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As an RV enthusiast, I love nature and exploring with my motorhome. Yet, I also like to have a few creature comforts of home with me when I am camping and traveling. One thing I have made sure to have is an RV TV antenna.

Without it, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all my favorite HD shows. I also wouldn’t have any entertainment when I’m confined to the indoors because of bad weather conditions. It can be challenging to choose a reliable RV TV antenna. That is why I have found and reviewed a few of the best antennas available on the market.

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Editor’s PickWinegard TV Antenna



Among the many RV TV antennas I have tried, I found one to be the best. The Winegard 395 Sensar DTV/HD TV antenna is truly an all-in-one package that is ideal for all motorhomes.

This antenna ensures that you receive quality SD or HD viewing of all the major television channels. Television channels such as ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS, to name a few. Additionally, you will also have access to VHF and UHF programming that falls within a 55-mile radius.

When you park at a camping site, it can be challenging to pick up reception because of tree coverage. Fortunately, the Winegard 395 Sensar antenna can be raised and rotated. It can also be maneuvered until you pick up adequate reception.

This antenna also offers long-lasting durability. With about 30 years in the RV antenna industry, Winegard has developed the 395 Sensar DTV/HD antenna to be incredibly resistant to UV rays. It is also resistant to other environmental factors.

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Best Value For MoneyKING Air Antenna



Do you have a lower budget for an RV TV antenna? If so you will want to look at the King Jack OA8300 directional antenna. This antenna is affordable and comes with many features. This makes it perfect for those seeking an antenna that is value for money.

The King jack OA8300 antenna can be easily assembled in less than five minutes due to its compact and sleek design. You also won’t need any special tools to install the product. This antenna picks up long-range signals, which allow more access to television channels. The broader reception coverage quickly locates the strongest signals. This ensures, so you get crystal clear television reception.

Unlike other expensive RV antennas, you will  be pleased to learn that the King jack OA8300 has upgraded technology. This technology enhances UHF signal reception while still picking up VHF broadcast channels. Essentially, you will have an extensive range of channels from which you can choose to watch because this antenna picks up more than half of all HDTV channels available.

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Best For Long RangeKING OA8500 Air Antenna



When you’re traveling with your motorhome to more remote locations, it is usually tough to pick up television channels. If you frequently travel to remote areas, you may want to consider the King OA8500 HDTV RV antenna.

Although it can be fairly challenging to find a signal when camping, the King OA8500 over-the-air antenna will allow less guesswork. This antenna has a uniquely built-in Surelock signal finder. This finder quickly picks up long-range signals. The long-range signals provide you with many television channels.

The signal detection technology it possesses will provide strong reception with clear picture quality. This technology also ensures that UHF and VHF signals are enhanced. Additionally, if you are situated in a dense signal blocking area, you can easily rotate this antenna. It is aerodynamically designed to offer 360-degree rotation.

Should you have a smaller rig, this RV antenna could be ideal. It is manufactured to be up to 70 percent more compact than market competitors. Its sleek design and compact nature make it easy to install. You don’t need to assemble and disassemble it when traveling because it does not need to be cranked up or down.

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Best For 4K UHDWinegard TV Antenna



Some RVers want to have the best reception possible when traveling. Suppose you are one of these people, you may want to look at the Winegard EZ 6000 Rayzar HD/4K RV TV antenna. This antenna is quite different from its competitors. It doesn’t only offer HD television channels but also 4K channels when you are within range.

Additionally, this antenna has optimal UHF reception. It also has strong high-band VHF reception. This allows you to receive a broad range of different channels no matter where you are. If you’re installing the antenna yourself, you will be happy to learn that it takes little effort to set up. It’s easy to install because the Winegard EZ 6000 includes the mounting equipment.

Unlike other compact antennas, this one is designed to look good on all motorhomes. It also offers effortless rotation capabilities because it does not use a crank system.

If you don’t want a heavy antenna, you should consider the Winegard EZ 6000 4K antenna. It is super lightweight at only 2.5 pounds. Moreover, this antenna is also resistant to several weather conditions due to its UV and weather-resistant housing.

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Best MotorizedPBD TV Antenna


It can be a hassle constantly maneuvering an RV TV antenna to find signal. The PBD outdoor digital HDTV RV TV antenna is fully motorized with remote control. You won’t need to spend hours rotating your antenna manually in the hopes of finding a signal. The unit has a wireless controller and a built-in 360-degree durable motor rotator.

You might think that this antenna could be noisy, which is not optimal if you are in a natural environment. Luckily the PBD outdoor antenna has a built-in super high gain feature with a low noise amplifier. That means you will hardly notice any noise when you are turning the equipment.

This RV antenna has an impressive range of 150 miles and fully supports 720, 1080i, 1080p, and 4K channels. Additionally, if you have a larger motorhome, you will likely enjoy the fact that this antenna can service two LED televisions. You won’t need a splitter for this feature which is convenient.

Mother nature can be temperamental at times, and this can be hard on RV antennas. With the PBD outdoor digital antenna, you don’t need to worry as much about bad weather conditions. This product is weather-resistant and lightning-resistant, which makes it highly durable.

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Recommended Winegard TV Antenna| Final Words

After reviewing these five RV TV antennas, I can confidently state that I believe the Winegard 395 Sensar TV antenna to be the best. This product is ideal for all motorhomes because it is a true all-in-one product. With this antenna, you can receive all VHF and UHF programming.

Additionally, you will have access to many SD and HD television programs like ABC and CBS. Other antennas we looked at cannot receive these channels. Unlike other antennas, this one has a powder coating which makes it durable when used outdoors.

Furthermore, the range is almost guaranteed to be 55 miles. This allows you to enjoy stable television reception when camping with your RV. Essentially do you want an RV antenna that is overall the best with attractive features? If so, you may want to consider the Winegard 395 Sensar RV TV antenna.