Our 5 Highest Rated RV Fire Extinguisher

What’s the best RV fire extinguisher, and why should you care? Now that you have chosen RVing or the camper’s lifestyle, the motorhome is your new home. Well, at least for as long as you travel.

Therefore, the smart choice is to own a fire extinguisher. NFPA codes require you to hold at least one fire extinguisher. So, why not give yourself the best fire extinguisher before everything goes up in flames.

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 Our Top 5 Picks

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Best Fire Disaster

Best Lightweight

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Best Home Standard

Best RV Fire Extinguisher



Amerex dry chemical extinguisher comes from a trusted brand with an incredible reputation. That already counts in favor of the Amerex B417T. What you get is a small compact fire extinguisher suitable for tiny spaces. That makes it even more ideal for your RV.

The Amerex dry chemical extinguisher comprises of ABC range of chemicals. So, it can take care of any range of fire disasters, relating to live-electric (C), liquid (B), and combustible fire (A).

With an aluminum valve, trigger, and pin, you have a more potent product to use. That guarantees the pin won’t break like the plastic alternatives.

But it has a noticeable drawback. The B417T has a slightly higher price than other compact fire extinguishers in its league. Still, you won’t have to break the bank to purchase the Amerex B417T. However, it compensates with higher quality in the end. And that’s one thing I have loved about the B417T by Amerex for over a decade now.

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Best Fire Disaster Range RV Fire Extinguisher –Amerex Class A B C Fire Extinguisher


Amerex B402 increases your safety against fire when RVing. In as little as 14 seconds, you can have a blast of dry chemicals into the fire. And off it goes!

What makes it even more impressive is that the Amerex B402 combats three categories of fire incidence. Amerex kills ordinary combustible fires under class A. Second, it eliminates fire originating from liquid under class B. And fire as a result of electrical equipment fire incidences.

A fire extinguisher is a device that should last for several years. Amerex extinguisher comprises a metal valve on an aluminum valve. That means you get a durable fire extinguisher to give you value for your money.

With the wall bracket, you can easily keep it hanging. And when there’s a fire incidence, you can quickly release the pin for a blast.

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Best Lightweight Fire Extinguisher –Kidde Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher 



Kidde FA110 presents a multi-purpose fire extinguisher to keep the fire away from your RV experience. The gauge at the top helps you see the current status of the extinguisher. You can tell when the extinguisher appears charged, awaiting any fire hazard. Simply pull the safety pin to put out the fire.

The good thing is that Kidde FA110 can deal with three broad categories of fire under the ABC code. So, kidde takes care of combustible fire class A and liquid related fire under class B. The third is any fire-related to live electrical conditions for Class C.

You can use the extinguisher in your motorhome when RVing and at home if necessary. But that gives you more benefits from one device.

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Best For Low-budget & Small Fire Extinguisher –FIRST ALERT Fire Extinguisher



The First Alert fire extinguisher offers you a pro-RV extinguisher. That also means the manufacturers considered your specific need. How about cost? The First Alert is a low-budget fire extinguisher, so you don’t go breaking the bank.

Next, the First Alert is portable enough to hang on strategic locations in your RV without creating a space problem. The safety pin also has a seal to avoid accidental discharge. But it’s easy to release when it is time to use.

Although the device comprises metal construction, it is also corrosion-resistant. That makes it even more durable and can last for more extended periods without use.

The bracket and strap make hanging the fire extinguisher easier. However, I usually prefer metal brackets and not plastic. Metal can hold more weight and last longer.

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The Best Home Standard For Motorhome- First Alert Rechargeable Fire Extinguisher



First Alert FE1A10GR195 offers the standard home fire extinguisher for your RV. It comes with a metal gauge and safety pin to give a sturdy and durable experience. That should last longer than the plastic alternatives by other brands.

When it’s time to fight fires, the First Alert FE1A10GR195 will take out most fires. And that includes combustible (A), liquid (B), and live electrical fires (C). So, even if for paper, wood, oil, gasoline, and electrical fires, the First Alert comes to the rescue.

Since it is a rechargeable fire extinguisher, you can always refill it anytime the can is empty. With the metal pin, you can easily pull and avert a fire disaster. But it also keeps the can safe from a discharge.

The First Alert uses a corrosion-resistant cylinder to preserve the device. That ensures your extinguisher stays for long without issues.

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Recommended Amerex B417T| Final Words

So, our top pick for the best RV fire extinguisher is the Amerex Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher – B417T.

Yes, the Amerex B417T is about $10 to $15 more expensive than those in the same range. But you get higher value for your money. It comes with an aluminum valve and pins to offer more durability.

Amerex B417T offers more value compared to the plastic or aerosol stuff. Amerex is also small enough to fit under the seat or mount without obstructions.

Kidde FA110 is an excellent product with all the qualities of a fire extinguisher. But it has defective issues plus uses plastic handles which are not durable enough.

The First Alert is an incredible product for RV, compatible and easy to use. It also is one of the affordable products on the list. But the plastic bracket and lowest UL rating is a minus when compared to the Amerex B417T.

Both First Alert products (including the FE1A10GR195) seem to have defective issues. That puts it some steps behind the Amerex B417T.

Only the Amerex B402 seems to compete squarely with the Amerex B417T. It’s like a case of a person competing against himself or herself. Yes, after all, they both belong to the same company, known for incredible products.

But I wonder where the company got it wrong with the B402 dues to some defective issues. And that gives the Amerex B417T all the upper hand for quality. It also stands out for effectiveness in dealing with fire disasters.

The United States Fire Administration (USFA) reported about 3,700 RV fire incidences in 2018. Incidence of such resulted in about 15 deaths, 100 injuries, and $58,000 financial losses. So, don’t make your family or RV investment a part of the statistics.