What are the Top 5 Best RV Cabinets in 2021?

What is the best RV cabinet for your camping needs this 2021? No doubt, cabinets are excellent requirements for your RV. They help you manage space effectively within the RV. They also make it easier to keep items in specific location. 

So, what are the 5 best RV cabinets for 2021?

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 Our Top 5 Picks

Best Storage Capacite

Best For Storage Capacite

Best Innovative Cabinet

Best RV Aluminum Cabinet

Best on Budget Cabinet

Best RV Cabinets in 2021

Best RV Lightweight Cabinets – Small Storage Corner  Cabinet

rv storage cabinets


rv storage cabinets


Small Bathroom cabinet is one of my favorite for RVing. It may be small but it can fit in a little of several bathroom accessories. First, it can hold your paper or hand towel. You could also place your phone conveniently on the top of the cabinet.

Since it is free standing, you can fit it into a small space in your RV. It has dimensions of 5.9 x 6.7 x 31.4 inches. Although, the Small Bathroom comprises of plastic but it offers impressive quality. So, it can stand firm without a fall.

With the cabinet door and lock, it becomes easier to keep your bathroom supplies intact. That means, you can have your shampoo, paper towels, deodorant and more.

The internal part of the cabinet has a removable shelf, and two other compartments. So, you can store up 4 paper rolls in the middle cabinet.

With Small Bathroom comprises of eco-friendly PCV foam board. Don’t worry about it absorbing water as it is moisture-proof, and water-proof. Due to the quality of material, the cabinet is durable. So, it doesn’t fade, non-toxic and odorless.

Good For:

Bad For:

Was very easy to put together. About 5-8 minutes total time. All of the pieces simply snap into place and then the screws are added to make it more stable with a firm feeling. Great for having in a small bathroom with no storage for extra TP and cleaning supplies. As pictured.

Best For Storage Capacite Furinno Multipurpose Storage Cabinet





The Furinno 11156 is one of my most impressive cabinet due to its storage space. Also, I like the dark walnut color because it looks appealing. Dark walnut color blends perfectly with other furniture within my RV.

So, the Furinno 11156 gives me enough room, 4 chambers to stores up item. Also, the 2 side open chamber can take on more items. At dimensions of 33.1 x 23.6 x 11.8 inches it fits well beside my sofa.

Since, it comes with 4 legs, the cabinet fits well and remains sturdy even on bumpy rides. It has enough strength to also carry slightly bulky items on top. But I prefer placing my phones, tablet and books when reading. You could choose placing your TV set, flower or any other decoration on top.

But, if you choose to use it as a kitchen cabinet, you sure have enough space to store up cutlery.

Using a walnut woven leather cover on the chamber also adds to the aesthetic value of the piece.

Good For:

Bad For:

I feel like some of the reviews on this are kind of off. I recently moved into my first house and this was the first piece of furniture I’ve ever put together by myself. No pieces were missing (in fact there were extra pieces), the assembly instructions weren’t difficult to understand, and nothing was scratched or scraped upon delivery. This is a great piece for someone buying starter furniture.

The only reason why I don’t give it 5 stars is because I had to buy additional tools (a hammer, pliers, construction glue, and screw drivers), but that’s only because I didn’t already have a good set of tools for the house. It took me about an hour to put together. It’s very sturdy and I’m excited to finally have furniture in my new room!

Best For Innovative Cabinet Concept – Signature Design by Ashley Table





Another brilliant support tool for your hose is this one here. Very efficient, it keeps your hose elevated off the ground from your RV to the dump station, creating a slide downhill to speed up the processes.

It comes with 6 independent troughs that cradle the sewer hose to keep it in place, 24 stakes to make it adjustable for required height and for more stability. Each section is about 30-inch with 4 stakes to support up to 20 feet of sewer hose. The support cradle can be elevated up to 10-inches off of the ground. It can be set up to uneven terrains, make turns to avoid obstacles in the way, or go over a curb. So efficient when dealing with hard, rough surfaces and hills.

When in none use, the drain support can be easily stacked one on another to nest together for simple easy storage, also comes with a bag to put the stakes inside and store them alongside.

This product gives you more liberty with different types of hose. It’s very well built to guarantee balance and security during use.

Good For:

Bad For:
This product is awesome..
Love the idea of pur hose not sitting on ground. The “slinky” hose supports were not holding up and were breaking down.
This allows the hose to be away from weedeaters and avoiding holes.

Best RV Aluminum Cabinet Kohler Frameless Aluminum Cabinet




Kohler aluminum bathroom cabinet offers several exciting benefits for organizing your accessories. First, it helps you manage the limited RV space. And that’s because the cabinet is a wall mount cabinet.

You get to store up all accessories the way you prefer using the available three chambers. So, your paper towel, shampoo, hair clipper, deodorant and more becomes easy to access anytime.

Using anodized aluminum in the construction adds to the beauty of the cabinet. It further enhances the appearance of your RV bathroom area. Also, using aluminum material increases the durability plus it chip and rust free.

The cabinet has mirror on the exterior of the door and rear of the cabinet. With that, you don’t need a mirror stand. So, you can open the cabinet to 108 degrees to access your hair clipper. Or maybe you prefer shaving sticks? Whichever, the Kohler mirror will help you shave your beards with ease.

Using tempered glass also make it a durable piece.

Good For:

Bad For:
I’ve never bought anything from an Amazon 2nd seller before, but dannnnnng. It arrived faster than Amazon prime deleivers. Item was PERFECT! And wow does it look good. This is a weird size and from HD or Lowe’s wanted $300 for a plastic POS. This thing is high end looking. Can’t be happier

Best on Budget Multi-Purpose Cabinet – Tangkula Bathroom RV Cabinet


rv with white cabinets-Tangkula-Bathroom-Medicine-Cabinet


Tangkula presents a 2-tier wall mounted storage cabinet beautified with mirror and wood for your RV. What makes it one of my favorite is due to its compact size. The Tangkula cabinet can into your kitchen, bathroom or restroom to help keep things organized.

Placing it in the bathroom means you do not need additional mirrors anymore. Yes, for a double mirrored door, you could shave or makeup from either axis. Also, you can better organize all your bathroom accessories. That means one location to manage the limited RV space.

The Tangkula cabinet uses a well-hidden handle for easy opening and closing. With such well-concealed handle you can minimize stains or scratches on the mirror surface.

Using a glossy UV board increases the level of resistance to crack and scratch. With a standard P2 MDF solid base, your cabinet remains sturdy during and after installation.

Good For:

Bad For:

Looks nice, but absolutely RIDICULOUS putting together. Directions are pictures. Go figure. Made in China. Has the California p65 warning (formaldehyde). Not the biggest issue for me, but still- good to know.It’s heavy so costs a lot to ship, so they don’t want you to return it.

Currently, this second my husband is picking up where I left off…the last step (mounting the mirror piece on). You have to screw 8 screws in per side and then these other 4 little pre screwed things may or may not line up for you. I’m a medical professional. I do a lot of projects in the house. I wouldn’t recommend this. It’s a cuss filled piece. Should have spent more for an already assembled one.

Having anxiety that when I touch this one it’ll fall apart. Cause that’s all it’s done since I started with it at 1 pm….It’s now 340.
Husband just came out and said “crappy instructions”. We are not anti-China products either btw.

UPDATE: I initially gave this two stars because I was so frustrated with the assembly.
But I’m changing it to FOUR + stars because of how good it looks. It makes up for it. So if you read above, you can feel the tone. But it’s soooo good looking. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Recommended Signature Design by Ashley Table| Final Words

Now, what’s the best RV cabinet from the list? Our top cabinet for RV is the Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table. Why? The Signature design can fit perfectly into a small RV space.

Besides serving that purpose, it can take up a lot of items. Don’t forget that it can serve your technology needs. Small Bathroom cabinet is an impressive cabinet but you might have to limit its use to the bathroom. Also, it’s not so sturdy enough in an open space.

Furinno Andrey cabinet should have been a great competition to the Signature design. It has more chambers than the Signature design. But, the Furinno cannot compare to the Signature in terms of quality.

Kohler K-CB aluminum cabinet would be great for the bathroom or mounted on the wall. However, it requires a bit more effort to install unlike the signature. Also, you can move the Signature around but not the Kohler K-CB.

Tangkula 2-tier wall mounted cabinet is more impressive for your kitchen and bathroom space management. But you can get more done with the Signature at last.

Picking the best RV cabinet might not look like rocket science. But making the right choice will depend on the purpose. Some of the above RV cabinet will fit a specific need, like a bathroom cabinet. Others can serve multi-purpose need. Whichever cabinet you go for, you can’t get it wrong.