Our 5 Highest Rated RV Chairs

There’s nothing as exciting as having the right RV chairs for your camping trip. Yes, you could sit on the lawn, rocks, and more. But there are times you require a comfy seat.

That’s when you need an easy to carry, durable, and relaxing RV camping chair.

RV camping chairs are sleek, comfortable, durable, easy to assemble. They also come in various designs and shades. You don’t need something that puts a hole in your pocket or out of this world.

This article looks at some versatile, impressive, comfy, cozy, and budget-friendly RV chairs 2021.

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 Our Top 5 Picks

Best Versatile RV Chair

Best for Sunshade RV Chair

Best On Budget RV Chair

Best Multiple RV Chair

Best Minimalist RV Chair

Best RV Chair

Best Versatile RV Chair – KingCamp Heavy Duty Compact Camping Chair





The KingCamp RV chair presents an exciting blend of relaxation chairs and a side-table for refreshment. So, if you are looking for comfort and entertainment, then it’s the KingCamp.

It is a portable and durable chair. And that’s what makes it suitable for your RV. The rich blend of black, metallic grey, and mesh adds to its aesthetic value. Using reinforced mesh for the backrest and bottom makes it even more appealing.

Using a padded armrest and breathable 600D Oxford fabric increases the comfort. Also, it is water-resistant. For a heavy-duty chair with a rugged steel frame, the KingCamp is durable.

Another thing that makes the KingCamp more exciting is the side table with a cup holder. So, you can have your tea or chilled drinks indoors. But if you prefer more natural scenery, then you can go outdoors. You do remember the chair is collapsible and portable, don’t you?


Good For:

Bad For:
Very sturdy chair. Easy to open, easy to close, and easy to transport. The seat is higher than other types of chairs, which is nice for me. If I had any complaints, and these are minor, it is a heavier chair than I have carried before, and due to its design, it isn’t a chair to lug around for long distances. I would like to have either the opportunity to choose to have the table on the left side (me being left handed), or have tables on both sides.

Best for Sunshade RV Chair – Gymax Canopy Camping Chair





When you genuinely need to enjoy the outdoor camping events, then Gymax Canopy chair it is! I went out shopping for a wheel choke and electric tongue for my motorhome. Then, I spotted the Gymax canopy chair. It was too tempting to say no. More so, seeing the affordable price, I had no choice but to add it to my list as my budget could cover it.

I must say the Gymax Canopy is an exciting addition to my RV camping experience. It has some of the more impressive features I could have on a single chair. For an outdoor camping experience, it is a superb addition.

I also ordered a second chair for my partner. When at a camping location, we take the chairs to the open to get a full view of the scenery. With the canopy, you can block off any ray of sunlight from your face.

Also, don’t forget it is foldable. So, it doesn’t take up much space or cause any inconvenience in the RV. If we have to take a brief walk from the RV, the additional carry bag makes it easier to stock up some items and go farther to have fun.

Good For:

Bad For:

Since purchasing our RV we have noted many people using sewer hose supports while at various parks. When I was in the market for a new hose decided to splurge and purchase a sewer hose support as well and I am very glad I did.

As anyone who RV’s knows when you empty the tanks at the end of your vacation it isn’t much fun having to lift the hose up to ensure that all the matter inside has drained out or worse yet thinking the hose is empty then moving it only to end up with shoes covered in nasties.
This sewer hose support will see an end to those worries.

The support is made out of plastic and is very easy to set up and take down. After removing the orange holder I set it under the sewer connector on the RV and then gently pulled it out until it reached the park sewer connection.

Once in place I then lifted the hose onto the support and ensured it was sitting securely, I could see at this time that my sewer hose was angled in a natural downward slopping manner towards the park sewer connection.

At the end of our vacation I opened the black tank and waited while it drained out, with the sewer hose support in place everything moved through the hose very quickly and without leaving anything stuck in the hose.

Following I flushed out the grey tank and again was so very happy to stand and be able to see that everything was draining out and I didn’t have to lift it to clear any obstructions.

Once the tanks had been completed drained detached the hose and was so happy to not have any nasties dripping out the end.

The support folds up easily just by folding it into itself, I agree with other reviews the orange plastic holder caused me some problems when trying to secure it to the support.

However when I arrived home I found that like the hose support the orange keeper is also has a tall end and short end, if you take the time to look at it and ensure that the short end is placed over the short end of the support you won’t have any trouble using it to keep the support together when not in use.

Only taken this out on one trip so far but it really is worth the money I paid for it and I’m hoping it stands up to use over time, should it be necessary I will update my review.

Best On Budget Synthetic RV Chair – Coleman Chair





Coleman Chair provides a lovely addition to your outdoor camping experience. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to acquire one.

The Coleman RV chair offers far more value than the money’s worth. It’s the ideal chair for your outdoor events. You can sit by the motorhome, by the beach, or out on a picnic with loved ones.

It might not be too appropriate for a really tall person. Well, only if you need the backrest reaching your neck region. However, you could sit just fine. But the Coleman is an advantage for a bigger person due to the large seats.

No worries about the weight, as the seat can do a great job. Also, it comprises solid steel frame legs. And that should take up as much as 600 pounds of weight.

There are several other intriguing features in the Coleman RV chair. One is the impressive Cell-Port water-resistant sleeve for storing your smartphone. You could also hold up other electronic devices in there to avoid a spill on them.

Coleman chair has this innovative seat drain system that collects and empty standing water. Now, isn’t that interesting?

Good For:

Bad For:
I am a damned big guy. I weigh 474 pounds and finding somewhere to sit at friends houses or at outdoor functions is a nightmare. When I saw this chair and the price I was skeptical about its quality.
But I can happily report that it has met or exceeded my expectations at every step. Its pretty damned comfortable for sitting strait up to about 1 hour. After that the bar at the front of the seat gets a smidge uncomfortable. However, with a small cushion over that bar I could sit in it all day.

Best Multiple Features RV Chair – Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Chair



Do you need a genuinely multifunctional RV chair? Then the Best Choice Product should be your best RV chair.

First, Best Choice offers incredible ergonomic value with zero gravity. The removable elastic cords help increase your comfort level. The cord makes it easier to adjust the chairs to suit your body weight and shape. Since it has a lockable mechanism, it can stay-put at each adjusted level.

Another exciting perk for the Best Choice is that it comes as a set of two.
Here’s an exciting opportunity for a couple’s outdoor camping event. For lightweight, portable RV chairs, it shouldn’t pose any challenge carrying them around.

When outdoor, enjoy cool drinks, keep your phone or tablet handy using the removable tray. Yes, the Best Choice comes with a removable tray. It comprises two cupholders, a tablet rest, and a phone mount.

Good For:

Bad For:

We got these in the mail about 2 weeks ago. Took them both out of the box and they are quite heavy for me.
After seeing other bad reviews on here about parts of the chair being rusted or bolts or screws not tightened, I went over these chairs with a fine tooth comb. There was NO rust or lose scews or bolts.

My husband is over 6 ft and weighs about 250 lbs. He fit into his chair comfortably. No bending of the legs of the chair or anything of the sort.

Now we will be taking them camping to the coast. We know they will start to show rust. The best way to keep this from happening too soon we spray Free lubricant on the working parts or metal parts. Also wash the chairs off good of any salt water or sand. Then spray them again with Free lubricant or wd40. It will help any metal frame chair to last longer.

I bought a chair from big lots to take out on the beach for 20 bucks. I do the same with that chair with the lubricant spray and its been down to the gulf on the beach for the last 3 years. It has no rust on it yet.

Great chairs for the price. And they DO come with cup holders if that is important for some people.
Thr material is made of strong mesh that doesn’t feel cheap at all. The frame seems very sturdy. Photos enclosed with this review.

Best Minimalist RV Camping Chair –  Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table




Coleman Camp has a tradition of manufacturing exquisite designs. The Coleman Camp chair presents a minimalist RV camping chair with the basics of everything.

One of the best ways to describe the chair is cute and classic. In all of it, you get a sturdy charm made with aluminum frames. If you weigh 225 lbs. or less then, this is the RV chair for you.

Since it has a cushioned backrest and padded armrest, you should sit comfortably. And for a foldable RV chair, your camping experience should be more fun. Why? Coleman Camp chair has two cloth handles for carrying the chair around. So, when you decide to have a picnic or beach-side event, it’s easy to take to everywhere.

When in outdoors, the weather-resistant fabric help preserve the chair. That’s when the side table with a cupholder becomes handy. Now, you can pour yourself some juice, tea, or drink.

Good For:

Bad For:
 I read a lot of the reviews before I bought these chairs. I checked FakeSpot which gave the reviews a solid A rating.
I ordered 6 of the chairs to use on my balcony to watch 4th of July fireworks with friends. Only 3 arrived in time but that’s another story (UPS problem, not Amazon).
The chairs were really easy to set up – pretty much you just open them up. It took more time to remove the tags than it did to open the chairs. They are comfortable. The seat doesn’t sag the way the chairs in a bag do – and that means that sitting down and getting up for this old overweight guy was really easy.
That alone makes these chairs worth their weight in gold to me. The side table works great and meant that each person had their own place to sit their drinks and food. The cup holder held everything including wine glasses. Bottom line? Great chairs that really do live up to the great reviews.

RV Sewer Hose Support FAQs

Are the different types of RV Camping Chairs?

Yes. Each chair comes with specific need-based designs.

Standard camping chairs
They offer the basic features you desire in an RV camping chair. Features include foldable, water-resistant, storage space, etc.

Multiple seaters
Some come as two or three-in-one. So you and a loved one can sit together for bonding.

Cooler chairs
The Cooler chair presents a lightweight RV chair with an insulation system for storing drinks.

Can you use regular chair as an RV Chair?

RV usually offers limited space. You also want to be sure to carry all required items. RV chair manufacturers take into consideration the specific needs of an RV. So, using a regular chair might not offer the benefits desired. But, if you find a suitable chair that meets your requirement, why not.

How Do RV Chairs Work?

RV chairs do almost the same thing as regular chairs. But since you might need to take them outdoors often, they offer a bit more. So, you should be able to fold the chair, assemble and dissemble with ease.

Also, for easy carriage, they should be light and meet some other storage needs.

Why Do I need RV Chairs?

Motorhomes offer tiny spaces for living and all. If you must maximize the space effectively, you need a space-saving gadget. If your RV chair is not collapsible and space-efficient, carrying and storing might become a challenge.

RV camping chairs possess several unique features. So, it becomes easier to use them at picnic and camping sites with loved ones. RV camping chairs offer more reliability and safety since they are purpose-built.

How do you clean and take care of a folding Chair?

Cleaning the RV camping chair is one way to keep it looking neat. But it would be best if you did it the right way to remain durable. Here are tips for cleaning the RV chair:

Get a clean wet towel.

Use the towel to wipe off any dirt or grease on the fabric.

Suppose you have stubborn stains, put clean water in a bowl and add mild soap into it. After that, dip the towel into the soapy water and apply pressure when wiping the surface.

Place the towel on running water to rinse off the soap. Use a dry cloth to dab the surface of the chair.

If it is a paint stain, carefully use a thinner to scrape off the paint.

In your search for the best RV chair 2021, the above selection should make an impressive list. But your budget and taste will determine the final pick of the five choices. In all, durability and functions should be your primary focus. Have an incredible camping experience!

Recommended Camco Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support | Final Words

So, what’s the best RV chair for camping?

Coleman Chair Company Big-N-Tall Quad Tan/Brown is arguably the best RV chair in the block. It is classic and well-fitted, with almost everything you need for an exciting camping experience. You can keep the electronic device handy, hold up your tea or drinks with the two cup holders. Besides, it has enough space for a plus-size person while carrying the weight effectively. It carries up to a 600-pound weight capacity. The KingCamp Heavy Duty Compact Camping Chair offers equally impressive features. You might be a bit confused trying to choose between the two.

However, If you are on a lower budget, then the Coleman Chair wins. Besides, the Coleman chair can hold up more weight than the KingCamp. Coleman also has a water draining system and a pouch for storing electronic devices.

If you need something that would block off the sunlight, then solve that problem for you. Unfortunately, the sunscreen is the only feature that stands the Gymax Canopy out from the Coleman. But you might have to spend a little more bucks if you settle for the Gymax.

Best Choice Products 160 adjustable back and feet rest is an innovative concept even the Coleman chair does not possess. It also has a detachable side tray. These features should have marked the end of the Coleman chair but for some quality and defective issues. The Best Choice low-quality frames that go rust with time is a significant drawback. Therefore, it does not stand a chance when compared to the high-quality the Coleman represents.

I could almost see a tie between the Coleman Big N Tall Quad and the Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table. They both have impressive and similar features. The only thing is that each item takes on a different pattern or appearance. The Camp Chair comes with a conspicuous side table but not the Big N Tall. But they both perform the same function.

However, the tables turn in favor of the Big N Tall because it can take on twice as much weight as the Camp Chairside table. Big N Tall comprises a steel frame, unlike the Camp Chair aluminum frame. After all, it is for the Big N Tall! Camp Chair does not have an electronic device storage bag too.