Our 5 Highest Rated RV Sleeper Sofa

What’s the best Toy Hauler Sleeper sofa? There’s nothing as exhilarating as having a comfy sleeper sofa in your motorhome.

An exciting Toy Hauler sofa bed comes in different shades or design. They can serve as a couch or a bed. However, they should offer a taste of class, style, and top-notch quality without breaking the bank. Ultimately, your reliable sleeper sofa comes robust, multi-functional, soft, and inviting!

So, from the long list of Toy Hauler sleeper sofa beds, which should be your top pick? Let’s find out!

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 Our Top 5 Picks

Pearington Mia Sofa Bed

Thomas Payne Toy Hauler Sofa

Thomas Payne 65''Sleeper

RecPro 70'' Sleeper Sofa

River Modern Toy Hauler Sofa

Best Toy Hauler Sleeper Sofas

Best On-Budget Sleeper Sofa Pearington Mia Sofa Bed


Are you looking for an affordable but high-quality sleeper sofa? Then it must be the Pearington Mia sofa. I call the Pearington Mia a comfy and simply cool sleeper sofa.

Besides being pocket-friendly, the Pearington Mia offers three adjustable positions. The three extra storage bed feature is another Pearington plus. It means you have more space for storing items in a limited motorhome. Now, you sleep or sit comfortably, plus store up your quilt or blankets nicely.

You can prop up yourself or hold the throw pillows when relaxing. That’s why the Pearington is relaxing. It comprises high-quality polyester, futon microfiber sofa, and foam to guarantee long-lasting usage. The hardwood frame also ensures it is durable and can carry your weight.

However, one drawback you might encounter is assembling the unit. That’s because the sleeper sofa fixing process is a bit complicated.

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Best Stylish and Classy Sleeper Sofa – Thomas Payne Sleeper Sofa


The Thomas Payne 380400 presents a stylish and comfortable sleeper sofa for your relaxation. The great news is that even your 5th Wheeler will thank you for this purchase.

It has an appeal and a feel that gets you wanting to lie down or sit on the 380400. There’s so much to appreciate in the 380400. The choice of a rough but cool top contrasting stitches makes it impressive. Even if you have limited space, the 380400 bed’s base can serve as storage space.

It’s called a Tri-fold Toy Hauler sleeper sofa because of the multiple functions. You could sit through a movie. And the next minutes, you decide to push down and stretch out the couch. What you have next is a comfy bed to say good night.

There’s not so much to assemble after purchase. So, in a few minutes, you can assemble and start sailing away!

And because it is a compact sleeper sofa, you don’t have to worry about space consumption. You spend little time on maintenance since it comprises the Polyhyde upholstery. But it also can last a lifetime!

You could, also, use an additional mattress topper for a more comfortable experience.

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Best Versatile  Sleeper Sofa Thomas Payne 65Sleeper Sofa


One thing you might have to consider before purchasing the RecPro Charles sofa is the high-end price. No doubt, the RecPro has incredible features. But when compared to other lower-priced versions, you might want to have a rethink.

The RecPro Charles turns out to be not only stylish but durable. Made from Polyurethane material and painted Mahogany color. It has a memory foam mattress and a pull-out couch. That means you can sit comfortably during the day.

When it’s night time, you can use the black-coated metal frame to pull out the bed. Then, it’s time to sleep. That also means it helps you manage space and organize your living space effectively.

You have four unique color options. They include; chestnut, mahogany, putty, and toffee.

With a removable backrest, you can easily convert it from a chair to a bed. Since it has a padded arm, back, and headrest, you can enjoy maximum comfort.

The RecPro comprises steel inlays and can take two sleepers with enough sturdiness. Not only that, it can withstand the rough and bumpy rides associated with camping.

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Best Mid-Range Sleeper SofaRecPro Charles  70” Sleeper Sofa


The RecPro sleeper sofa is an exciting brand; hence you see it play out again. The first was a pricier version. If you can’t go overboard with price, then the RecPro Charles 70”should be your deal.

It comes with 70 x 29.5 x 35 inches dimensions. It should fit into your Toy Hauler , 5th Wheeler, and smaller campers without much stress. That also means it is a space saver.

Having a metal frame also ensures it stays sturdy and durable for long.

The choice of material is artificial leather and a putty color. That makes it easy to clean. Faux leather is by nature a beautiful piece. It doesn’t attract stains or store up an odor. But to keep things organized, you have to store them in the available space at the base.

Now, the RecPro Charles turns out soft and comfortable to sit or sleep. Besides the putty, you can opt for the Chestnut, Mahogany, or Toffee colors.

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Best for Class – Modern Conemporary Design – River Revolve Modern Sofa


River Revolve modern sleeper sofa has all it takes to offer a relaxed moment. When sitting or sleeping, the ergonomic design guarantees sturdiness and durability. For comfort, it has an armrest to keep you well propped up. Also, the polyester upholstery ensures you can relax in style.

The hardwood frames and solid beech wood means it can support the average adult. It is known as the Rivet Revolve Modern because it uses classic mid-century designs. Such exquisite design blends with contemporary ones to make you fall in love with the sofa.

It doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to fit the entire sofa together. And for added height, you have the tapered legs. So, using polyester upholstery makes cleaning with a dry cloth easy.

However, would you prefer a more solid mattress? Then, you might have to go for something else. That’s because the River Revolve sofa is a bit on the soft side.

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Recommended Pearington Mia Sofa Bed  | Final Words

Now, what’s the Best Toy Hauler sleeper Sofa?

Our best pick is the Pearington Mia Sofa bed: The best On-budget sleeper sofa. Although the Pearington is an on-budget sleeper sofa, it can guarantee exciting RV camping. The microfiber and natural hardwood mean you can enjoy using it for a long time. You also get two throw pillows for relaxation more aesthetics. With the adjustable positions, you can better increase the comfort.

Although the Thomas Payne 377708 possesses similar features, the Pearington looks more durable. It also is more sturdy to take the rigors of RV camping. But when it comes to assembly, you will find the 380400 more fun.

The RecPro Charles 65” BedLove seat competes squarely with the Pearington. You have more color options in the RecPro. But it’s even as pricey as the Pearington. What you get are excellent leather works and a removable backrest.

But the Pearington offers one-seater more than the RecPro. It can also boast of a base storage space for your sleep items. They both look stylish and classy, but the Pearington is more sturdy with firmer foam seats.

RecPro Charles Jack Knife sofa comes from a family of impressive sleeper sofa designs. If you are on a low budget, this would be your best pick. The good news is that you still get remarkable style, design, and quality. Pitching it side-by-side with the Pearington puts it two steps behind. The Pearington uses microfiber, polyester, and natural hardwood. But the Jack Knife’s choice of artificial leather won’t stand up against the Pearington.

When you consider the River Revolve Modern Sofa Sleepover 80″ impressive features, it is appealing. It can boast of exciting and durable components like the Pearington. Unfortunately, it does not possess a firm cushion like the Pearington. Also, there might be some quality concerns when compared to the Pearington.

Picking the best sleeper sofa goes beyond just pricing and aesthetics. Hence, this article presents some of the top picks from reputable brands in the industry. And settling for the best selection or similar recommendation should give you a pleasurable Toy Hauler experience.

It is best to have a sleeper sofa with excellent space management. Also, something not too complicated to assemble. It should be durable, sturdy, and comfortable.