fence and I buy more then I will need to know how many watts I have total so I can buy the right size driver to power these lights.

RV Awning Lights FAQs

How Do I Add LED Lights to My RV Awnings?

Typically, the RV LED light pack should come with an easy-to-read instructional manual. That could be an excellent place to start. Read through the manual and see what the package contains. If you purchased a hanging light, then you should have less work installing it. The strip LED might require getting your hands dirty a bit, applying adhesive, and more.

To install a strip LED light, bring it out of the pack and unfold it. Next, place it on the mounting hardware. Now, use mounting clips to put the light in place for sturdiness.

For hanging lights, install rubber hooks at the two ends of the awning rails. After that, you can place the light on the hooks. If you could purchase stick clamps in place of the hooks, that would last longer.

What is a scare light on an RV?

The scare light's primary purpose is to help keep intruders away from the RV or camper facility. It functions as a floodlight. They come in different shapes, oval and circle. So, they light up the sides of the RV and provide illumination.

Some scare lights have motion detectors and could come on and off.

Recommended RecPro RV LED Awning Party Light  | Final Words

So, what’s the overall best RV awning light from the pack? Straight away, the RecPro RV Camper Motorhome White LED Awning Party Light comes top. I guess you saw that coming already.

No doubt, the RecPro light fits the fundamental need for an RV light. Of all the 5 LED lights review, the RecPro offers the brightest illumination. It is also easy to install, using adhesive, and comes with an instructional manual.

At 750 Lumen, the Mictuning RV LED light comes second place compared to RecPro 1,500 Lumen. In terms of durability, they both are great products. But the Mictuning edges the RecPro when it comes to versatility. The RecPro does better in terms of extended coverage. You would need about 2 to 3 of the Mictuning to cover the same area the RecPro would cover.

Green Longlife LED light has longer wires than the RecPro. That is 18 inches as compared to the RecPro’s 12 inches wire. But the RecPro does a better job with brighter light. If you need a colorful or decorative piece, then the Green Longlife works fine. They are both easy to install.

If you need a handy or compact low-budget RV LED light, it should be the Leisure LED exterior lights. It requires little installation, no assembling, low power consumption but limited coverage area. The RecPro does better for functionality. The RecPro covers twice the length or degree of the Leisure LED light.

The Camco Hanging festive lights are impressive for creative, colorful environments. But if what you seek is a better illumination, then you should go for the RecPro instead.

When it comes to the best RV awning lights, pricing might not be a significant consideration. The average LED light for RV doesn’t cost so much. However, whatever influences your choice, you need sturdy, durable, and bright lights.

If you could spend a little more, you could opt for a bright light like the RecPro. Then to spice things up a bit in the RV, you could purchase one of the colorful options. After all, there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit more sunshine to the rainbows.