How To Get Rid Of Your Camper FAST?

Do you have a camper trailer you are trying to scrap?

If so, allow me to help you get rid of it so you can make use of the space it is taking up.

Table of Contents

Sell your camper online

Let’s start on selling your camper.

But finding out how much a camper goes for can actually be a difficult research,  especially if you have an older model.

The number one place to look for any prices is eBay.

eBay is the #1 marketplace to sell anything, and it is the first place buyers go to.

eBay is also a great source to find out how much anything is going for.

How to sell your RV on eBay

Another source is to search RV forums to read.

Forums are the go to place for any discussion for any topic.

In general, people love to give feedback, and help one another if a question is asked.

Craigslist can also be a no brainer for a place to go sell your camper.

It is also convenient if you find someone locally that would be interested.

But if you feel generous, donate your camper.

Donate your camper

 If you so happen to find an organization that is for a good cause, see if they can make use of your camper.

It is definitely one of the fastest ways to free up space.

When you donate, you have the peace of mind that it will be put into good use.

You may be able to get comfort in knowing that you are helping families save money, and help visit beautiful camping sites around the country.

Let me mention that donating your camper offers great tax deductions.

If you can’t sell your camper, at least you can write it off when you file for taxes the following year.

Sell your camper to a salvage yard

Don’t like the idea of donating your camper?

Consider selling your camper to a salvage yard.

There are still people who are looking to buy campers in any condition.

Salvage yards are easy to find.

You may be able to find one that would pick it up for you.

I would highly recommend this option if your camper is in poor condition, and no one is willing to purchase it from you.

Haul your camper to a dump

Another option to consider is to haul it yourself to a dump.

Whoever you salvaged the camper to, may have intentions on eventually hauling it to a dump anyway.

Again, finding your dump locally isn’t too difficult to research.

I would at least check with the local laws to make sure it is permissible.

Dismantle it yourself and sell its parts

And if it is not permissible, consider dismantling the camper yourself.

If you have time on your hands, get your hands dirty a little bit and take the camper apart.

I would advise to speak with someone with knowledge on how to disassemble an automobile.

You can also find a video on YouTube for a safe way to go about doing it.

I wouldn’t want you and others who may want to be a volunteer get hurt in any way.

You may find some parts that are in good condition.

If so, do your research, and see if you can make extra cash on the part(s).

I hope this gives you some ideas on what to do with you camper.

Quick tips for selling out online

After doing some research myself, those looking to sell their camper has had the most success.

Now, I was able to read a couple of threads in the forums, and it was interesting on the tactics that were used to sell the camper.

Of course, you would want to get it in front of as many people as possible.

When you post the camper on a site, make sure to take good pictures.

And give many details on the camper.

People who are interested will take time to read every word on the post.

There’s no such thing as too long of a description.

To price out your camper, I would find the 5 most recent campers that were sold on eBay.

I take the most recent sales and find the average.

Take into consideration that people would want to negotiate.

With that in mind, find a range that you would like to sell your camper.

Final Words

If you cannot sell your camper, don’t be discouraged.

There are organizations that would happily take your camper.

It would feel good knowing that you helped someone reach their goals in traveling to camp sites.

Let me know in the comments of other suggestions, or speak more on the ways to scrap a camper.