How to Find the Best and Free RV Parking Spots
(Complete Guidance)

Where can I start the narrative? Driving till 10 pm and not being sure where to stay for the night was not part of the plan. But it happened.

I was paranoid and had all sorts of imaginations creeping in.

It’s never a fun idea, not knowing how to find a free RV park, especially if you don’t have the parking fee. Even though I was lucky to come across a restaurant that allowed me to stay overnight. It made me think about the policies and easily spot an ideal place for an overnight RV parking free of charge. This is what I learned.

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Overnight RV Parking Etiquette

To be a great RVer, you need to be disciplined. This includes parking safely and leaving without causing damage or messing around. Here are etiquette guidelines to keep in mind when parking your RV.

Free Parking Sports for RV

Do Not Stay More Than One Night!

Considering its free parking, staying more than a night might seem like you’re pushing the button too far. Your host will likely permit you if you are staying for only one night. It is parking while you rest along your travel route, not living there.

Obtain Permission from the Host

Can you imagine being called aside and questioned about your parking authorization in the middle of the night? It’s embarrassing! In fact, you may even be asked to leave if found without permission. So, to save yourself from a ton of shock, obtain permission from the host. You can always ask for the manager and talk to them directly first-forward.

Obey Any Set Regulations
When parking your RV, observe all set regulations. Always ensure the following;

It’s just about having your manners. You don’t want police officers tapping your window and getting yourself in a case scenario.

No Barbecue Grills, Chairs, or Awnings

Free RV Parking Spots-No-Barbecue-Grills,-Chairs,-or-Awnings

As much as awnings, chairs, barbecue grill, and table are some of the essential items you can bring with you on your RV, setting them up overnight at a free park may not be a good idea. You don’t want to appear all loud and extra at night in a free park. So, please keep it on the low. It’s much more pleasant that way. Again, it’s parking, not camping.

Never Use Hydraulic Jacks Especially on Asphalt and Other Soft Surfaces

Why is this so? Because you’ll damage the surface. Remember, leveling jacks do not balance the weight of RV. You don’t want to leave the parking facility dealing with your damages. So, leave the jacks elsewhere.

Leave the Parking Spot Cleaner


Always clean up and never leave any trash behind. Nor items should be left behind in the parking.

Purchase Some Supplies to Show Gratitude

Who doesn’t love to be appreciated? Get something for your host. It can be gas, food supplies, or anything you feel may be an excellent gift to them. This will definitely warm their hearts.

Be Safe and Aware of the Surroundings, Leave Incase You Feel Unsecure

The number one thing to check when staying over for a night somewhere new is safety. If you feel unsafe, please drive away. Don’t hesitate or buy time. Trust your instincts and do what’s necessary.

Free Spots for Overnight RV Parking

Truck Stops

You don’t necessarily need to ask for permission. If you know of a truck stop somewhere, consider parking there for a night. Truck stops bring in all walks of people. Therefore, remember to close all doors and windows for safety.


You can call ahead and ask for permission before parking your RV. Churches don’t usually have an issue unless it’s a Saturday night. They are a great and peaceful place to park for a night.

Movie Theaters

Free Parking Spots for RV-Movie-Theaters

Too tired to drive home after the late show? Consider staying for the night. It’s usually not a problem. You can always ask if you are unsure.


Community, state, county, and city parks are some of the best free RV parking spots. Therefore, they are quite ideal for free overnight RV parking. If you’ve been camping in a park daytime, why not spend a night there as well.


The nightclub parking can be your convection place to relax for that night. Asking for permission may be a requirement. So, let whoever is in-charge know that you are staying. They’ll surely let you.


Free RV Parking Spots-Sam's club

It’s easy to locate a Walmart considering they are all across the country. They provide a chance to stock up food while you are there. They are also great because you’ll get access to a bathroom, there’s security since some of them are 24 hours, and you can even get free WIFI.

Most Walmart will allow you to park overnight. However, due to various city laws, some stores will not allow you to do so. Check on the AllStays app or call to be sure if you can stay.

Highway Rest Areas

If you are near a highway rest area, that should be your better option for parking your RV. They always allow some hours for you to park your RV. One thing that may make you not like this place is the noise. It can be so noisy, making you lose the sleep that you want.

Vehicle Repair Shops

Do you need to have some repairs on your RV? Then, drive to the shop for a night sleep.
Although this kind of spot may be difficult to find, they are also a great option. You can call and ask
for permission prior to staying..

Hotel Parking Spots


It is easy to locate a hotel. You can have your dinner and/or breakfast there during your stay. Talk to the manager and let him know you would like to park at their parking lot.

Other Great Free Spots for Overnight Parking

Fairground. County and other state facilities can allow for free overnight parking.

Picnic Areas and Roadside Parks. These are the day time rest areas. They are easy to find, and you don’t need permission.

Free RV Parking Sports-Roadside-Parks

Cemetery. It sounds creepy and maybe the last place to think of, but you can always give it a try.

RV Dealers. The majority of dealers do not mind overnight RV parking. If you can bump into one, consider yourself lucky.

Cracker Barrel. You can check into a cracker barrel for some overnight parking. A plus for Crackel Barrel is that they are nationwide, making them an ideal and easy spot to find.

Drive-In Movies. Why don’t you check-in, park your RV, and enjoy some movies? Don’t mind, you can argue that you slept accidentally.

Big Box Retailers. These are some of the best spots for your RV. If you can locate Sam’s Club, Best Buy, or Kmart around, then that’s a better and free spot for parking your RV overnight.

Free RV Parking Spots-Sam's club

Grain Elevators. Stop by one of these and ask where you can park your RV for the night.

Fraternal Organizations. Rotary International, Veteran of Foreign Wars (VWF), etc. may allow free overnight RV parking.

Final Words

There is nothing as relieving as getting a safe and free spot for parking your RV after a long day of having fun and traveling. It relaxes your mind and sets you up for the next day.

Spotting parking that may work for you shouldn’t be as challenging as you imagine. It’s easy. You can use google map to show you the area you are in. Then choose a suitable place per your travel route.

Remember to carry your etiquette with you at all times during your stay.

Are you planning to travel in your RV and wondering where you should park? I hope this post will help you find some cool parking spots.

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