Our 5 Highest Rated RV Vent Fan

Possessing the best RV vent fan is a sure way to enjoy more comfort during camping.

One thing I can’t stand is scorching weather. And in the course of extensive traveling, we go from cold to hot weather conditions. The air within the RV could become moist or condensed when it’s hot or cold. But the RV vent fan helps regulate the temperature within.

I like home-made meals. But the cooking process further makes the interior of the RV hot. Not only that, the food leaves its aroma behind.

Therefore, RV vent fans help keep the air within the van inviting and friendly.

It eliminates unpleasant smells, heat, and moisture. But not all vent fans can do the job effectively. Therefore, I have exposed some of the best RV vent fans .

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 Our Top 5 Picks

Maxx Air 00-04000K RV Fan

Heng's RV Trailer Roof Vent

Fan-Tastic RV Roof Vent

Maxx Air 00-07500K RV Fan

Maxx Air 00-05100k RV Fan

Best RV Vent Fan

Best Versatile RV Vent Fan – Maxxair Vent Corp Maxxfan Plus Vent





Maxxair is a notable brand in the RV business. And the Maxxair 04000k is one of its incredible products.

First, it comes with an unbelievable 900 CFM. That means it should deliver a powerful burst of wind to regulate the RV’s temperature.

The Maxxair has a firm double-lift up handle. When driving, I sometimes leave the fan lid open. That gives room for cross ventilation. With that, it reduces stale air within the van.

Using white finishing makes the vent fan impressive and simple-looking. Its entire design turns out solid, easy to mount, and operate.

The Maxxan requires manual installation and has a knob at the bottom for regulating the fan.

The molded mount tab makes installation fast and easy. All you need is to pull the knob to unlock, open or close.

Since it is a reversible fan, you can switch it on or off. Afterward, you can choose the fan’s direction. Using the thermostat, you can also regulate the temperature up to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Good For:

Bad For:

I love this fan!!!

Great! Great! Great!

Easy to install.

10 speeds. Reversible. Thermostat built in to automatically come on at the temp you want!

This replaced my old stock fan in my shower. My old fan was so loud that I had to choose between listening to the radio or having the fan on. After my shower all the windows were fogged.

Not with this fan!! It is so quiet I can barely hear it in the shower and it is only a few inches above my head!
Good thing it has speed settings. I only need to run it on #3 to keep my 30 foot trailer clear of fog! If I put it on #10 the draw will freeze me out in the shower.

I can’t wait to test it next time I burn something in the stove.

I love a good design! I guess that’s why I’m gushing about this product. I should have bought it long ago!

Best Budget-friendly Vent Fan –Heng’s RV Universal Roof Vent





When in need of a budget-friendly RV vent fan, then it is the Heng’s 14″fan. One thing I find most impressive is the expert installation add-ons. Such addition makes installation stress-free.

At least, I could use my spare time to focus on other things.

The second is the opportunity to choose between one or two packs when purchasing. Purchasing two further reduces the cost. That means more value for your money.

Besides that, the Heng’s 14″ offers the traditional vent fan that fits into a 14-inch window.

Well, Heng’s 14” is an excellent product if you consider the price. If you want more advanced features, then you should look for something more expensive. You also get all the necessary installation hardware. That means more for less.

Good For:

Bad For:

I installed this in the roof of my ’98 Windstar mini van conversion so I only had the sheet metal and at most a half inch of sound deadening material to go through. The interior shroud fit perfectly against the ceiling as it is only one half inch deep. (Some of these shrouds are up to 3″ deep for RV’s with rafters or false rooves.)

No instructions were included, but plenty of videos in YouTube showing how to cut a hole and install if you’re doing a metal roof with no drop ceiling like me.

I caught one flaw. Always inspect and test things before installing. The fan bracket was unattached at the center because the spot welder failed to get the underside hot enough. It would’ve scraped on the screen had I switched it on.

Look at the picture – the solution was simply to drill a pilot hole between the blades next to the label DC and insert a half inch stainless steel screw to secure it forever!

Also, one reviewer had a problem with the cheap little button switch getting stuck. I turned mine on and it stays on forever.

I connected the nice thick wires from the fan to a 12 volt switch panel where I can control lights, fan, fridge, etc. Great for metal roof RV’s!

Jeffrey Karrow 

Best Low-noise Vent FanFan-Tastic Create-A-Breeze RV Roof Vent





One of the first things I value in the Fan Tastic 80-1200 is the low noise feature. For RVers already fed up with their current noisy fan, this is a great replacement.

Also, using white finishing help create a perfect blend with the roof of the RV.

1200 has a-12 inch fan blade that fits well into the 14″ x 14″ RV roof opening. Everything looks normal and nothing out of place.

Using a smoke color vent cover increases the Ultra Violet resistance. So, it reduces exposure to direct sunlight and is strong enough to keep the rains outside the RV.

You get to enjoy fan speeds at low, medium, and high (3-speed). At 900 CFM rating, you experience incredible temperature regulation.

With the ten blades, you also get excellent airflow within the cabin.

Besides, the fan speed helps you manage power consumption and regulate temperature based on needs.

Good For:

Bad For:
Not quite as impressive as some of the reviews lead me to expect but does the job much better than the factory installed fan on my camper. At least this one moves some air.
The wife is a little too short to reach the controls on it but I’ll have to get her a step stool for the camper anyhow. Easy to install, easy to use and very good looking unit. I’m very pleased.
This unit has a lower power draw than the factory installed unit had with a much more efficient design. I like the lock out feature of lid, it will not allow the fan to come on when the lid is closed.
The low power draw and 3 speed switch are fantastic for our off grid application where power draw is a big concern.

Best Overall Value Vent Fan Maxx Air RV Fan




Maxx Air is known for impressive products to include vent fans. Therefore, the Maxx Air 00-07500k is another innovative RV vent fan from their stable.

It comes with a 900 CFM rating to guarantee efficient temperature regulation.

Another incredible feature that helps ensure excellent temperature control is the thermostat. Using a-12 inches blade makes it wide enough to circulate air around the cabin.

But with the aid of the remote control, you can manage the operations even on the bed.

Maxx Air 00-7500 vent fan will fit into your conventional 14”x 14” roof opening. When it’s time to open or close the 00-7500k vent lid, simply rotate the knob.

Again, you can use the remote control to open or close the lid.

It also controls the thermostat settings, exhaust activities, fan speed, and air control.

Good For:

Bad For:
Installed on 2019 Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 2500 170WB camper van conversion. The instructions are super clear and detailed. The hardware is topnotch.
I definitely recommend the install kit that amazon sells for around 14 bucks as the butyl tape is EXACTLY the right size to avoid messes and to make a proper seal.
***also, if you are installing on a ribbed Sprinter, Promaster, Transit, etc…head over to Ebay and check out Impact Products ‘roof vent spacer’.
They have made an excellent product that serves as a template for cutting your hole, but also is shaped to avoid distorting the ribs on the roof line or leaving large gaps***
Shipping was quick, boxed well. Couldn’t be happier.

Best Innovation Vent Fan Maxx Air 00-05100k RV Fan




I love the Maxxair 00-05100k due to its exceptional three-in-one device. That includes the fan, rain shield, and a ventilator.

Other unique components are the 12-volt fan motor and 12″ of 10 fan blades. They help to regulate the temperature inside the cabin.

And with the keypad, you can easily control the thermostat and fan speed anywhere inside the RV. You can also control the air intake and exhaust activities anytime.

The vent has twin lift arms. That helps to keep the vent sturdy when driving during windy situations.

Since the vent comes flush-mounted, it stays firm and blends with the rest of the rooftop. However, the Maxxair 00-05100 fits perfectly a 14” x 14” roof window.

Such an impressive and ergonomic design helps serve as a shield to keep the rains out. When it’s time to clean, unscrew or rotate the four knobs to remove.

Good For:

Bad For:

Highly recommended!

I installed this fan in a 1988 Coleman SunValley popup tent trailer with no existing fan. Lowered the inside temperature by more than 15 degrees than normal while running. Pulls less than 3 amps (high) and 0.6 amps (low) and is relatively quiet.

The tight weave mesh screen adds noise at higher speeds due to air restriction but is tight enough to keep it gnats. Without the mesh, or using a wider mesh, makes this fan whisper quiet and insects can’t fly in while in exhaust mode (simply lower vent when not in use)

Installation was very easy and was able to accommodate very thin roofs (cut to depth). I highly recommend buying Dicor self leveling lap sealant. One tube is enough for this installation with about two ounces to spare (out of ten ounces total). It takes a couple days to cure fully though, so install a week before expecting rain/travel to be safe.

Happy camping!

RV Vent Fan FAQs

What is an RV Vent fan?

RV vent fans usually reside on the roof using a secure hatch. Like other fans, the RV vent fan helps control the temperature of the interior. They either open manually or aided automatically using a remote control. RV vent fans come with 6 to 12 inches blades. It usually ranges from three to twelve blades. All of this helps in reducing moist or hot air in the cabin.

Why Do You Need an RV Roof Vent Fan?

Having an RV vent fan installed in your trailer is not typically for aesthetics. Here are some valuable reasons to have RV vents:

  • It reduces stale air within. As the fan's blade rotates, it helps expel unpleasant smells and dense air within the cabin.
  • It helps mop up the moist and humid temperature. Wet clothes or surfaces can create an unpleasant smell. But the RV vent fan can dispel the hot air and dry up the cabin surfaces.
  • The air within the cabin gets pretty hot during summer. But with an RV vent fan, you can eliminate the hot air.

Having a window or leaving the RV doors open does not entirely replace the vent fan's function. Vent fan helps take care of steam, odor, and smoke within the RV.

Things to Consider Before Buying RV Vent Fan


It would be best to get the exact measurement of the RV vent fan and the opening in the van. The standard RV opening is 14" x 14," but you need to be sure. Also, check the space's depth or thickness to be sure it aligns with the vent fan you want to purchase.

CFM Rating

CFM refers to cubic feet per minute. CFM deals with the volume of air per minute that a fan can circulate. It determines the intensity of the air. With it, you can tell how well the fan will regulate the temperature within the cabin. 

The higher the CFM rating, the more heat or moisture the fan dispels. Therefore, do you own a 30+ feet travel trailer, 5th wheeler, or RV? Then, you should use at least 900 CFM vent fan.

Speed control

A vent fan speed ranges from three to ten. The higher the speed, the more air the fan dispels. The more the speed, the more expensive the vent fan. However, you might not need up to speed ten in most cases. So, it’s a matter of preference. 

Manual or Automatic Opening

Vent fans lid opens manually or automatically. Manual vent fans are less expensive than automatic lid opening fans. So, your budget will have a direct impact on your purchase. Automated vent fans need electrical installation and functions. But the manual vent fan uses small crank knobs to open or close.

Recommended Maxxair 00-05100k | Final Words

Our best pick is the Maxxair 00-05100k. The Maxxair 00-7500k competes squarely and even does better. But due to budget preference, the Maxxfan 00-01500k takes the lead.

The Maxx 00-04000k offers most of the exceptional features an RVer will love in a vent fan.

It comes with a 900 CFM wind power and 10 fan speed. The control and 10 blades mean comfort and more air power. However, the quality issue is a significant perk for the Maxxair 00-04000k.

The Heng’s 14” two option vent fan and low budget are the two main plus. But if you want something more than an ordinary fan, then the Heng 14 is not the right one.

It has the lowest number of blades compared with Maxxair 4000, 5100k, or 7,500k.

As for the Fan Tastistic 80-1200, you get almost the same features as the Maxxair 4,000, 5,100, or 7,500.

They all run on 900 CFM rating, 10 blades. However, the Fan Tastic has 3 fan speeds as compared to the Maxxair products.

But the Fan Tastic has an edge due to its noise-free operations. Some users do not agree, though, that the Fan tastic is noise-free as it makes a whining noise.

You might also need to part with 50 bucks to purchase a fan cover. Now, that means increasing your budget further. So, you might as well buy a Maxxair 5,100k.

Maxxair 00-7500k is one of the most exceptional of the products under review. It is a difficult pick between the three Maxxair products.

The fundamental difference between the Maxxair 4,000 and the other two is the reversible fan operations and pricing.

If you have a robust budget, then the Maxxair 7500k Deluxe should be your best pick.

With less than $100 you can get all the features of the Maxxfan 5100k and more. You get electric lift up and remote control for operations.

All three Maxxair Maxxfan 4,000k, 5,100k, and 7,500k have similar features. But the 7,500k has automatic lid opening and remote control. Thus, it is more convenient and luxurious than the others.

Therefore, our best pick is Maxxfan 5,100k. But if you could spend a little more, then you could opt for the Maxxfan Deluxe 7,500k.