How to Get Free RV & Where to Start Your Search

When I started RVing, my first challenge was securing a Recreational Vehicle at a reasonable price. The thought of how to get free RV was out of the question, or so I thought. Well, it took several years of experience, and today, free RVs for me are all history.

Getting a free motorhome isn’t rocket science or impossible. It only requires knowing where to check as there are legitimate ways of getting an RV for free. So, let’s take a ride as I help you secure your first free RV today.

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Before You Get an RV

First thing first, securing an RV is not a hit or miss affair. That means you need to have some essential skills or knowledge to succeed in getting the right RV. Here’s a list of things you need to know:

Your Ability as a Repairman


You cannot use an RV successfully if you cannot fix one. Therefore, you must love and know how to repair the RV. That’s the only way to guarantee easy fix when there is a technical problem when on a trip. You don’t want to get stranded on the highway, do you?

Agreed, not everyone is a handyman or technical person, but you can take advantage of online resources to get started with learning how to repair RVs.

Do I need a special license to drive an RV?

No, driving RVs do not require any exclusive license except the one you already possess.  You must ensure you have a driving license based on the prerequisite of your state. Once you have that, then you are good to go! However, most states only require a different permit for RVs that weigh more than 26, 000 pounds.

What Is the Best RV to Find for Free?

First and foremost, let’s start by discussing some of the different classes of RVs available out there today. RVs range from class A, to B and C. They also come in fifth-wheels, campervans, truck campers, travel trailers, pop up campers, and toy haulers. Your primary focus, however, should be an RV that gives you the freedom you pursuit and suits your lifestyle.

Get from Family, Friends, and Neighbors

You would be amazed to know just about how many RVs are sitting in someone’s yard unused. Tell you a secret! When you see an RV with flat tires and two feet grass surrounding them, bam! You just landed yourself a likely great RV deal!

Once you spot a rusty, old looking RV with signs of abandonment, good chances the owner has left the RV life for now. Here is your chance to strike a good bargain and get set to hit the road, RVing!

But, remember to make a good bargain; an offer to fix the RV and put it back on the road might be the trick to win the heart of the owner. At least, you would put it in good use for the owner. Of course, you will incur some expenses but nothing compared to the cost of purchasing one.

Your Local RV Dealer

Local RV dealers are familiar with RV inventory and do fix up vehicles quite quickly. They are your best bet for free or cheap RVs, giving useful tit-bits on the type of RV you need.

To make this work, establish a good relationship with one in your locality and see how things pick up afterward.

All Local RV dealers in US

What is it?

They are independently owned shops for the purchase and servicing of RVs and related products. A local dealer has first-hand information on RV products. They are best at prescribing the right product that will suit your need and financial capability.

Naturally, local RV dealers put the customer’s needs first and are valuable in adding to the RV experience of a lifetime. You have dealers like:

Why so Cheap?

Using an RV for trips could be more cost-effective. You get to save up on transportation costs, hotels, and eating out. Besides, you get to sleep on your bed, eat your food, and travel at your convenience. The advantages are enormous.

Where can I Relocate an RV or Car?

Relocating an RV for a rental company is one of the more natural means to get one for free. Most of the time, people use vehicles for a one-way trip, which means the RV is used but not returned. People usually fly back home and don’t make the trip by road.

RV rental companies might not be so familiar with certain terrains when it comes to returning an RV. Getting back RV to its original site would require a lot financially. That’s where you come into the whole arrangement. By offering to relocate the RV, you would be taking this expense off the RV company, thereby going on a free ride in the RV. It’s a win-win choice for everyone!

Interestingly, you get to use the RV for 2-3 hours for free and enjoy lots of recreational time with loved ones along the way.

Common RV Relocation Routes

Finding a car relocating route isn’t difficult. They exist in all over the world, and the rental companies have them listed on their websites.
RVs used for one-way trips usually get clustered up in a location. Therefore, the RV companies have the area on their websites and give you access to drive them back within a limited timeframe.

RV Relocation trip

Below are common moving paths by US, though these continually change according to season and also need. The arrowhead (↔) indicates routes that prevail in both directions.

How do I find RV relocation deals?

Getting an RV relocation deal is available in Europe, the US, Canada, and New Zealand.

Each rental company has a scheme listed on their website that helps you use an RV at next to nothing.

The truth is, you are doing them a favor by driving the vehicle back to the original location.

Simply confirm from the website for a deal that matches your need. Click on the available corresponding links to get information on what is possible. Also, you can look out for third-party websites that advertise relocation deals of different companies.

Here’s All worldside website to look for a relocation deal:

The Junkyard

The junkyard is one fascinating place to find an abandoned RV for free. Though they get covered up in molds and rodents, interestingly, they will serve your need. With a little repair and renovation, you are already on your way to owning your first RV for free!

If you are a DIY person like me, you would definitely be excited and jump on such offers. With a bit of remodeling and your repair skills, it might cost you close to nothing to get the RV set.

Quick link: RV Salvage Sources

Finding Other Owners Online

One great and quick way to find owners for RVs is by using an online search tool. There are always people giving out items, including RV giveaways, but you never know until you check them out! Here is where to start your search for a free home on wheels:

Searching Craigslist

Your local Craigslist is a great place to start your search for a free RV. But for a long-distance trip, a nationwide search will also be ideal.

free rv on Craigslist

Place an Ad on a Craigslist

Placing an Ad on a Craigslist can help pull in faster results from RV owners around. Craigslist is a popular search and connection tool for businesses and individuals.

Remember to let the owner know you are willing to take up the cost of remodeling the RV and putting it in a perfect condition. Such a piece of information is bound to attract attention. That way, you get to solve a problem for the owner.

Get free remodeling materials on Craigslist

Once you have secured an RV, renovating becomes the next big thing. Therefore, Craigslist can be your go-between for free remodeling materials for an RV. Products such as countertops, plumbing supplies, flooring, electrical supplies, and more are available for free or at reasonable prices.

RV Classifieds

There are various websites with free RV classifieds. You should take advantage of these to make your request for a free RV known. It might take some effort to find them, but don’t worry, with enough patience, you are sure to get going with an offer soon.

Facebook Posts

With social media, you sure can get away with almost anything! There are Facebook RV groups that will come in handy when in need of anything, including canvassing for a free recreational vehicle. So, do a search on Facebook for these groups and join right away for regular information on free RVs.

Furthermore, Free RVs Are Usually Posted Through Facebook Marketplace

There are lots of affordable or free RVs listed regularly here. An example of such is


Win an RV

Go to RV shows and enter giveaway Contests on Google

As unbelievable as it may sound, there are popular RV contests available online, with lots of people emerging as winners every year. Contestants take part in giveaway games for free and for a chance to win an RV.

A simple Google search or suggestions from your local RV dealer can put you in the right direction to winning an RV. But you can also start by checking companies like Airstream and KOA for the contests and giveaways.

giveaway for rv

Attend an Auto Auction

Auto auctions are an excellent opportunity to get free RVs and other vehicles at unbelievable prices. You can attend such at impounds lot in San Francisco, Seattle, San Jose and other cities located on the west coast.

Find and Convert a School Bus into an RV

Converting old school buses into fully functional RVs can be quite intriguing. School buses, also known as Skoolies, take a lot to remodel but once completed, the transformation is out of this world! RV, an amazing home on wheels!

Travel Vehicle Alternative to RVs

When it becomes impossible to find a free RV, car camping provides an alternative to consider. You can try out custom camper conversions to luxury tow-haulers, they equally provide exceptional travel experiences you can ever imagine. These alternatives include; tent campers, road trek, cricket trailers, and more.

Right now, you should be excited and all set to begin your search for how to get a free RV. Don’t allow a tight budget take out of your groove as any or all the options listed above should get you up and on your way to that fun trip RVing.

It might be tedious  to locate an RV, but you sure will find one with a lot of patience and consistency in your search. You might just be the lucky one to locate an RV owner with difficulty selling or transporting an RV. Remember, keep talking to Family and friends till someone hears or remembers, and then you will own an RV free of charge.
Once your search yields a positive result, do not forget to leave a message in the comment section below.