50 things to do in Hawaii
(Complete Guidance)

Hawaii is one of the most visited places in the world. It is a great vacation destination. With all the refreshing resorts, dazzling beaches, amazing food and a lot of places to visit.

Hawaii offers many chances to embark on thrilling adventures through its forests. The atmosphere here is just different, and the vibe is exciting. Here are 50 things to enjoy this fabulous paradise to the fullest.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1.Enjoy a refreshing swim at the beach


Probably the first thing you get in mind when you think about Hawaii is the beaches. A great idea is to visit a black-sand beach. The water is clear and glittering and the sands are black and magical.

The Punalu’u is the most famous black sanded beach in Hawaii. You can enjoy a hike along the beach feeling the sand through your toes and spot amazing turtles on your way.

2.Take a road trip on this serpentine highway


Hawaii and the neighboring islands are known for the mesmerizing views and the sensational atmosphere. One great place that offers breathtaking views is Maui.

Drive along the north shore and see wonders. Beautiful scenes consisting of amazing waterfalls, vast forests and charming green trees and the dreamy ocean covering the view.

Don’t think about the destination. Enjoy a super pleasant journey on the road to hana, surrounded by fabulous scenery.

3. Live true excitement as you stroll along an active volcano


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a must-see to everyone who visits the big island. Explore this wide area filled with volcanic craters. The park offers great opportunities for all hiking lovers, adrenaline junkies and people who love adventure.

Take a drive across or choose a trail and start walking among. Hick near the Kilauea volcano, see multiple volcanic cranes and lava trails laid around.

4. Grab a taste of that Hawaiian seafood

Like anything else here, the food is heaven like and a meal of fresh seafood is something else. One of the best places to try true Hawaiian food is Ulu Ocean Grill and Sushi Lounge.

It is a part of the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai and serves mouth watering food in addition to the beautiful time and amazing activities. Try a Hawaii roll and mahi mahi and also enjoy the wide selection of great wine.

5. Discover the coffee aroma in the Kona region

For every coffee lover, Hawaii has a big treat for you to enjoy. The Kona region is famous for its coffee fields and reeks in the sensational aroma coffee has for miles. Thanks to the rich nurturing volcanic soil, the coffee’s flavor is divine.

Take a tour and explore the region and its coffee farms. Learn about the coffee plantation process and taste of the dazzling flavor.

6. Enjoy your staying and spend your nights in a magical hotel


Among the numerous hotels and resorts on the big island, the Hilton Waikoloa Village is one of the greatest. Enjoy your stay with a beautiful open view of the coastline surrounded by gorgeous landscape.

Swim in a lavish lagoon-style pool surrounded by alluring waterfalls. Have a great time on the waterslides and beat your friend in a golf match. The place also has some of the best places to dine for you to enjoy lovely meals.

7. Marvel at a paradise-like scenery from Waipi'o Valley Lookout


You already know that this exceptional chain of island features a selection of dazzling natural views. Gaze Upon this flora and fauna home, revealing marvelous lookout points and breathtaking sceneries.

The Waipi’o Valley is on the island’s northern coast and stretches for miles of wilderness. Explore the place and hick across a fascinating natural haven. Walk on the black beach and see incredible cliffs and waterfalls.

8. Run like the wind and enjoy a sensation horse ride

An amazing idea for a splendid time is to go horseback riding and explore the big island through an amazing experience. Watch the beautiful sceneries of Hawaii as you feel the wind rushing against your skin.

Take a horse riding session to explore the place, see beautiful blue-ocean views and watch the sunset. Join Hawaiian cowboys and catch on a stunning experience.

9. Surf at the Oahu north shore


The north shore of oahu is one of the most visited places in Hawaii. There are countless fun activities to do and places to discover.

Take a long drive through the villages in the north region. Eat amazing food and explore charming landscapes and gaze at wonderful views. Enjoy the beaches, stick around for the sunset and have your camera ready to capture amazing pictures.

10. Go out for a refreshing ice cream

A great treat for you to enjoy is the original big Island Shave Ice treats. This traditional local treat can be found all over the island. It is very delicious and features amazing flavors for visitors to choose from.

Treat yourself to amazing shave ice treats. Enjoy different fruit syrups along with a hint of yummy condensed milk and ice cream. This Hawaiian dessert is a must-try for every visitor.

11. Explore the source of the Hawaiian beer


Hawaii has several breweries responsible for the crafting of the Hawaiian beer. There are numerous breweries around the big island that opens its doors for visitors to explore.

Enjoy the tropical flavors presented in the delicious craft beer, homemade by some of the place’s great breweries. Visit the Mehana Brewing Company and sip on the Volcano Red Ale and Mauna Kea Pale Ale.

12.Stargaze at a sensational sky view Atop Mauna Kea

If you think the big island, and its landscapes are captivating, its dreamy sky is just as fabulous. The island and its open wide spaces offer great opportunities to admire the glittering sky.

Atop the Mauna Kea Summit; once a volcano, you’ll find multiple research observatories. Discover the many stargazing spots in Hawaii and spend a great night under sparkling stars.

13.Visit Huggo's


No visitor to the big island should pass on a visit to this lovely restaurant. Huggo’s serves a fine selection of local food, refreshing and delicious cocktails and drinks.

It is located on the waters with a killer view that gets even better with the sunset, it makes a great meal ten times better. Make sure you try the pupu platter and choose from the various cocktails it serves, we recommend the strawberry lava flow.

14. Watch breathtaking sunrise and sunset at Haleakala National Park

One of the most fabulous places in maui is this unusual yet amazing national park. With it’s volcanic red and rocky terrain it completes the geological diversity of hawaii.

Explore the vast land and the big rocks, climb to the summit and watch the sky. You can also camp and spend an amazing night stargazing. The place is opened all day long yet visitors like to come with sunrise and sunset times for an amazing experience.

15. Spend a day at Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa


Hawaii is well known for its luxurious and fancy hotels where you can have fun all day long. This amazing resort is one of a kind. Located near the beach where you can watch a dreamy view of the ocean from your hotel room.

Swim in the big and dazzling swim pools, enjoy some quality time at the Spa. As the day ends, sip on a mango mojito while watching the sunset.

16. Canoe your way on the mesmerizing waters


One way to enjoy the clear bright water is to wander around on a boat, relaxing under the sun rays. Hawaii offers great opportunities for a boat ride on the iconic Hawaiin outrigger canoe.

Have fun and enjoy the Hawaiian Paddle Sports. Take a tour and paddle your way on the water along an amazing company listening to the island’s thrilling legends.

17. travel to a volcano crater in the middle of the ocean

storyrv-travel to a volcano crater in the middle of the ocean

Hawaii and its islands are filled with adventures to embark on. One of the memorable and exciting things to do is to travel to this volcanic crater surrounded by the water.

Molokini Crater is located off Maui’s southern coast. A great volcanic crater in the shape of a crescent. Take a tour, explore this huge crater and dive deep down in the surrounding water. Swim across amazing tropical fish, ride with dolphins and watch turtles swim nearby.

18. See whales in the waters of Maui


Something you don’t want to miss on watching, is the big and fascinating humpback whales swimming around the water of Maui. Every year they travel from Alaska seeking the soothing warm water of Maui, offering an amazing experience for you.

Book a tour here and go see these creatures wandering around. Learn about magnificent sea creatures and have an exciting time.

19.Taste delicious fish at Morimoto Maui


Who wouldn’t enjoy the sensational taste of a crispy heavenly cooked fish! Morimoto Maui is one of the best and well known places in the big island to bite on tremendous fish.

The place also serves a great selection of plates. Japanese, Seafood, Sushi, Asian, a meal here will definitely make you want more. Watch your food as it gets cooked and enjoy every bite.

20. Visit the twin falls


In Ho’olawa Valley there are plenty of waterfalls for you to discover. A great place to spend an exciting day is by the twin falls. Although there are plenty of neighboring falls, these are what you want to see.

Hick amid the trees discovering the place and swimming in it’s soothing pools. Enjoy the tasty snack sold around and take lovely pictures in this paradise.

21. Enjoy dinner time at Humuhumunukunukuapua'a


Hawaii is a place of relaxation and great food! Another well known restaurant is this one. Located as a part of the Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort. It is named after Hawaii’s state fish.

With the thatched-roof and lagoon pool surrounding it, it surely is an amazing place to enjoy a meal at. It also allows for a great sunset view for a vibrant and sparkly evening.

22. Taste Pineapple vodka

At Hali’imaile Distilling Company you can sip on delicious vodka. Locally crafted with local pineapple. The distillery is located in the center of Maui’s pineapple region, and their products taste like Hawaii in a bottle.

Tours are available to take you inside the distillery, taste amazing handcrafted spirits and try their signature Pau Maui pineapple vodka.

23. Joint battle ground at pearl harbor


An amazing site to visit in Hawaii is in the state of Oahu. a glorified site that hosted the attack of Japanese’ air strike on the American naval base on December 7, 1941.

The site of Pearl Harbor includes many historical sites. Visit the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park, the Pacific Aviation Museum, the Oklahoma Memorial and more. Join a tour and Spend a day learning about the places great history.

24.Explore the Diamond Head State Monument


A visit to the most recognizable landmark in Hawaii is a must. It is the aftermath of a volcanic eruption creating this extraordinary crater.

It is known as Le’ahi among the people of Hawaii and represents a great destination for every Hawaii visitor. Explore the area. hike to the summit and be dazzled by an amazing 360 view of Waikiki and the surrounding areas.

25.Melt stress away at the LATHER Spa


A day at th Spa is a must do in Hawaii. After a long time of exploring the island, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let loose and get a Apa treatment.

The LATHER Spa at the Modern Honolulu, your relaxation is a priority. Close your eyes to a soothing lomi lomi massage. Enjoy a skin care treatment mixed up with aromatherapy for a heavenly-made sensation, make sure to book a session.

26. Try mountain tubing


This experience is full of fun and will have you continuously asking for more. Make your way down the rainforest, rushing on the canal’s water and marvelous tunnels.

Listen to your guide and learn about the island. Grab your gear, wear your headlamp and get going. At the end you arrive at a wonderful picnic place where you can sit and chill and eat tasty snacks. Book your tour here and experience the mountain from a different aspect.

27.Enjoy a great game of golf

storyrv-Enjoy a great game of golf

Whether you are a fan of the sport or no, the big island has some charming golf courses to enjoy a golf match. In Maui you can find numerous golf courses which feature great views and the swiping breeze of the ocean.

Visit the Mauna Lani Resort, join the golf club and explore its north and south courses. Spend a lovely day hitting balls and challenging your friends.

28. Discover a pineapple plantation


Now this is a great idea to spend a lovely day with the family. In the North Shore of Oahu you can find an incredible pineapple field where you can learn all about the planting process.

At Dole Plantation, ride the Pineapple Express Train, take the Plantation Garden Tour and the Pineapple Garden Maze tour. You can also buy tasty refreshments like the DoleWhip and fresh pineapple.

29. Relax in the waters of Lanikai Beach

storyrv-Lanikai-Relax in the waters of Lanikai Beach

This is one of the most visited beaches in Oahu. The Lanikai is known for its clear bright and warm water through the year, the soft white sand and palm-lined beach.

You can enjoy a great time feeling the soothing water. snorkel around the unspoiled coral reefs and deep down to discover great things. People also enjoy sailing and windsurfing. Take a long stroll listening to the calming waves and snap beautiful pictures along the way.

30.Discover the Mokulua Islands

storyrv-Discover the Mokulua Islands

Hawaii has so many islands just nearby and tourists love to explore these neighboring islands. The Mokulua Islands are located off the coast of Lanikai beach and they charm every visitor.

One of the most fun ways to find your way to these islands is by using a kayak. Paddle your way through the dazzling water as you watch the islands get closer and closer.

31. See the Akaka Falls State Park

Another place that you must visit in Hawaii is this beautiful park. The place offers great trails for you to walk through, surrounded by tall trees and a charming forest.

At the end of the trail you’ll arrive at the place’s most recognizable waterfall and Its height is enchanting. Walk along the valley, see amazing streams and exceptional tropical flowers.

32. See fabulous birds at the Midway Atoll

storyrv-See fabulous birds at the Midway Atoll

Midway Atoll is a National Wildlife Refuge. An island located mid way across the Pacific Ocean and that’s how it got its name.

Visitors are able to book tours and travel to the island on boat. It serves as a refuge Nearly three million birds. Watch the albatrosses, Bonin petrels and endangered Laysan ducks. Also it is home to the endangered seal; the Hawaiian monk seal

33.Stand by the blowhole of Nakalele

storyrv.-Stand by the blowhole of Nakalele

In the island of Nakalele, you’ll find a very cool blowhole. An impressive blowhole where water comes rushing out splashing everywhere. There are multiple trails that lead to this place and We recommend the Ohai Trail blowhole point.

The coastline view from this place is like nothing else. Visitors come to watch the sunset or rise resulting in a mesmerizing scene.

34. Admire an impressive japanese temple


One of the coolest things to see in Oahu, is this Japanese temple. It was first established to honor the 100 anniversary of the first time when japanese arrived at Hawaii.

See wild peacocks and the Japanese koi carp swimming. Explore the temple, sit in a corner and medetait. The Byodo-In temple is a relaxing and peaceful place that surely worth visiting.

35.Zip line your way above mesmerizing waterfalls


Let’s take things up a notch and admire the big island from a totally different and thrilling aspect. For all travelers seeking a dose of adrenaline, this experience is a must!

Watch waterfalls beneath you. Fly over big trees and admire ravishing views from atop. Feel the wind slamming against your face and live true excitement close to the skies. Experience the island through the many zip lining opportunities it offers.

36.Enjoy a unique night time dive with manta rays

storyrv-Enjoy a unique night time dive with manta rays

If you are a fan of scuba diving then you don’t want to miss this adventure. There is a place in Hawaii, north of Kailua-Kona where you can swim with manta rays.

The view of light is magical and diving deep down close the manta rays is even better. Snorkel close to these amazing creatures and live a unique experience. This is a must do for every visitor.

37. Discover awesome plants at hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden


Plants life in Hawaii is on a whole other level. During your visit you’ll see amazing and unique plants. One place that allows you to see exceptional plants is Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden.

The place is home to 2000 species of tropical plants and flowers spread across a 40-acre nature preserve. Enjoy beautiful sceneries, walk past amazing waterfalls and learn about astonishing plants.

38. Take a bike ride downhill

A ride on a bike might be the best way to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of the island. Peddle through breathtaking views and feel the vibe.

Here are numerous places where you can join a bike tour. One of the most thrilling bike rides is downhill the Kilauea Volcano. However , there are so many trails offering exciting challenges and memorable journeys for you to enjoy.

39. Cruise around a lovely coastline


The Nā Pali Coast in the neighboring island of Kauai is a must see in Hawaii. Its beauty is exceptional and sailing over the stunning waters is an amazing experience.

It is actually one of the oldest inhabited islands and often referred to as the Garden Isle. The only way to visit here is by hiking or a boat tour. There are so many cliffs to admire and an awesome landscape for explorers and many fun activities.

40. Admire an exceptional grand canyon

Another great attraction in Kauai is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific; Waimea Canyon. The place has many viewpoints displaying spectacular sceneries and open spaces.

You can easily drive to each view point. The entry is free and there are numerous parking spaces. You can also take a helicopter tour to see the majestic canyon and enjoy its breathtaking beauty.

41.Fly over the big island


One way to see Hawaii like never before is by taking a helicopter tour. The astonishing islands of Hawaii and such a treat for sore eyes, however, a view from above is unbeatable.

Hope into a heli, feel the breeze as you gaze at sensational waters from above, dreamy lushy valleys and wonderful waterfalls. A look from the sky will blow your mind and grant you an unforgettable time.

42.Go to Kalaupapa National Historic Site

This place was once a leper colony for victims of Hansen’s Disease. Here you can learn about one of the saddest stories of the place. The place is no longer leper colony and there are survivors who live there.

This island holds pieces of the Hawaiin history within its corners and many visitors visit the place to learn about it. This island also has so many amazing landscapes and in order to visit it you need to acquire a permit to visit.

43.Join hawaiin athletes and race in the Honolulu Marathon

A fun challenge to take is this marathon in Oahu. The 26.2 miles race takes place in the first weeks of December. It attracts runners and sort lovers from all over the world.

This marathon starts along Ala Moana Boulevard, across the hilly Diamond Head to the finish line at Kapiolani Park. run through wonderful palm trees, watch the ocean. There is no time limit, so enjoy this experience and run with champions.

44. Watch shows and displays and learn about the hawaiin culture


The Polynesian Culture Center is a must visit when you visit Hawaii. It was voted as a top attraction in the US in 2018.

This center is the place to go to learn all about the vivid and great culture of Hawaii and their traditions. It plays multiple interactive shows and displays for visitors to watch. Learn to do a scary Maori war dance, drum Tahitian style, taste the Ali’i luau and much more.



If you ever wanted to try skydiving and live through this thrilling experience, this is your chance.

You won’t jumping alone, rather with an instructor attached to you. All you have to do is admire the mesmerizing piecifn ocean and the islands of Hawaii. Feel the wind against your face as you see sensational views from above. This an exhilarating experience and a best place to skydive in Hawaii!

46. Discover the cats island

Now this is a treat for every pet lover out there. An island literally filled with cats wandering around.

The small island of Lanai is a Sanctuary to countless cats. Over 500 hundred cats of all breeds, colors and sizes. The place also is home to many wonderful birds. There are several fun activities to do in this island, however it is mostly known for the cats. You can either fly over or take the ferry ride from Maui to get here.

47. See the Honu turtles

The green sea turtle; the honu, is the most common turtle in Hawaii. It is considered as a symbol of luck and good fortune.

Although it can be seen in multiple places, yet the Punalu’u beach is the place to go to get a closer look.These turtles like to lay on the beach and feel the sun. Read about these fascinating creatures here.

48.Sit through a hula performance

Another icon that signifies the island of Hawaii is the famous hula dance. This dancing style is completely gorgeous and mesmerizing.

Each hola dance tells a story. With unique movements of the hands, the hips and the feet. There are many places to watch a great hula show in Hawaii, you can stroll around exploring the place and you’ll eventually find one. Here goes a complete guide about the iconic dance and where to find hula performances.

49. Discover the the Kaumana Caves


Exploring a cave is always a fun thing to do. These caves in Hilo are a must visit and offer a great adventure for visitors.

Like many stunning things in Hawaii, they were formed by lava tubes and the two caves go over 25-mile deep down. Grab your headlight because it is going to be dark and start exploring these fascinating caves.

50.Shop at Ali'i Drive

Now this is the place where you do your shopping for gifts and souvenirs and other stuff. It is located along the kona coast and has a great deal of shops spread all over.

Buy yourself an Aloha T-shirt and a pair of sunglasses. Pick up some souvenirs and wander around for amazing stuff.

Ali’i drive also offers pleasant views and it is enchanting to stroll around or rent a bike and enjoy your time.

Final Word

The big island and the enchanting neighboring islands do speak for themselves. Here you can enjoy a one of a lifetime vacation and see exceptional things. Learn about the Hawaiin culture through their great traditions. See the sensational places and live the adventure as you explore around.

We provided 50 amazing things for you to do while in Hawaii. The fun just doesn’t seem to end, grab your gear and go live one for the books kind of adventure.