Our 5 Highest Rated RV Macerator Pump

After owning an RV for more than five years, the biggest issue I have faced involves sewerage disposal. Septic system issues are fairly common amongst motorhome owners. There is no product that suits all.

After trying a few different RV sewerage system components, I came across macerator pumps. An RV macerator pump immediately solved my sewerage problems after I installed one.

If you are struggling to find a sewerage solution, you should read this article. We will provide you with five of the best RV macerator pump options available right now.

The best macerator pumps will grind up solid waste efficiently. This will enable the waste to easily move from your rig and into the disposal location at an RV park or at home.

Have a look at the five macerator pumps that we have reviewed. Hopefully, you will get an idea of which is the best option for you and your motorhome.

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Best RV Macerator Pump


The best overall macerator on our list of reviewed items is the Flojet 12 VDC portable device. This portable macerator connects directly to the RV waste outlet. Connecting a portable device to an outlet eliminates much of the hassle RV owners face when emptying their sewer systems.

Do you often visit RV parks and campgrounds with difficult disposal sites? If so, this pump will work wonders for you. The portable Flojet device allows users to dump waste at greater distances. It also enables motorhome owners to dispose of waste at their houses.

You will need to connect the portable Flojet to your rig and to your home sewerage pipe, and it will dispose of the macerated waste easily and quickly. If you’re anything like me, you will certainly want to operate your macerator pump from a safe distance.

With this device, you can do that with its handy on-off switch. Essentially the switch allows you to control its progress from a distance. The motor on the Flojet grinds up solid waste to an eighth of an inch. It does this by utilizing durable stainless steel blades, which is impressive.

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Best Value For MoneyAmarine Made RV Macerator Pump


If you have a smaller RV and are looking for a portable macerator pump, the Amarine Made self-priming macerator might be worth considering. This pump is also one of the best options for those on a budget. It is also ideal for those who only take part in part-time or seasonal RV camping.

This macerator pump’s unique and durable four-bladed design ensures all waste is ground up efficiently and thoroughly. I was impressed with this pump as I did not expect such a small RV macerating pump to have a flow rate of 12 gallons a minute. This is a swift disposal rate that ensures users don’t spend hours cleaning out their sewerage tanks.

With such a fast disposal rate, you might expect the device to overheat easily. This is not the case as the Amarine Made macerator comes with a thermo limiting feature. This feature protects its internal motor from overheating and breaking. As the device is portable, you can easily attach and remove it from your motorhome’s septic outlet.

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Best LightweightSeaflo  Macerator Pump


Should you want a lightweight RV macerator pump for your sewerage system, you may want to have a look at the Seaflo 12V pump device. This macerator pump weighs less than six pounds, making it ideal for small motorhomes sewerage systems. Despite its lightweight and compact appearance, the Seaflo 12V compares well with the competition.

It compares well because it can dispose of up to 12 gallons per minute. Other macerator pumps might overheat with such a fast disposal rate but not the Seaflo 12V. I was hugely impressed with the fact that this macerator pump can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yet, what makes it different from other pump macerators , is its anti-clogging feature. With this feature, you don’t need to fret about getting your hands dirty as the device unclogs any issues it faces itself. Additionally, this pump’s design resists damage. The Seaflo macerator pump design includes O-ring sealed end bells.

This ensures minimum damage occurs to the device’s interior and exterior. Finally, this product is more affordable than other similar models available on the market currently.

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Easiest To UseShurflo Macerator Pump


Those who have bigger motorhomes often prefer permanent macerator pumps for their sewerage system. I have a larger rig and have a permanent macerator pump installed with my sewerage system.

Permanent macerator pumps are the easiest to use as you only have to install them once, and they will get the job done. The Shurflo 3200 001 macerator pump has a reputation for being one of the best options on the market because it is one of the easiest to use.

This pump hardly ever has any issues with pumping out your waste at a disposal site. This is primarily thanks to the dual-bladed design that eliminates pumping issues. The Shurflo 3200 001 has a durable seamless shell coated motor and a centrifugal inlet port along with a run-dry capability.

Additionally, this macerator pump can dispose of up to 13 gallons of waste from your sewerage system per minute. You also don’t need to worry about the device overheating, as the run dry feature we mentioned earlier will prevent that from happening.

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Permanent motorhome macerator pumps are incredibly convenient. They save RV owners a lot of time. Have you been wondering what the best permanent macerator pump is for both small and large rigs? You will be pleased to learn of the Jabsco self-priming permanent macerator pump, if you have been wondering.

This pump has an impressive self-priming capability of up to five feet. That means that it can empty a 30-gallon waste sewerage system in less than three minutes. This is a convenient feature as most of us don’t like waste long in  disposal when we are on holiday.

The Jabsco pump is genuinely one of the best permanent pump fixtures primarily because of its four-bladed design. The four-bladed design is not typical for permanent macerator pumps. These blades finely destroy all solid waste. This makes the entire disposal process even faster when combined with the self-priming feature.

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Recommended Flojet Portable Macerator Pump | Final Words

After reviewing these five RV macerator pumps, I firmly believe the Flojet Portable 12 VDC to be the best macerator pump. The Flojet is easy to install and use because of its portable design. If you don’t want to commit to a permanent fixture in your motorhome, this model will be ideal for you.

The Flojet can dispose of waste from longer distances than all the other models on our list. It also shreds solid waste much smaller than many other RV pump macerators with its four blades.

Additionally, this model is durable with a stainless steel shaft. The stainless steel ensures it will stand the test of time. What makes this model stand out most is its freshwater rinsing capabilities.

You won’t find yourself getting your hands dirty with this feature. Nor will you have to spend hours cleaning standard macerator ribbed pump hoses. Furthermore, the easy on and off switch allows users to control the device from a distance.

This further limits their contact with the motorhome’s waste and sewerage system. This macerator pump could be the best RV sewerage system investment you make.