Our 5 Highest Rated RV Covers

RV covers are highly recommended to keep your RV in good condition.

It’s also beneficial to help lengthen the life of your RV.

When you decide to sell your camper, you will have a higher chance of letting it go due to its good condition.

With that in mind, let’s go over the best RV covers to take into consideration.

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 Our Top 5 Picks

Goldline 5 Wheel RV Covers

Camco Supreme RV Cover

OOFIT Trailer RV Cover

RVMasking 5th Wheel Cover

SavvyCraft Class C RV Cover

Best RV Covers in 2022

Editor’s Pick-Goldline RV Covers


Good For:

The straps included for this cover is what makes this cover special.

They are placed at the front of the RV to pull for a snug fit.

Zippers are also placed on the side for easy access to your RV.

To prevent wear and tear, it is completely made of polyester material.

This fabric also includes a UV inhibitor to prevent sun damage.The film prevents moisture and mildew due to the breath-ability of the cover.

Zippers are specially located for easy access.

Some of the 5th Wheel RV’s it support are:

– The Alpine
– Americana RV
– Coachmen
– Coleman
– Dynamax
– Evergreen
– Forest River
– Gulf Stream Coach
– Heartland
– Jayco
– Winnebago

Bad For:

The obvious downside of the Goldline RV Covers is its price.After doing research on the cover, the price did not live up to the quality.

There were customers stating that the top of the cover easily ripped because of the climate in southern Nevada.

We mentioned the fit earlier which is fairly good. Yet, one mentioned that the straps at the top don’t secure well, and the buckles do not hold the straps.

This cover does not live up to the price when compared to other options for a 5th wheel camper.

Best RV for Travel Trailers – Camco Ultraguard RV Cover


Good For:

This cover is a top choice for travel trailers.

Camco Ultraguard is also durable and water resistant.

UV protection on this cover will prevent fading and any damage on graphics on RV.

Along with it being made with non woven polypropylene, it is made with DuPonta Tyvek for durability.

For a nice lockdown, there is a strap system under the RV to provide a secure fit for any Travel Trailer camper.

Bad For:

For the Camco Ultraguard RV Cover, I couldn’t find any downsides after doing research.

There are a couple of complaints about it ripping, but overall, a good product at its price point.

Most Affordable RV Cover – OOFIT Travel Trailer Cover


Good For:

The OOFIT Travel Trailer cover is budget friendly, and is a nice starter if you don’t like a lot of options.

Despite the cost, the overall ratings for this product are well.

You can’t argue that the affordability of the cover is a plus compared to other brands.

This is also considered heavy duty to protect from extreme climates such as sun damage, snow and rain.

Bad For:

The OOFIT Travel Trailer Cover has mixed reviews.

There are customers that felt as though it was a great product, and there were others that felt the material was cheap.

With mixed reviews, I suggest taking advantage of their warranty.

If one is provided, make sure to use it as soon as you run into any issues with the cover.

Best RV cover for 5th wheel campers Cover – RVMasking RV Cover


Good For:

The top panel is made with thick non woven fabric to protect from the sun.

Cover has double stitched seams for longevity, and it makes it harder to tear.

The many straps that are included for this RV cover makes it more windproof than any other cover.

Easy installation makes this a top choice.And the many vents for this cover prevents moisture from getting trapped.

Bad For:

Let’s discuss the RVMasking Heavy Duty 5 Layers 5th Wheel.

I couldn’t find any downsides for this one as well.Nothing but praise and high ratings for this cover.

Customers love the fit and durability of this cover.

Best RV Cover for the Class C Campers SavvyCraft Class C  Camper Cover


Good For:

This cover also comes with a 1 year warranty.The price tag beats the competition for these campers.

This would be the perfect starter to buy.

This RV cover includes adjustable panels and elastic hem corners for a custom fit.

Bad For:

Cheap, cheap, cheap was all I came across on this RV cover.

Low ratings and expectations if you are considering this item for your camper.

Final Words

I hope this review article helped you in any way in your buying decision for a RV cover.

Many details were provided to help save you time and research for the best RV cover for your camper.

You may notice that each link directs you to Amazon which is the largest marketplace for RV covers.