How Do You Deep Clean an RV?

Over the years, I have identified a concerning problem that I believe myself and other RV owners continuously face. You’d be shocked at how much dust, dirt, and grime builds up inside and outside an RV over time.

After this discovery, I concluded that I  need to frequently deep clean my RV before or after a major camping adventure.

Deep cleaning an RV is essential if we want our motorhomes to withstand the test of time.But, how do I deep clean my RV? We’re going to discuss how you can easily go about deep cleaning your motorhome.

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What You Should Consider Before You Wash the Exterior of Your RV ?

Before washing the exterior of your RV, it’s essential to consider a few key questions.

  • Do you have enough water at the site where you are washing your motorhome? Many RVers make the mistake of thinking we can wash our RV at a camping ground.

    However, most places can’t supply the amount of water, you need to wash the vehicle where there is enough drainage, especially if you have a class C or sizeable fifth wheel.

  • Are the products you’re using harmful for your RVs exterior? Before washing your motorhome body, it’s imperative to utilize products that are safe to use.
  • Do you have all the cleaning tools and equipment you need? Depending on your RV size, you may need to purchase special tools to clean it properly.

These Are Some of the RV Product Brands You Can Safely Use To Wash Your RV


The wrong cleaning supplies can damage your RV, so it’s best to use trusted brands specializing in RV cleaning products.

Consider the Size of Your RV

There are numerous different RV makes, models, and sizes in the world. When considering how to go about deep cleaning an RV.

We must keep in mind how big our motorhome is and whether its size will pose challenges.

For example, larger RVs like Class As and Cs will require more space and water than pop up campers and travel trailers.

Remember To Change the Water

We know that utilizing the incorrect cleaners can damage our motorhomes. But did you know that dirty water can cause a fair amount of harm to the exterior of your RV.

I took the shortcut before and used contaminated water to wash my RV, which was a big mistake.

Using dirty water not only doesn’t wash your RV as well as clean water. But you are also putting the dirt and grime back on your motorhome.

In addition to this, the sand and grit in the water often cause scratches and damages to your camper’s paint.

Can You Use Of Pressure Washers On Your RV ?

Remember To Change the Water​

Should you use a pressure cleaner correctly, you will save yourself time and effort. Remember to use horizontal strokes working down the RVs exterior when cleaning off grime, bugs, and debris.

Vertical passes with a pressure cleaner will push the dirt back to the top. It will make you use more water and waste valuable time.

If you’re tempted to use a pressure cleaner, we highly recommend always reading your motorhome manual first to see if you can use one on the exterior body.

What to Consider When Deep Cleaning the Body of Your RV ?

Since there are many different RV manufacturers, there are predominantly three primary materials that manufacturers use during the construction of them.

Each of the materials will require slightly different cleaning methods. So it’s important to identify which material the manufacturer uses.

Fiberglass Bodies


In the RV industry, fiberglass models are becoming increasingly popular because of how lightweight the material is.

Many fiberglass models are painted or have some form of decals, but older fiberglass motorhomes are unpainted.

When washing a fiberglass RV body, it’s often best for you to use a combination wash and wax product.

However, if you have a fiberglass model, you can use various automotive cleaning products in some instances.

It’s important to remember that do not ripping decals of  while you are using a pressure cleaner.

Metal Bodies

Metal RV bodies are perhaps the easiest to wash. Most metal body motorhomes are made of aluminum or steel. And you can use most car cleaning products to clean the exterior.

Should you have a metal RV, it would be in your best interests to use a pre-wash to remove most of the dirt and debris.

Afterward, you can go in with your mitts or soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive cleaner.

Painted Metal Bodies

Should you be using a pressure cleaner on a painted body, you will need to take care.

When using a pressure cleaner on a metal body, you can chip the paint and cause water damage to the RVs interior. 

How to Clean RV Awnings ?

How to clean your rv awing

One of the easiest places that are a breeze to clean on your RV is the awnings.

These rarely get overly dirty unless you are camping in a particularly dirty environment.

You will often only need a hose pipe or a bucket and a steady water supply to rinse them off.

Don’t make the same unfortunate mistake I did and attempt to scrub the awning fabric. You will likely remove the finish and weaken the integrity of the awning.

Can You Use A Pressure Washer To Clean The Awnings?

Try to avoid using a pressure cleaner on your RVs awnings as you will weaken the fabric, rip it or, in some cases, destroy it.

How to Clean the RV Gaskets ?

Cleaning the gaskets on your motorhome is a relatively simple job. You may not be aware of the fact that gaskets that sit around the windows of your RV have a durable lifespan.

Manufactures ensure that they are made to be long lasting as they are often exposed to hot and cold climates continually.

To clean your gaskets, all you need to do is once a year spray the gaskets in your RV with a silicone-based spray. This spray will protect them from UV damage and keep them from breaking.

How to Clean the Rims and Wheels Depending On the Type You Have

Most of us forget to clean one crucial part of our RVs when we undertake a deep cleaning. 

When cleaning the wheels, you will also be able to inspect them for any splits, cracks, or punctures. So not only are you maintaining them, but you’re also putting your safety first.

Painted RV Rims

With painted rims, you need to ensure that you wax them at least once yearly to avoid rust and corrosion. To clean painted RV rims, you can use most car cleaning products or opt for specialized RV products.

Chrome RV Rims

Chrome rims are notoriously easily scratched and damaged. You will want to make sure to use soft-bristled brushes so that you don’t strip the rim’s protective coating off. For best results, use a chrome cleaning product and, if at all possible, a mechanical buffer.

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Painted RV Rims with Aluminum Covers

If you have painted rims with aluminum covers, you will need to use a combination cleaning method.

Make sure to periodically check for rust and try to use only aluminum cleaning products if you want the rims to last.

How to Clean Your RVs Roof ?

Should you be kicking it old school with an 80s or 90s era motorhome, you are likely to have a rubber roof that isn’t walkable.

If you have a more modern RV with fiberglass roofing, cleaning it will be easy as pie as these roofs are usually walkable.

Rubber Roof

Vs with rubber roofs are known for creating unattractive white or black dirty streaks down the sides as they start to flake.

Fortunately, you can wash your rubber roof with different roof cleaning supplies that cater to RVs.

Should you be using an older RV, you can use a pressure cleaner to speed up the cleaning process.

Fiberglass Roof

Modern-day motorhomes are mostly manufactured with fiberglass roofs. Fiberglass roofs are becoming popular due to their increased durability and because people can walk on them.

If you are speculating on how you can clean your fiberglass roof, you’re lucky as the answer is straightforward.

You can use most automotive products, certain RV roofing products, and even pressure cleaners if you use them carefully.

Is it OK to power wash an RV roof?

Yes, you can use pressure cleaners to wash both rubber roofs and fiberglass roofs. Pressure cleaners should speed up the time spent cleaning your roof and allow you more time to think up your next camping adventure.

Do You Really Need A Professional RV Cleaning Service?


Whether or not you need to hire a professional cleaning service periodically will largely depend on your budget and preferences.

Professional RV cleaning contractors can be pricey, and depending on the size of your RV, you could end up paying a pretty penny.

Most professional cleaners will charge per linear foot of your motorhome. If you have a Class A or fifth wheel, you will undoubtedly pay more than someone with a smaller motorhome.

After learning about what cleaning your RV entails, you will need to evaluate if you can trust a professional to clean your RV.

However, keep in mind the recommended guidelines that we have stated. If you decide to use an experienced private cleaning service, take note to ensure that what you are paying for is what you receive.

Final Words

By undertaking this task yourself, you will save money and be able to boast that you maintain your motorhome yourself.

It isn’t difficult to learn how to go about cleaning your motorhome. With a clean RV, you are likely to enjoy your camping escapades better.

As long as you remember what is advisable and follow what we have said. You shouldn’t have any problem learning how to become a DIY motorhome cleaning legend.

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