25 Awesome Small Campers for All Seasons
(Complete Guidance)

Small campers have always fascinated me. And it is due to their designs and lightweight. These lightweight travel trailers don’t offer the standard spacing of fifth wheelers or giant motorhomes. But their tiny spaces give you enough room to make camping an exciting event. More so, they are less pricey!

Are you a first-time RV buyer? Everyone was at some point. Is it teardrop campers, pop-ups, or lightweight travel trailers? You can always find a budget-friendly pick. So, do you have a budget of $10,000 to $50,000? Well, let’s explore these tiny homes that can deliver a powerful punch for your next camping.

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Casita 17' Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer


Quick Stats

Weight: 2,480 lbs
Length: 17′
Width: 6’8″
MSRP, Base: $24,694

No doubt, the Casita is a well-known brand in the trailer industry. Particular reference points are to those composed of fiberglass. One of its finest products is the Spirit Deluxe 17″. Casita 17 is an exciting but small, and comfortable RV camper. 

You get a convertible sleeping place for 2 to 4 people. The beds convert to dinette tables and seats that can sit up to six people. It offers a functional kitchen, toilet, bathroom, and living space. The AC and heater provide comfort under any weather. Through the well-fitted windows, you enjoy proper ventilation. Not only that, you can view the scenery while eating.

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More Casita Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer Feature
More Casita Spirit Standard Travel Trailer Feature

Airstream Basecamp


Quick Stats

Weight: 2,585 lbs
Length: 8′ 8.75″
Width: 7′
MSRP, Base: $37,900

Airstream Basecamp might be a bit pricey, but they offer exceptional value. The 16 by 7 feet RV trailer comes with a collapsible bed, tables, kitchen, and lounge area. That means you can convert your bed and others into a tiny living space. The Airstream Basecamp gives just enough of everything. You get a treat to a cup of coffee or lunch for four adults.

There’s also a phone and USB device charging ports. The Airstream comprises an aluminum body with a well-fitted insulation system. And because it is light with all available gears, hitching is not always a problem. Though small, the travel trailer provides ample space to stack up gears and other accessories.


Airstream Sport


Quick Stats

Weight: 3,634 lbs
Length: 21′ 8″
Width: 7′ 3.25″
MSRP, Base: $57,400
3 Year Airstream Limited Warranty (Transferable)

Airstream Sports is not only cozy but classy, making it one of the incredible home-on-wheels. You can either settle for the 16 or 22-foot floor plan. All designs come with a convertible kitchen, dinette, and bedroom.  Even your bathroom and storage cabinet design fits perfectly into the tiny space properly.

Besides, Airstream Sports has all the desired utilities for a comfortable home-away-from-home. The solar kit keeps the van powered. You get all-around entertainment via the JVC Stereo for Bluetooth, streaming, CD player, or radio. Having an AC and heater installed guarantees a smooth sail under any weather condition.

More Airstream Sport​ Feature

Scamp 13' Deluxe Trailer


Quick Stats

Weight: 1300 lbs
Length:  13′
Width: 6′8″
MSRP, Base: $23,000

The Scamp 13 is an innovative design from the stable of Scamp incorporated. A look at the exquisite interior and exterior designs says it all. What you get is a variant of birch hardwoods or oak finish.

The wood panel doors, fiberglass, and cabinets all add to the beauty. Scamp 13 is a lightweight traveler made with durable materials. It can house up to three adult guests when it’s bedtime. You simply convert the front sofa to bunk beds and the rear dinette to a double bed. So, in one small space, you can wine, dine, and pack up your clothes neatly.


Lance 1575 Travel Trailer


Quick Stats

Weight: 2775 lbs
Length:  20′5″
Width: 7′1″
MSRP, Base: $79,400
2 Year Structural Limited Warranty

The Lance 1575 might be small, but you can’t take in with a single breath. It has excellent ergonomic designs. You can have a dinette, bathing, and living space. At night, there’s enough room for four adults to enjoy a cozy night. During the day, it converts into a spacious living space and your dinette for your meals.

1575 is an actual lightweight trailer at 2775 pounds, light enough to hitch to your RV. The large-sized cross windows allow enough ventilation and natural lighting. Plus, you could get a great view of the whole scenario from several angles. Or isn’t that what camping is all about?

It has impressive furnishings, cabinets, tables, and countertops to store up items neatly. With a lovely fireplace and refrigerator, you have almost everything you need. Indeed, Lance 1757 redefines what spacious means; not necessarily large but compact.


KZ Escape Mini

Quick Stats

Weight: 2828 lbs
Length:  20′9″
Width: 96″
MSRP, Base: $22,260

KZ Escape mini is the perfect lightweight getaway trailer to add to your kitty. It is not only economical but built for rugged movement on off-grid or road camping activities. It is an all-encompassing trailer fitted with a bit of everything you need when RVing. The KZ Escape is a small but spacious trailer. It has ample convertible space from living to sleep space and the dinette.

Having an extension or tent makes it possible to take your fun activities to the open. Your Escape trailer comes with a lot. It includes the bathroom, refrigerator, pantry, and storage facility. All you need for an incredible getaway. The 100W solar system ensures you have access to power 247.

The Jayco Hummingbird

Quick Stats (10RK)

Weight:1,545 lbs
Length:  13′
Width: 80″

The Jayco Hummingbird offers you a 3,000-pound light-weighted travel trailer perfect for even an SUV. It comes with a lot of innovative features like the extended awning with LED lights. Now you get better illumination plus more space for outdoor camping. You get a well-laid bed for two at night. Two giant-sized windows sandwich it for cross ventilation.

To one side is the compact cabinet to help tuck away your items and collectibles. And when it’s dawn, the living space re-surfaces from the convertible bed. Now you have a lovely little sofa to sit and relax. Or maybe sit to sip a cup of coffee with your spouse. The bathroom, dinette, and kitchen designs make the thought of owning the Jayco Hummingbird exciting. It might be small but offer ample space for even your other camping gear.


Barefoot Trailer (UK)

Barefoot Trailer (UK)​

Quick Stats

Length: 12.5′
Width: 6.2′
MSRP, Base: $33,600

When you need a UK retro style, lightweight trailer, then it must be the Barefoot Trailer. It may look curvy and small, but it’s an incredible machine home-on-wheels. The Barefoot comes with everything you need for an unforgettable getaway experience. It comprises fiberglass externally with fine wood, fiber, and other interior designs. All this gives it the touch of class and style the Barefoot deserves.

Everything is well-laid out. You get the 6 x 6 feet beddings for two cabinets, dinettes, bathroom, and kitchen. It all makes the Barefoot a cute experience! You have large-sized windows to let in daylight, convertible beds to sofas. The set design also included tables for wining and dining your loved ones.

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Escape Trailers 17B


Quick Stats

Weight: 2640 lbs
Length: 17′ 8″ (add 6″ for spare tire)
Width: 6′ 8″
MSRP, Base: $23,995 

The exterior and interior built of the Escape trailer 17B is breathtaking! With a well-laid floor plan, the Escape Trailer can accommodate at least four adults. On one axis is the convertible 52 inches double bed and the dinette. On the other axis, you have two adult dinette; convertible to a single bed. The kitchen and bathroom are all aligned to maximize space. It comes with four overhead cabinets on all sides of the Escape trailer.

The Escape Trailer 17B has everything in bits. You get propane for cooking, heating, AC units, water for all-purpose, and more.

More Escape 7B Features

Prolite Classic

Quick Stats

Weight: 2470 lbs
Length: 19′ 11″
Width: 8′ 2″
MSRP, Base: $24,900 

The Prolite uses cool colors, upholstery, and fabric to give the interior a touch of class. The plywood flooring and fiberglass body make it an appealing acquisition. You can take everything in, in a single breath. But the Prolite Classic floor plan shows your vacation will be a pleasure-on-wheels. You have the dinette area by the day. Then, it converts to a 78 x 52 inches bed by night. Some other models offer a small table and banquette to sit for two to four persons.

The two exterior storages take care of your gears and more for your outdoor trips. Other amenities to make your camping experience seamless include the heater, microwave, stove, fridge, and AC.

More Prolite Classic​ Feature

Trailmanor 2518 Series

Trailmanor 2518 Series​

Quick Stats

Weight: 2580 lbs
Length: 25′ 
Width: 7′ 11″
MSRP, Base: $37,980 

The Trailmanor 2518 looks so much like a combination of cabins. Still, it offers far more value than your standard cabin. With 2518, you can travel in style with a small family of 6. Don’t worry about the tiny space. Your home-on-wheels has a 78 x 78 King-size-bed and a Double bed of 48 x 78. You get a bit of everything you need for a memorable trip in the Trailmanor 2518.

You have a two-burner stove, water heater, refrigerator, and access to water for all purposes. The dinette can seat at least four persons at any time. While the sink, bathroom, and toilet add more to the convenience of the Trailmanor 2518.

More Trailmanor 2518 KB Feature
More Trailmanor 2518 KB Feature
More Trailmanor 2518 KS Feature
More Trailmanor 2518 KB Feature
More Trailmanor 2518 KD Feature
More Trailmanor 2518 KD Feature

TAB 400


Quick Stats

Weight: 3900 lbs
Length: 18′ 3″
Width: 7′ 6″
MSRP, Base: $31,940 

One of the many fascinations of Tab 400 is its aesthetics and brilliant design. The external appearance, curves, fiberglass, and finishing gives the Tab 400 a magical look. It is no bigger than your conventional SUV. But the Tab 400 holds more than you can imagine. Designed like a teardrop, Tab 400 provides a good night’s rest for at least three adults. And the 24 inches TV offers unending entertainment. When it’s time to eat? Please, treat yourself to a nice meal from the fully equipped kitchenette. Don’t forget the toilet is there for emptying your bowels. Take a wet bath in the shower.

You have a large room to store up items. Say ‘good night’ as you jump onto the queen size bed. Do you need more space for other adults to sleep at night? Then simply convert the dinette to an additional sleep area.

More TAB 400 Standard Feature
More TAB 400 Solo Feature

Bigfoot RV 25B17

Bigfoot RV 25B17​1

Quick Stats

Weight: 3018-5450 lbs
Length: 17′ 5″
Width: 8′
MSRP, Base: $34,300 

The Bigfoot RV 25B17 looks a bit bigger than the typical smaller range of campers. But it’s no different. One thing you will find intriguing in the RV 25B17 is the aesthetics. Number two is the array of features. The choice of fiberglass exteriors and insulation system adds more to its durability and appearance.

Once inside, the overall space management and amenities are top-notch.
You find a microwave, ovens, cook-tops for meals, and racks for storage. For relaxation, you can play the stereo, CD/DVD players, or watch the LCD TV.

You get ample space with a sofa for four adults. There are windows all around to accentuate the natural view outside. The well-trimmed table can help in serving breakfast for four. And the kitchen area has all you could ever need in a compact kitchen, even at home. When it’s time to rest for the night? Simple! All you need is to walk a few steps from the living space. And it’s a good night tonight. But as you head out, you can switch to the nightshades. It creates a soothing ambiance for the night.

Bigfoot RV 25B17​G
More 25B17​G Feature
More 25B175CB Feature
More 25B175FB Feature

Forest River Wolf Pup 16BHS


Quick Stats

Weight: 3288 lbs
Length: 21′ 5″
Width: 78″
MSRP, Base: $22,964

The rich blend of grey and blue adds more to the aesthetic value of the Forest River 16BHS.

Inside out, the Wolf Pup looks spacious enough to cater to your camping needs. It has a wood vanish oversized dinette with removable center tables for sumptuous meals. You have two sets of sofas for relaxation. One minute they are sofas, and the next, you can convert them to mattresses. Then, directly behind the couch, you will find another bed. The fiberglass doors accentuate the beauty of the trailer. The stairs make for easy climbing onto the light trailer. Forest River 16BHS also has an extension roof cover for outdoor activities.

The entire setup is well-laid with cabinets for the kitchenette, pantry, and storage of other items.

More Forest River Wolf Pup 16BHS Feature​

Happier Camper – Traveler


Quick Stats

Weight: 3500 lbs
Length: 17′
Width: 6’5″
MSRP, Base: $49,950

Don’t worry; be happy in the Happier Camper travel light trailer. You get to choose between the HC1 and HCT for your camping needs. Almost everything within the floor space is convertible. Particularly, you have a bed you can convert to a chair, nesting tabletops, and cubes. The fully fitted kitchenette and bathroom give you get the best of moments in a tiny space.

The curvy-space like van or trailer has all you need. It comes with a heater, ovens, solar system, hot water, AC, and multi-media systems for entertainment. The windows provide ample daylight access. To enjoy the outdoors, you can sit out using the cubes to have some fun. The roof extension will help shield you from the intense sun out there.

More Happier Camper-–-Traveler​ Feature

15' Cricket Camper


Quick Stats

Weight: 2500 lbs
Length: 15′
Width: 6’7″
MSRP, Base: $30,950

Although called a cricket, the Cricket Camper will conveniently host four adult family members. Since it is 15 inches, you can work best with two kids and two adults. It comes with an adjustable roof to help you take-in more space and for ventilation. You could also store up your gears for the camp.

Every item has its place within the mini trailer. So you could heat your meals on the two-burner countertop stove. The sink nearby makes doing the dishes quick and easy. The two sets of a sofa and a collapsible table is an excellent choice for hosting meals. While you sleep on the bed, the base serves as a storage area for your items. The Cricket really got everything you need for an adventurous family trip for four.

15' Cricket Camper​
More 15' Cricket Camper Feature​

21'8 Winnebago Rialta

21'8 Winnebago Rialta​

Quick Stats

Weight: 7275 lbs
Length: 21’8″
Width: 7’4″
MSRP, Base: $24,900

Although the Winnebago Rialta might seem like old news, it’s a real lightweight camper’s delight. The only perks are the small capacity of 2 adults per time. But you can pick between the 22FD or 22QD to get the best camping experience. It offers a retro-style conventional minibus feel with stereo for entertainment.

Everything has its proper placement in the camper. You have a two-burner countertop stove for meals, sofa for relaxation. Behind the sofa is an inviting bed for two people. So say goodnight to the world around. With enough windows, you get ample daylight ushered in. On every side of the trailer, you have storage cabins. That means an adequate organization of your cooking utensils or personal stuff.

More 21'8 Winnebago-Rialta​ Feature

Sportsmobile Sprinter Extended


Quick Stats

Length: 22’6″
Width: 148″
MSRP, Base: $44,500

Sportsmobile Sprinter is a bit pricey. But it fits the perfect specs for a family of 5 during camping. The 22 inches 4×4 camping trailer by Mercedes Benz has a little of all you need. With such a stylish and classy trailer, you have stairs leading up the rooftop. Such adjustable roofs allow more ventilation and storage of gears.

You can take in the entire floor plan in one swoop. But everything you need fits into the tiny space. Your kitchenette is well-laid out. The stove helps with meal preparations and the sink for doing dishes. Other features include the 4-seater sofa and a collapsible table. You have large enough adjacent windows and a warm bed to run to at night.

4' iCamp Elite


Quick Stats

Weight: 1337 lbs
Length: 14′ 
Width: 6’8″
MSRP, Base: $10,000

iCamp might be small, but it’s a smart space for camping. You don’t get to miss your shower or toilet. You can heat your meals or store them up due to its impressive stove and refrigerators. You get a U-shaped sofa and dinette to explore your meals. But you can do that also while playing music from the DVD or iPod TV. You also have a center table and a cooking table for your needs. Then when it’s time to sleep, the Queen bed offers you a night’s rest.


Jay Sport

21'6 Jay Sport​

Quick Stats

Weight: 2270 lbs
Length: 21’6″ 
Width: 7’6″
MSRP, Base: $14,800

The entire interior of Jay Sport is visible within seconds of stepping in. It displays two wood varnish sofa strategically positioned. A family of four will find Jay Sport inviting. With a center table for your meals and windows on all sides, Jay Sport makes camping fun. Each section has a cabin for storage; it doesn’t look so tiny anymore. The 54 x 80 full bed and 80 x 80 Queen bed will help you relax all through the night. Having a carryout stove makes cooking in or outdoor more fun while camping. And the extendable tents make it easier to have more room within.

More Jay Sport Feature

Little Guy Mini Max

Little Guy Mini Max​

Quick Stats

Weight: 3500 lbs
Length: 7’2″ 
Width: 6’9″
MSRP, Base: $25,100

The Little Guy Mini Max is one innovative teardrop design in the lightweight trailer category. It is sleek. And although it looks small, it is a one-size-fits-all cabin. But if you are above 6 feet tall, you might have a little challenge walking freely inside.

Little Guy Mini has all you need for a pleasurable camping experience for 2 to 3 persons. From an impressive varnished stern wood cabin for storage to a stainless steel kitchen sink. You also get to prepare the family meals using a two-burner stove. You have a foldable table for meals as space management is superb. Your kitchen pantry and wardrobe has adjustable shelves so you could reposition things.

For entertainment, the 19 inches LED Jensen TV; exterior speakers keep you entertained all through. But at bedtime, the 75 x 70 Queen Master-bed is up for grabs; good night!

More Little Guy Mini Max​ Feature

Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE


Quick Stats

Weight: 3500 lbs
Length: 23’ 
Width: 10’ 
MSRP, Base: $15,800

Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE might be a light-weighter, but it holds much room for a larger family. With the available extensions and movable items, you can set up camp for 8 persons. That’s a mini-party already!

You get an outside shower, spray hose, and 20-gallon water tank for the water supply. Other amenities include the water heater, refrigerator, 3 burner countertop stove, and furnace, make camping fun. There is enough cabinet to organize your kitchen utensils and personal effects.
Sleep on heated mattresses, while endless music from the stereo helps keep the party entertained.


Rockwood High Wall Series HW276


Quick Stats

Weight: 3249 lbs
Length: 25’75″ 
Width: 7’ 
MSRP, Base: $12,000

Rockwood HW276 is a lightweight camp trailer and a perfect fit for your family camping ideas. The variety of wood varnish surfaces is another appealing sight in the HW276. You get ample space with an adjustable sofa and dinette. There are also two beds at the front and rear. The impressive gas grill makes it possible to have outdoor events, maybe a barbeque night!

You get multiple storage cabinets to organize personal and kitchen items adequately. The kitchenette, refrigerator, and others add to make it a wow camping experience.

NuCamp TAB Teardrop Trailer


Quick Stats

Weight: 2105 lbs
Length: 15’ 3″
Width: 6’ 8″
MSRP, Base: $22,000

A teardrop lightweight trailer is always wonder on wheels anytime. What you get is a mini home away from home. The living space can take a bed for two adults while the base serves as storage. You can have a warm bath using the exterior shower. The LED lights provide ample illumination while the kitchen has all you need for a great meal. It comprises a two-burner stove, cabinet for storage, and deep sink faucet. With the 3-axis windows, you get the best scenery and cross-ventilation.

NuCamp TAB makes use of solar panels as a source of power. That way, you can also enjoy AC, fan, TV, and the Bluetooth Media Center.

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More TAB Teardrop Trailer Detail

Small Campers FAQ

How Much Do Small Campers Weigh?

The average weight of a small camper trailer is about 2,800 lbs. So, you could put it at between 1,200 and 3,900 Lbs. with an empty tank and without the gear. It has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 1,900 – 4,500 lbs. The purpose of the travel trailer will determine the weight. These Issues will also affect construction, length, and capacity. We also have a Small open utility trailer and a Small enclosed utility trailer. Others include the Teardrop trailer, Small Travel Trailer, and a small horse trailer.

Can I Tow a Small Camper with an SUV?

Yes. Small campers typically weigh 1,900 to 4,500 Lbs. An average SUV weighs about 5,000 pounds. Therefore, you can tow the trailer with an SUV. From your small camper's manual, you will find its towing capacity. However, most SUVs have a towing capacity of 1,500 to 5,000 pounds. Since travel trailers are lightweights, SUVs can effectively carry small campers.

How Much Do Small Campers Cost?

The specifications of the small travel trailer will determine the cost. You have a teardrop unit of about 12 feet to 23 feet long. Also, the model, make, size, and features will influence the price significantly. And you can get a new travel trailer for between $8,000 to $37,000. Airstream campers are the most expensive of them all.

What Is a Wet/Dry Bath in a Small Camper?

Most homes make use of a dry bath. And a dry bath uses a separate shower or tub, sink, and toilet. The significant difference is that each amenity stays in a dedicated area within the bathroom. Therefore, a wet bath combines the shower and toilet in the same place. But it has a waterproof floor drain. So, wet baths help for space management in a small camper.

What Size Generator for a Small Camper?

The average generator size revolves around 2270 watts at optimal use. Most electrical appliances require more power to kick off. But once they start running smoothly, they need less than ¾ the same volume. For example, a LED TV can use 120 watts when turned on. When running continuously, it might use about 60 watts. Therefore, a 2,000 to 4,000 watts generator is a perfect choice for the small camper.

Used Trailers vs. New Trailers Which One Should I Get?

Used vs. New trailers all have their pros and cons. A used trailer may result in more frequent visits to the technician. But you can cut down the risk by purchasing from an RV dealer. Are you new to RVing and want to try out the camping life? Then, I guess a used trailer can help you decide while cutting cost. A new RV means it's never experienced wear and tear yet. Everything should still be in a perfect – factory state (including mileage). A new trailer enjoys the manufacturer's warranty. That means cheaper repairs if anything goes wrong. For a new trailer, you get the latest versions and features, unlike the used trailer.

Unfortunately, new trailers most times cost a fortune. They start depreciating the minute you drive out of the dealers' shop. It is a used but still-in-good-shape trailer with great value. For example, it might have some additional features installed by the last owner.

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Owning a small camper or a bigger size RV is the dream of the regular RVer. On the other hand, it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune to own one. Even when it does, making a selection could be a daunting task. But this article outlined 25 incredible lightweight travel trailers to get you up and camping soon.

Whatever your preference, budget, and taste, these selections offer some of the finest in the industry. In the end, you want to get so much fun out of that tiny little space. After all, you might be living in this motorhome for quite some weeks.