Our 5 Highest Rated RV Toilet

Have you ever thought of what should be the best RV toilet for your trip? I am concerned  about my choice and style of camping toilet seats.

An excellent RV toilet increases your comfort while traveling. But to get the best value, you need one with the right material and structure. Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 best toilet seats for RVing.

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 Our Top 5 Picks

Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet

Camco Portablel Toilet

Dometic 310 Series Toilet

Porta Potti RV Toilet

Nature's Head  RV Toilet

Best RV Toilet in 2021

Best Value RV Toilet – Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush





When you need an RV toilet that’s sleek and affordable, it should be the Aqua-Magic. Though made of plastic, it is sturdy enough to carry your body weight. The Aqua-Magic weighs 9.4 pounds with a 17 x 15 x 18.5 dimensions. That means it takes up less space or weight impact on the RV.

Aqua-Magic offers a single-handle system for easy flushing. With a high seat, even a tall person will feel comfortable sitting on the RV toilet. Also, installing the toilet base to the floor doesn’t take much effort. All you need is the glue to keep it in place. Besides, you enjoy three years of Thetford warranty on the product.

Good For:

Bad For:

I ordered this to replace my 15 year old unit. When I received it I thought it would be a piece of junk, it was so light (I could pick it up with one hand) and it was all plastic. The one I was replacing was china and quite heavy. I installed it anyway and it was an easy operation. Once installed it seemed to be sturdy and solid.

Since then we have logged about 7000 miles and have found the unit to be very good, the flush action is much better than the old toilet and it is easy to clean. I would have no problems recommending this toilet to anyone. It’s great.

Best on-Budget RV Toilet – Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet


Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet


Camco’s 41541 travel toilet offers you a lightweight camping toilet. It incorporates the waste and flush tanks as two layers below the toilet seat. Camco 41541 uses the Bellow flush system. Once you complete your business, simply pull the lever to flush. And the
waste immediately travels to the waste tank.

For easy movement, the sliding gate valve opens to receive the waste. It immediately shots afterward to trap the waste, liquid, and odor in a tight-sealed waste tank. Once it is time to empty, you would find a cap behind. Simply open the cap and empty the waste appropriately. Please check the top-bottom rear to locate the handle for easy carriage.

However, the major drawback for Camco 41541 is with the emptying process. Pouring out the waste might be a bit tricky. And if you are not careful, you could end up spilling waste on yourself. With a full tank of waste, the Camco becomes really heavy.

Good For:

Bad For:

I bought this toilet to add to my Sprinter van conversion for middle of night emergencies. While on the road I was very pleased to see that it worked efficiently and I waited to write this review until I had battle tested it, including emptying the black tank:

– This toilet does NOT smell. I ended up deciding to see what it was like to use it for solid waste (see, that is what you really want to know about). I used it several times in that capacity and after several days I emptied the black water tank.

– When I emptied the black water tank I gagged multiple times from the smell (holy sh*t! – literally). Which is a true testament to how well this toilet works, and yes, I put in the chemicals.

– Septic friendly (single-ply) toilet paper seems to be the best option, so while it might not be luxurious, it will do better in the system.

– Due to the aforementioned gagging I *really* recommend not using this for solid waste unless your olfactory senses are severely compromised and you won’t care (or you just like gagging… we all have our things).

– Should you need to use this for solid waste, consider emptying it at your earliest convenience.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this purchase and I hope you will be too.

PS – every once in a while you see a review about this toilet that says that it leaks, or the seals aren’t quite right. Be smart like I was and run water through the system and shake it around to make sure it’s water tight. That way you can swap it unused if you get an imperfect one.

Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet


Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet


When you need a more permanent RV toilet, then it should be the Dometic 310.

It is quite pricey when compared to others. But that’s because the Dometic 310 uses high quality vitreous ceramic materials. And with dimensions of 19 x 15 x 20, it should fit into your tiny RV spaces. The 18 inches seat is an excellent standard for tall people.

You get excellent cleaning with the powerful swirl-jet. That’s because it uses a 360-degrees vortex flushing system.

Using a ceramic bowl makes it easy to clean and longer-lasting. The Dematic 310 has a tight closing lid. That again makes it convenient for sitting. Also, it can perfectly trap odor within the bowl.

Good For:

Bad For:

SUMMARY: I purchased a used RV from someone and they didn’t take very good care of it so I have been remodeling it, I got everything done and the bathroom was last. The toilet the previous owners had in there had stains on it and it wouldn’t hold water.. I could not get the stains off of it so I decided to look for a budget replacement toilet and let me tell you.. This thing is amazing. The quality is top notch, it has a nice clean porcelain bowl with a very unique, innovative, and effective flushing technique.

INSTALLATION: The installation was very straight-forward, you make sure to SHUT OFF your water line outside and flush out any water that may be left in the lines. Unscrew the bolts on your old toilet (make sure you have old towels/newspapers ready) and set it on an old towel or newspapers so it doesn’t drip onto your floor. Then take out the old rubber seal on the flange which will be still already bolted to your floor.

The Dometic 310 Series has a seal pre-installed so you don’t have to worry about it, just set it onto the bolts and tighten it snug, alternating side to side as you tighten to ensure an even seal.

And now the slightly more difficult part: (for me at least) I had a hard time getting the water line to connect, as my old toilet had the valve a bit lower and the water line in my trailer was not flexible at all I measured the distance and the new toilet had a valve just 2 inches higher. So I went to the Home Depot and bought a few elbows for 40 cents a piece and was able to make that work quite easily. That’s all it took 🙂

All in all: I highly recommend this product, for the price it just cannot be beaten, the quality of it is outstanding and a very well designed product by Dometic.

Best Versatile RV Toilet – Porta Potti White Thetford Corp



The first thing that strikes me about the Porta Potti RV is the looks. Besides being round, the Potti adds aesthetic value to the RV. It is not a piece of decoration. But the curvy structure makes it all the more attractive.

Porta Potti offers a comfortable way to empty your bowels. It has a wide bowl size, good enough for an average-sized adult. And at 17.6 high, it is the perfect height for an adult to sit on. Using a battery-powered flush system makes it easier to flush down wastes immediately. You can retain as much as 5 gallons of freshwater for flushing.

The Porta Potti comes with a 5.5 gallons waste tank capacity for waste management. And the 4.0-gallon water tank helps reserve fresh water for flushing.

Good For:

Bad For:

This is my first Porta Potti experience and I am happy I got it! My wife is half way through her pregnancy and it saved her many dark night trips to the public bathroom while camping. This was her second experience with a porta potti and said that this one is the “Gold Standard” of porta pottis.


* Based on other peoples reviews, its possible the frustrated ones didn’t read the manual fully. The manual is your friend!

* It comes with a small supply of Deodorant/Waste Digestion (enough for 4 complete 5-gallon uses/refills)

* The waste cap also doubles as a measuring cup to use for measuring the waste dissolver liquid.

* The “Automatic Flush” feature only rinses out the tank, it doesn’t open the valve to drop the waste into the holding tank.

* To go pee, Close seat, Open waste valve, press rinse button. If doing number 2, press the rinse button once or twice to fill the bowl with a little water, this will help reduce the solids from leaving streaks in the bowl.

* Recommend dumping waste in a public outhouse vs at home. This will help reduce possible splash-back in the toilet at home.


* Comes with everything in the box (Except water and toilet paper). It includes batteries, measuring cup, waste digestion/deodorant liquid, toilet paper holder.

* Standard toilet height making it feel like one is at home

* Cleanup is really straight forward

* Comes with a built-in toilet paper holder (works with Charmin “double rolls”, but not “mega” rolls

* Battery operated water rinse feature – very quiet and effective.
* Works great for 5′ or 6″3″ people


* Unlike a regular toilet, the sitting stance for a tall person is a little awkward since one cannot tuck their feet under the toilet. That being said, the height helps reduce that awkwardness considerably from smaller porta potties.

* The “automatic flush” feature should have been called “automatic rinse” since you still have to manually open the waste valve.


*Great toilet if you are willing to spend some good money for the “gold standard” of porta potties. Your pregnant wife will love you especially while camping, or even if you have a house and the regular toilet is awkwardly located on the other side of the house.

This was purchased with my own money, no discounts other that Amazons decent prices and prime shipping.

Best High-End & Environmentally Friendly RV Toilet – Nature’s Head  RV Toilet


Nature's Head RV toliet


Are you looking for a durable, affordable, and nice-looking RV toilet? Well, I guess Nature’s Head RV travel toilet is not for you. Why? First, it is high-end and quite pricey. But besides the price, you get a durable, environmentally-friendly RV toilet with lots of perks.

Nature’s Head offers an improvement on most RV toilets. It’s so easy to install and requires little maintenance. With a standard height of 20 inches, a tall person can sit without being in an awkward position.

Two adults can enjoy regular use of the toilet for 4 to 6 weeks camping. And when it is time to empty the waste tank, you can achieve that in 5 minutes.

The built helps reduce foul odor as it is a dry toilet. You get an environmentally friendly RV toilet that separates dries from solids. That means, you can store up more waste and empty it with ease. The major drawback is the choice of plastic instead of ceramics.

Another minus is that there are no ways to know once the urine tank starts getting full. So, it would help if you emptied the tank as often as possible.

In all, I guess the many impressive features still give the Nature’s Head a good standing. Besides, you enjoy a five-year warranty for such an incredible RV toilet.

Good For:

Bad For:

I can’t fully express how well this toilet works. I was a little aprehensive about living full time with a composting toilet. I had done a fair bit of research on the topic in preparation for living in a tiny house and this one seemed to be the clear leader.

I had so many concerns: would it have an unpleasant odor? Would it be difficult to use? Would it require constant cleaning? What about installation? Most importantly, HOW WILL I LEARN TO AIM??

Well I am pleased to report after two weeks of full time use that all my concerns are calmed.

Firstly, it has no discernable odor, even when the lid is lifted or the upper portion is lifted partially when removing the liquids bottle to empty it every other day or so. Even when in use it us less odiferous than a standard flush toilet because the little onboard fan is constantly whisking any odors right out the vent hose.
It is not difficult to use, just sit and go. Open the trap door before a solids deposit of course, but otherwise just do what you do naturally.

Installation was easy, this 50 ish woman with slightly above average handy person skills did it in 15 minutes.
Cleaning is simple if you spray down the inside of the bowl with a water and white vinegar mix after EVERY use and perform a minor wipe up with a paper towel (which you then just drop into the trap door) if you have a particularly egregious contact mark. Which leads me to AIMING, which is not even a thing, just sit down comfortably.

This thing is so well designed that unless you have some wildly divergent anatomy that I can’t even imagine, it is a non issue. That trap door is right where it needs to be. Just remember to open it first. And if you are a dude, just sit already, it’s ok, nobody is judging you.

As for emptying things, the liquids bottle is easy to remove, cap, carry and dump. I have’t got to the point of emptying the solids chamber yet ( I used coir fiber available here on amazon as the composting medium) so I will update if it is anything other than as straightforward and simple as all the other aspects of this product. If you want lots of details on that there are several good youtube videos on the topic.

The brilliant design, heavu duty construction, super simple installation and stellar online support makes this worth every single penny.

RV Toilets FAQs

Can You Put Regular Toilets in RV?

Home toilers are not suitable for RVs. They are usually bigger and do not have the specifications that come with most RV travel toilets. RV toilets require less or no water. They consume less space.

Again, RV toilets can withstand rough terrains. Regular home toilets will cause spills on the trip. And that's because traditional toilets do not have flush or sealed tanks.

RV toilets work best with black water tank than sewer systems. Having regular toilet in RV might require connecting to the sewer line. That means increasing stress.

Do RV Toilets have Wax Rings?

Yes, it is possible to use wax rings for RV toilets. The only challenge is that it could be softer under hot weather conditions. A better alternative would have been rubber rings.

Are RV Toilets Supposed to Hold Water?

Yes. RV toilets hold water even after flushing. But the water shouldn’t be as much as the regular home toilet. The little water blocks off the odor that could come from the black water tank. So, holding water saves the cabin from having a foul smell. If the toilet stops holding water, it means there's a problem.

Do RV Toilets get Clogged?

RV toilets can smell. The only way to reduce or stop it from smelling is proper maintenance. Notably, plastic toilets can retain smell after extended use. If you use RV toilets for longer periods before each cleaning, it could start smelling. Thus, it could keep the smell and almost become permanent.

Human feces release bacteria into the black water tank every time. These bacteria come from decomposing material and carry offensive odor. And that's what causes the RV toilet to smell.

If the toilet leaks, the bowl does not hold water, or there's a clog, then the will smell.

Do RV Toilets Smell?

Anything that cannot dissolve with ease can clog the toilet. Sometimes, toilet paper or other feces build-up could clog the toilet. The regular home toilet papers are not so appropriate for RV toilets. That's why they can block the toilet too. Once your toilet becomes clogged there are septic chemicals for fixing the issue.

Recommended Dometic 310 Comprises Ceramic Toilets  | Final Words

So, what’s the best RV toilet of choice? Several factors, like pricing, manufacturing material, and space management, can influence your RV toilet choice. But the overall best for us is the Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet.

First, Dometic 310 comprises ceramics. Ceramic toilets are known to last longer and easier to maintain. Also, at 18 inches in height, Dometic 310 offers more comfort than the Aqua Magic, Camco 41541, and the Porta Potti. For measurement, Nature’s Head is higher than the Dometic 310, but the price knocks it off the table.

Aqua Magic V is a fantastic RV toilet but being made of plastic reduces the durability and quality. Other downside to the Aqua Magic compared to the Dometic is the short seat and limited waste tank.

Nature’s Head composting RV toilet should have been the best pick. But considering the price, you could get two or three regular RV toilets on the same budget. Besides, the toilet is environmental friendly, durable and more hygienic. Porta Potti offers great function but cannot stand the Dometic 310 for quality and durability. So, Dometic stands as the overall best RV toilet for pricing, durability, quality, and essential functions.

In picking the best RV toilet we understand that quality, durability, aesthetics, and price influence people’s decisions. However, whatever your preference, any of the above RV toilets will make a great choice.